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– Governing charter
– Enforcement Directorate (ED)
– presumptive
– “So you think you can tell heaven from hell…”
– Pink Floyd
No,  I don’t!
– Moral luck
– Free will, determinism & compatibilism
– “Rebel Geeks” on Al Jazeera
– Psalter:
Liturgy as wisdom!
– How can one who has not witnessed any (outright) miracle, praise (this) GOD?
– “Do you love me?” ~ “Can you rest in my love?”
– tilde
– Every one needs to do 3 things:
1.Identify their passion. Living without self-understanding is bad.
2. Pursue it.
Resigning oneself to fate is wrong.
3. Evaluate it.
Truth & wisdom are crucial.
– Why did I vote for PMK?
1. Their CM candidate (Anbumani Ramadoss) was a proven & award-winning union health minister.
2. This party seems to be the best option out of the 4 major state-level parties.
3. Centre-Left ideology (social democracy)
4. Another alternative to the 2 dominant parties (DMK & AIADMK) which have been proven to be corrupt & inept in past terms of power.
– The contemplative life:
1. Being fully present in every moment.
2. Being always aware of the big picture.
3. Being attentive to the details in each task.
– Philosophy + religion = theology
Spirituality + theology = religion
– In this world, is it possible to make a living, without stealing from someone else?
– Anti-incumbency trend
– Multilateral engagement
– Materials research
– Mental illness as affluenza
– Fertility cults & harvest festivals
– “Stay inspired, you have turned into truly amazing person! Marriage has done wonders in both of your lives 💍”
“I do agree that marriage has helped me become more grounded, flexible & considerate”
– “I believe you have changed from strong introvert to more social person who can relate in a healthy and helpful way (knowledge and wisdom) to people who are even different and opposite.
Earlier you were able to connect and help only with your spiritual inner circle who are as intellectual as you.
There was some degree of discrimination shown between inner circle and other people. That has been wiped away. How has this transformation happened?”
The liberal turn!?
– Aerospace missions
– Celebrity activism
– Sappho
– Progressive ~ egalitarian ~ libertarian ~ democratic?
– Do the current leaders control the organization, or does the pre-existing structure mould the leadership?
– Someone beat Novak Djokovich!
Oh… who, when, where??
– Cases – civil, criminal & political
– Diplomatic cost-benefit analysis
– Chennai – Why is one of the most developed cities, in one of the fastest developing countries, in such a pathetic state (corrupt governance, poor infrastructure, malfunctioning social services, etc.)?!  😡
– Mid-summer rains…
Aaah!  😊
– Free speech & slander
Protecting rights & enforcing duties
– Dear Election Commission, make polling facility available online also!
– Shifting thermal equator!
Climate-resilient agriculture
– India has NOT signed the Non-Proliferation Treaty!
– Am I a true pioneer?
– Sushruta
– Short-sighted policies based on a flawed foundation
– Does Intellectual Property law encourage or hinder innovation & development?
– Bangladeshi bloggers not safe, even in Europe!
– Rude reminders of a new (bleak/morbid) normal!
– “My followers are better Tolstoyans than me!” – Leo Tolstoy
Today’s church
– Be a global citizen, without sacrificing your local community.
– Introduction
What is your:
1. Story (past)
2. Passion (present)
3. Plan (future)
– Evernote fucking ROCKS!  😉
– Space-time curvature
– Theory of general & special relativity
– Because his organ goes into her body, does that now give her some right over it?
– brig
– townet
– ‘Religion’ is NOT a Christian concept!
– “I think that in spite of all the problems in the so-called ‘mission hospitals’, they are still more ethical when compared to the corporate hospitals, simply because their central purpose is to serve the poor, as opposed to the corporates which have financial gain as the main goal (with healthcare as the means)…
Am I right about this difference?
And I don’t think that working in a corporate hospital is automatically unethical or unchristian, but this choice is much more complicated/ambiguous than choosing to work in a service-oriented organization (as mentioned before). Is it not?
I see the organization as the bus within which we (choose to) sit, & do our respective jobs. And no matter what we do, we are always moving in the direction in which the bus is moving…! In fact, we are actively helping the bus to progress toward its predetermined destination…
This DOESN’T mean that any work done in a corporate context is worthless! But it is definitely NOT the same as doing the same work in a charitable institution…
Healthcare is still healthcare no matter where it is done!
My personal opinion is that Christians should be moving more toward organizations which are ethical & service-oriented, & all the others (in the dominant script) can go work for all the capitalistic enterprises (be it technology, education, healthcare, or any other sector) out there…
But I still think there is a place for Christians to enter the corporate sector, in order to be a counter-witness to the dominant culture (either as a dissident voice &/or a reforming force), but this decision  needs more serious reflection & spiritual discernment, & cannot be taken easily (as most Christians do nowadays)…”
– Theodrama, theopoetics & theopolitics
– Spirit ~ authority
Spirits ~ powers
Spirituality ~ politics!
– Hero ~ champion/saint/martyr
– Sent – I am an apostle of who/what?
Send – I am making apostles of who/what?
– Gibbous & crescent
– The Bible is not the Word (divine revelation) itself, but a standard set of words on the Word with which we must keep in touch, as we theologize……
Jesus/the Son, is the Word himself.
The Word is eternal, enfleshed & communal!
– Suffering by itself is not an adequate resource or qualification for good theologizing, but it equips the one who already has the aptitude for the task, to do it well.
– Suddenly I got a wild idea!
Maybe we both can have a child, & I can become a full-time father cum home-maker, & stop other ministry activities…
The death of the contemplative lifestyle, or a whole new form of it??
– Regular weeks – 2.5:1 rhythm
Vacation – 1:2.5 rhythm!
– Movies:
“Blitz” (Hit!)
“How can a film which gets so much wrong be so thoroughly enjoyable?”
I was bored to death, looking for something to make me feel alive… & I got it!
Just the right mix of sentiment and violence. It’s so thrilling and gratifying to see the good guys becoming bad in order to take down the evil one. Sometimes (not that rare), we must be ready to bend/break the rules, in order to uphold the law!
– How do I increase my basal metabolic rate?
– In order to master life, you must submit to its laws!
– In order to become great, you must know your own nature inside-out.
But how do I ……?
– Essential fatty acids
– Working day (spirit):
Ought – foreground
Want – background
Free day (flesh):
Want – foreground
Ought – background
– Freedom:
Nature > needs > desires > duties
– If parents don’t own their children, then how can GOD own us?
– How can I stay in touch with my self (spirit/heart/body)?
– Being-becoming > doing-having
– Learn to distinguish between your thoughts & feelings.
– What percentage of your knowledge is converted to wisdom?
– “If I risk it all,
Could you break my fall?”
“For you, I have to risk it all,
‘Cause the writing’s on the wall.”
– “So come on, let it go

Just let it be
Why don’t you be you
And I’ll be me?

Everything that’s broke
Leave it to the breeze

Why don’t you be you
And I’ll be me?
And I’ll be me…”

Sometimes, leaving the old behind is better than trying to heal it…

Makes way for the new!

– Common core thesis
– Perennialists
– Psychology
– Intellect
– Idle reverie
Intense contemplation
– Causal indifference