– Entertainment – photography, TV series (downloaded), listening to music/songs with lyrics…

– To love is to live WITH others.

To live AS yourself.

To live FOR all.

– Field & function

– Metonymy & metaphor

– The masculine symbolic order

– The imaginary, the symbolic & the Real

– “Theology has the power to reconceive the world (with everything in it)!”

– Elide/absorb

– “Christ as the most female of men.”

– “The paradoxical religious practice of self-transcendence, rooted in bodily experience.”


– Can a celibate person not be a prude?

– The Second Adam is BEFORE the first!

– Is Satori the same as Nirvana?

– raison d’etre

– coup de grace
coup d’etat

– The love of wisdom –> wisdom of love!

– Author-ity


– “All the youth want is just to change the world,
And the older, the more we try to change the youth…
That’s the news, yeah! ”
– Every Day Life
Are the youth getting “old” nowadays? Why?
Self Vs. World
Warm-blooded & cold-blooded people

– hendiadys


– My approach to learning is not driven/controlled by prefixed goals, but I allow the pursuit of truth itself to produce diverse agenda & new motivations!
Open Vs. Closed

– TV series:
Nobody is able to be alone, & nobody knows what they are doing!

– Neither prudish nor prurient

– Movie:
“The Revenant” (okay/cool)
The end – he looks straight into the camera, & then there is only the sound of his breathing – life > meaning > purpose > happiness. What is he gonna live for now? But life is an end in itself. Survive! Even love (or sacrifice), & every other virtue, is a means to this end.
“Fight till your last breath. Keep breathing!”
“I’m right here with you.”
The natural life-cycle (brutality – life-giving death/killing)
The violence of Capital (demonic – death-dealing existence/consumption)
Can there be vengeance without hatred? Retributive justice.
Cruelty (Native Indian savages)
Annihilation (European imperialistic invaders)
– “Nihilism” – Bűlent Diken
Pelts & scalps – cannibalism is at the very heart of Christianity itself!

– idiolect 

– Spiritual formation & human nature:
Faith ~ knowledge ~ conscience 
Experience ~ feeling ~ dontext
Practice ~ body ~ will

– Moral understanding –> willing obedience –> joyful worship!


– Salvation:

– “Haute couture”

– personable

– Ethos & pathos

– What problem does Christianity have with humanism, & why?


– The pain of pleasure
The pleasure of pain

– Don’t just express yourself, MAKE your self!

– What would happen if all stockholders of financial institutions & MNCs, along with the employees, were to pressure the company board into responsible & ethical modes of functioning?
Stakeholders > stockholders


– “Emptying the idea of India”

– “The brave new world of retail violence”

– Vociferous Dalits & enlightened Muslims

– “…financial markets misreading the situation on the state of the real economy.”

– The folly of vice!

– “Soothing investor sentiment”

– The Readers’ Editor

– Inflection point 

– Tense, mood, person, number, gender, case

– Fundamentalist Liberals

– The sociology of death

– Emotional meanings
Collective passions

– Sovereign ideas

– Indian > Hindu

– The military Vs. The Parliament  
The media Vs. The university 
The executive Vs. The judiciary 
The powers Vs. The people 

– earth or Earth?

– Subconscious cynical/sinister intentionality 

– “Symbols are extremely powerful, because they connect to compressed reservoirs of collective emotions.”

– “Intense debate about the merits of alternative visions…”
Democratising theology!

– How important/necessary is the survival of the EU?

– Movies:
“The Day the Earth Stood Still” (Cool/good)
Messiah as judge & savior.
Are we that lovable?!
What if the judgment is going to be a natural disaster (impersonal consequence of our choices)??

“Seven Minutes” (flop)
I agree with the 0/5 rating by Slant!
Doesn’t deserve my reflection.
Need to choose my movies more carefully – peer (multiple critics) review!


– Peak summer – April – July:
3-4 hours A/C per day
Between winter & peak summer (Spring/Lent) – March
1-2 hours A/C per day
Between peak summer & winter (Autumn/fall) – August – October
1-2 hours A/C per day
Winter – November – February
No A/C (use heater for bath)
Bath frequency?

– Alternate day rhythm:
Systematic – no nap
Spontaneous – no chores

– “You’re only a rebel from the waist downwards”

– We should not spend more than 15 – 30 min. (one or two 15 min. sessions) a day on social networking.
NOT scattered all over the day, but in 1 or 2 fixed/limited periods of chatting.


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