– Distinguish:
– Skills – develop the capacity to smartly design your routine, stick to it diligently, and to live out of your inner voice when having an unstructured day.
– The daunting challenge of protecting your freedom and also being considerate of those related to you…
– Safe, healthy and happy
Rich, strong and excited
– fjord
– The discipline of spontaneity & indulgence!
C’mon Joe, you CAN let go……
– Anatomy of a scene
Every frame a painting
– Heartbreaking beauty
– Apple Music for Android
WOW!  😃
–  “…the darkest hour never comes in the night.
You can sleep with a gun.
When you gonna wake up and fight… for yourself?”
– Distinguish:
– Contemplation (being), work (doing) & entertainment (feeling)
Everyday must have these 3 elements.
And every 3 days, one of them (in their turn)  must be the emphasis.
– Pray
– Force-feed
– Graze ~ nosh
– Movies:
“Tanu Weds Manu” (Hindi) – flop!
What a waste of (my precious) time…  ;-[
Both the lead actors are eye-candy, but the movie sucks.
The background music was wow (with subtitles too)!
The taming of a wild horse – tragic success??
– “Hmmm… I don’t think nation (as a geographical/political entity) is that important when it comes to ethics. But I do think that what (cause/goal) we work for matters irrespective of where we live. Most people in India are no better than NRIs when it comes to social responsibility or citizenship roles. For me, the kind of work & institution matters more than the physical location. But having said that, most people emigrate primarily/purely for material/financial reasons. Although it is possible for some to emigrate for better reasons. So, I agree fully neither with x or y.
Y doesn’t make a strong distinction with regard to the nature of employment when it comes to Kingdom-seeking
The important questions are not just about what I want to have/possess or do/achieve, but more significantly, who do I want to become and what legacy do I want to leave??
Where I live, & who I am with, are less crucial questions when compared to the above issues
The Kingdom is trans-national, but not trans-corporate!
Another very interesting insight/lesson from reflecting on this discussion is:
Sometimes team-work can compensate for, & redeem, individual choices & roles for the overall purpose of GOD.
E.g. One of the spouses having a job that is not directly/explicitly contributing to Kingdom agenda in the present, but provides the necessary backing/support for the other to pursue his/her Calling……
Therefore, there is no simple rule to follow, but we need to wrestle with complex challenges, keeping certain guiding values in mind…”
– If entertainment can become boring,
Can boredom also become entertaining?
– Online trading – stocks, forex, gold, etc.
– Membership plans for annual holiday packages
– Investing – slow & steady, eyes wide open, diversify
– Vacations are for those who have full-time jobs, not for people like me!
– Balance the extremes with some moderation.
– Contemplate ~ strip!
– Anti-depressant – to take, or not to take.
Vacations fuck me up!
I have no clue what Sabbath is!
– I am sick & tired of trying to do nothing, & move “from doing to being”
I think the only way to make that move is by stopping what I usually do, & start doing different things……!
– From contemplation to contemplative!
Activity –> attitude
– You need to get MORE, not less busy (or should I say, active), fucker!
– Do you know how “Edinburgh” is pronounced?
– “Dear family…
During this month (June – SFG vacation), I will be having a different routine from the usual.
No fasting on Wednesdays.
No fruits only for alternate dinner.
No regular family prayer.
– If you want to live like a monk, with most of your time spent on contemplation/meditation, then you will have to leave your current setting (family/city life).
– Vacation plan:
An overall framework of minimal daily rituals.
Some entertainment everyday.
Chores – lesser than usual.
Ministry – no formal programs.
Study – no usual reading of Scripture, theology, etc. (use audio/video resources). No retreat/seminar/SFG meeting preparation.
Contemplative rhythm
– Full freak out – not more than one day at a time!
– “It seems like the Kingdom works like this:
1. We enter it with all the wrong expectations.
2. Then we realize the true picture, & try to backtrack, but it’s too late.
3. So, we go all out & risk everything for it.
4. But GOD fails us, & we get fucked.
5. Once everything hits rock bottom……….
RESURRECTION (vindication)!”
I always like to say, “No guarantees…
Except resurrection!”
Maybe the whole thing is a cycle.
– What the resurrection of Jesus shows us is not the promise of life-after-death, but the possibility of life-before-death!
The power of death to loom large & dark enough, over the human condition, to destroy any faith, hope or love, is destroyed once & for all.
– Movies:
“X-men: Apocalypse” (okay)
Hmmm… Should I stop watching these mega-movies permanently? They seem to have less entertainment or enlightenment value than as an opportunity to criticize/diagnose contemporary culture.
Compare Apocalypse with: Noah (biblical story & movie), Prometheus, Batman Begins (Ra’s Al Ghul), etc.
What exactly is Jean Grey’s power??
What does it mean for a leader to be as mature (wise & strong) as Charles Xavier, in my context? Can I become more like him? How?
– Cinematic universe
– Even the most delicious food will become poisonous when it is force-fed!
Take pleasure when & as it comes, don’t program it…
Acknowledge your baser instincts & give them space to breathe, but do not intentionally cultivate lust.
One day a week is enough for structured/scheduled/intense entertainment.

Author: jimmanueljoseph

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