– Is argument compatible with communion?

– Eucharist – DON’T forget what you have just eaten & drunk, until you come to this table the next time.

– Maintaining the Hosanna – get rid of wrong (theological) expectations & overcome the crowd mentality.

– “By his stripes we are healed”
His anguish over evil, exposes the horror of our sins, & thereby enables us to overcome apathy, so that we can now repent & strive to conquer our own wickedness!

– Identifying what we long for, is essential to seeking (& therefore finding) it…

– (Our) repentance –> (GOD’S) relenting


– What is the joy of Christmas without the expectant preparation of Advent, & what is the celebration of Easter without the rigorous discipline of Lent?


– Is being counter-cultural only for Christian leaders?
Is every Christian called to confront & resist structural evils?
Being a good father, friend, employee, citizen, etc. is fine. But, isn’t being a Christian much more than these roles?

– Resurrection Sunday
(Meeting the risen LORD)
Easter Day
(A jolly holiday with family)
Is Christian celebration any different from pagan indulgence?
The Candle
The egg

– Resurrection Sunday – What it means to me:
GOD is telling me, through the raising of Jesus, that who I am & what I do, is very significant & even essential to the salvation of the world, therefore I must go at it with all my heart, mind & strength!


– Gal. 5:16 – Carnal/sinful/fallen nature – a lifestyle (overall way of living), compulsion (addiction) and purpose (teleology) – not just single actions/choices/tendencies!
Using Robertson’s Morphological Analysis Codes (RMAC) – e-sword add-on.

– Seeking the Kingdom
Inheriting the Kingdom
DON’T lose what has ALREADY been given to you!

– Live by the Spirit ~ liberated from the Law
Fight to stay free, or slide back into slavery…
Law (thesis) Vs. Flesh (antithesis) –> Spirit (synthesis)!

– I believe Christians should NOT take up silly jobs (like making mobile games, fashion/modeling, etc.) as their main occupation. If they are passionate & gifted in that field, they can do it as a hobby (on the side)…


– Note down the IMEI no. for all your electronic gadgets.

– India Today Conclave

– Boot camp

– Passion, risks, chance & mistakes

– Momentous > memorable 

– Draft resolution on major goals

– asterism 

– Distinguish:
Political prisoners 
Common criminals 

– “Inquilab Zindabad”
Long live the revolution!

– A defining presence in absentia!

– Labour

– Wanderings ~ wonderings!

– Simple & direct 
Concise & precise
Clear & straight

– Godliness as training. Of course!
Godliness as war. Ah yes!
Godliness as hilarity. What?!

– In what way is sexual immorality different from all the other biblical vices?
It is (purely) organic/physical/biological/natural!
(What if someone has self-control, but still chooses to indulge in promiscuous activity occasionally, because he/she doesn’t believe that the act as such is evil?)
Not so with murder, rage, stealing, lying, etc.
But even these acts/habits only show that a person is already (spiritually) defiled, right?
If promiscuity is a sin against one’s own body, then what about celibacy??
– Folly as SIN!
WOW! Then we are ALL drowning in shit……

– Jesus sometimes seems to make a mockery of the Mosaic law, although he also claims to revere it as GOD’S very word…!
Maybe he is showing that both can be done without canceling the other out.
Something can be divine (in its original source), but also silly/stupid (in its contextual content)!

– “We don’t get it. Put it in plain language.”
Jesus said, “Are you being willfully stupid? Don’t you see that……?”  

– Heart-vomit (poisonous)
Well-spring (life-giving)?


– The old Christian (NT) ethic of each person sticking to their “stations” is for the poor/uneducated, who lack opportunities, NOT for people like us!
So, get off your buts, folks……

– If only the middle & upper classes were more Christian/ethical/human/spiritual/mature, then all the prayers of the poor would be answered!

– Options:
Slavery to freedom,
Slavery to more slavery…
Freedom to slavery,
Freedom to more freedom!

