– 300 – What is the name of Leonidas’ wife?


I love that character – she is the hero’s (only) mentor.

– Feral ~ unbroken ~ wilding



– asymptote

– Dual citizenship

Respectful and compassionate communication

– “…

the shattering powerlessness of cogently witnessing your body fail to execute it’s most elementary faculties”

– tortilla


– Ivan Illich


– STOP the background music (when your brain is working)!

– Only one chore per day.


– Dole economics

– tokenism

– Byzantine bureaucracy

– Non-performing assets

– “There is need to look at how the systems we live in help create the monsters we try to fight against.”

– Zero-tolerance policy

– bullies


– Intellectual + ethical + social = spiritual!

Conflicts + anxieties + values = life!

– “The Indian Freedom struggle was not a singular, centralised movement drawing attention to major national figures and geographical locations. It produced fascinating local histories and gave birth to hundreds of women and men who, in their localised contexts, displayed incredible coverage and fierce dedication in their participation in the fight for independence.”

– If every job has its own requirements and criteria for eligibility, then why don’t politicians (those who wield the most power in a society!) too have high standards & strict criteria to qualify for the post?

What can we as a people do to prevent a scenario where the wise are ruled by the foolish?

Is there any systematic strategy in place to promote the personal growth and spiritual health of our leaders in parliament and legislative assemblies??

Is there any mechanism currently operating, which keeps all our representatives directly in touch with, and immediately accountable to, their respective constituencies?

– “Nayak writes about the whole phase that moulded his convictions, integrity and fearless honesty with tenderness and affection devoid of rhetoric and sentimentality.”

– intransigence

– Epics – the great classical texts!

Subaltern history

Local myths and legends

– Performative culture

– Scholastics







– Oral traditions


Modern education

– “We all come under the transgender category. It is a spectrum. So, I’m in that spectrum and I’ve always had close links with the gender-ambiguous nature of things.”


– The great mystery of evil!

– Religion is a concept foreign to all the religions!

– Farting, family & culture

– Soul/nature > body/animal > self/ego

Spirit > matter > mind!

– Lovers’ quarrel

Break-up sex

– These electronic gadgets seem to have a will of their own!

All the tricks cannot solve every problem/glitch… You just have to (learn to) become (more) patient……!
Even (the so-called) inanimate creation must be respected.

– Avoid talking on the mobile, praying aloud or playing media when someone else is in the same room, with you.

– Learning to lie down without closing my eyes, and to sleep sitting…

– Will you stay & watch with me?

– How could the spirit ever overcome the flesh, if not for GOD?

– They did not know what to tell him, so they fell asleep…
Compare Jesus’ disciples with Job’s friends!
What about my companions?
Am I a good one to others?
Betray, misunderstand &/or desert.

– “Are you still…?
Enough of that!”

Time to rest.
Time to watch.
Time to act.

– The crowd with clubs, the soldiers with swords and the high priests of religion – all go together!
Manipulation is nothing but subtle, disguised coercion.

– Thin veneer

– That bandicoot shows (me) that creation is NOT anthropocentric!
Everything is made for GOD’s sake, not mine/ours.
Man is the crowning glory (dependent on everything underneath – flagship/chief/steward), not the cornerstone (sustaining everything else – source/basis/center).
Christ is both before & after, therefore greater than, Adam!

– Jesus & me/you:
Kiss the Rabbi (along with those cozy others)
Follow the Lord (and die with the insiders)
The outsider within the inner circle, & the insiders among the mob……

– Distinguish:
Organized destruction
Intentional chaos
Subconscious deliberation

– Maybe only Judas understood Jesus’ (anti-)climactic plan, that’s why he betrayed him, & the others stayed ‘loyal’ only because they misunderstood Jesus.
So, was anyone really faithful in the end??

– Leaders – even behind the major social trends, there are a few individual wills! Or is this the illusion that postmodernism tries to dispel?
Even behind those individuals in power, there are other historical-political forces at work!

– The crowd was afraid of Jesus, & the disciples were afraid of the mob!
So you think you can arrest someone who raises dead people, with clubs & swords?
When you know you are the guilty party, then the only way to defend yourself is by attacking another innocent……
All the violence (political action) was only a sideshow, compared to the real conflict (spiritual drama).

– the incarnate GOD can show us what it means to be human.
Otherwise, all we have is a distorted & inadequate picture of Man.
The humanity of GOD
The divinity of man
(NOT the other way ’round!)
Christ saves us, only by recovering Adam for us.


– “The role of semiotic and social factors that influence intellectual innovation… and the crucial role of personal impulses…”
“This ground-breaking book will further an internal sociological analysis of ideas and styles of thought. It will show that the defining but largely neglected feature of what has become ‘French theory’ was a collective mind and style of thought, an explosive but fragile mixture of scientific and political radicalism that rather quickly watered down to academic orthodoxy.”

– Political erotics & body poetics

–  fin-de-siecle

– Civilization as violation

– “Creed”
Staying aggressive/hungry, without becoming violent/greedy.
Character as achievement.


– Maybe I should develop a taste for such popular/cheap stuff too!

– “Neither in the theoretic nor in the practical sphere, do we  care for, or go for help to, those who have no head for risks, or sense for living on the perilous edge. . . .
We  draw new life from the heroic example.” – William James
“You don’t need to fight, or make yourself belong,
To be a revolution!” – Jars of Clay
Theoretic radical – can you be a practical coward?

– Heart + spine + head = human!
Which is my weak point?

– quotidian
The radical ordinary!

– augur/diviner


– “The beginning of (the knowledge of) truth is a sense of wonder.”

– Incarnational & missional ~ Eucharistic & sacramental

– Becoming (more fully and truly) oneself……

– One of the burning questions on my mind nowadays is, how often (or rarely) should I attend church worship?

– Trinity – I, you and he/she – the complete grammar!
The infinitely self-perpetuating dynamic…

– Distinguish:

– The community as a collection of individuals (personal/volitional)
The individual as member of the community (cultural/historical)
Which is primary and which is secondary?
It’s a perichoretic relationship!

– No sacrifice/bloodshed/passion, no offering/worship/celebration!

– Why secret (priestly) prayers in the divine liturgy??

– Ecumenical:
Universal ~ authoritative!

– Kierkegaard

– Liturgy:
Public ~ corporate
Worship ~ service

– “Never forget, people like to be told what they already know.” – Henry Chadwick

– It’s mine, not yours –> It is mine, for us!

– Unliturgical behavior

– Nihilism
Is there a third way out??

– The priest/leader/teacher needs the people just as much they need him/her!

– Anti-essentialist

– Epiklesis

– The threefold Amen!

– “Anathema Maranatha”

– Distinguish:

– Affirmation ~ commitment

– ordained (adj.)

– From the What, to the Why and the How……

– A gathering movement

– Singing the Creed!
Chanting the Scriptures!

– Movies:
“Gospel According to Matthew” (Superhit!)
Great movies get better with repeated viewing!
Christianity is all about spiritual warfare – against personal moral apathy, against cultural conformity, & against political oppression.
Church, when will you ever get Jesus? Never!?

– YouTube:
Orthodox English Chant
Preaching Moment

WOW! 🙂


– Flash mob!

– It is a curse to have parents you would never want to emulate (in terms of character)! 😦


– Added Google calendars for:
ICC cricket matches for India
Holidays in India
Christian holidays
Phases of the moon
Week numbers

– It was fascinating watching the post-match review, today!
It was a shock defeat for India.
That’s why I love New Zealand – always giving 100%…

– I can have a maximum of 1 mentoring & 1 group meeting only, per week.


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