Maundy Thursday song


Jesus Always Loved His Own

Jesus always loved his own and he showed it to the full:
When at supper from the table he got up and took a towel.
Then he wrapped it round his waist, in a basin water poured,
And began to wash the feet of all his friends.

Know my brothers, what I’ve done to you.
Lord, you call me, it is what I am.
If then I your Lord, deigned to wash your feet,
You should do the same and wash each others feet.

Jesus always loved his own and he showed it to the full:
When he came to Simon Peter, the apostle said to him,
“Never shall you wash my feet”. But to him the Lord replied,
“It is not for you to know what now I do”.

Jesus always loved his own and he showed it to the full:
When he said to Simon Peter: “If I do not wash your feet,
You can have no part with me”. Then said Peter to his Lord,
“Wash my hands, my head and not my feet alone”.

Jesus always loved his own and he showed it to the full:
He has set us an example that we do as he has done.
Can a servant greater be than his Master, Christ the Lord?
If we know and do this, happy we shall be.


Author: jimmanueljoseph

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