– Distinguish:
Body (“soma”) – physical
Flesh (“sarx “) – spiritual

– A pro-farmer budget from the BJP
WOW…  🙂 Praise the Lord!

– Bhagat Singh should be counted among the greatest Indian thinkers too, & not just a revolutionary freedom fighter!

– How would the world be if all resources (material, power, etc.) were distributed according to need & capability, instead of wealth & social position?
Would that be the Kingdom of Heaven?!

– Dear family,
Please save these numbers, for donating my organs.
Organ Donation Helpline
MOHAN 1800 103 7100
MODE 044 2249 2288
NNOS 044 4353 5369

– Do NOT buy stuff just because everyone around you has it, folks!
And whenever you get new products, try giving away something else (old/used).
Reduce, reuse, recycle!

– Intercession:
For all the churches & Christians
For all leaders (government, religious, business, etc.)
For all the suffering
For all anti-social & violent people
For the planet & other species
For myself & family

– Distinguish:

– Regular > periodical > occasional

– Mother – Mary as symbol of the Church. We cannot be with Jesus if left to ourselves, we need the aid of another!

– “It is in giving that we receive…!”

– Easter Monday

– Paschal Mystery/Feast/Celebration

– Salvation history
Abraham’s sacrifice of Isaac >> The Passover & Exodus >> The Cross of Jesus >> ……!?

– Rogation days

– Holy Saturday:
In between the Fall & the Consummation.
In between the crucifixion & resurrection.
In between the ascension & the Parousia.
Haste the DAY!

– Water – nourish, cleanse & cool.
Fire – warmth, light & purification.
Spirit – ?

– A stag in the wilderness…

– Facts/numbers/rules

– Holy Father
Almighty GOD
Eternal One

– Jesus as prophet – I am warning you to repent from your selfishness & worldliness, before it’s too late.
Jesus as priest – I invite you to join me in the worship of the one, true, living GOD.
Jesus as king – I command all to bow before me, the only rightful Lord!

– Narrow-minded ~ short-sighted ~ conformist

– Orthopathy (self) >> orthopraxy (world) >> orthodoxy (GOD)
Right side up!

– Malice ~ bitterness, envy & anxiety

– Worship ~ service ~ sacrifice ~ celebration ~ work ~ offering


– Movies:
“Kungfu Panda 3” (Hit!)
“Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice” (Hit!)
Both films have heavy theological overtones!
It would be interesting to compare their implicit philosophies.
Which particular instances or themes are more immediately relevant to my own experience?


– In this culture, dominated by technology & economics, our very awareness of utter dependence on divine providence (chiefly through the gratuitous bounty of Nature) is almost completely destroyed!

– cantata

– Creator, sustainer & redeemer
Prophet, priest & king
GOD, Lord, & saviour
Father, Son & Holy Spirit

– I am more inclined to ask about the theoretical & practical implications of the significations of GOD, as portrayed in Scripture, rather than to take the personal language literally…

– Identify the people who are part of your inner circle, & make it a point to organize a get-together at least once in 2-3 years, when you can catch up with one another, & share your love, learn from one another, & enjoy the companionship…

– Distinguish:

– Mk. 16:8

– “Do you love me?” (“You know my heart, Lord. Have mercy on me!”) –> “Children, you don’t have any fish, do you?” (Nope! Our work, apart from you, is fruitless.) –> “Who will roll away the stone for us?” (The Lord is risen indeed!”)

– “Do you love me more than these?”
“Do you truly love me?”
“Do you love me?”

– There are no formalities with this GOD, only (the starkly glorious) realities!

– Feed my sheep
Kill the fatted calves

– 3 –> 12 –> 70 –> 120 –> 500

– Do you live in such a way that satisfies GOD with the returns on his investment?

– The poor
The sinful
The miserable

– Is attending church worship & skipping the Communion, dishonoring Christ?

– Celebrating the routine

– Why is eating together so important?


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