– façade

– Normalize, legalize, standardize, regularize, homogenize

– “Obsession with security, that is, living in permanent fear, is the real victory of terrorism. The ultimate catastrophe emerging from the war against terror is thus the disappearance of politics.”

– Absolutize ~ Fetishize!

– Dysfunctional functionality

– Inquiry/interrogation

– imbricate

– enunciation

– Post-___

– Machinic assemblages
Collective assemblages

– The New Materialism

– Historical determinism

– Are all comedies farcical?
“First as tragedy, then as farce”

– An honest & eager curiosity
“The authors encourage us to revisit every detail of our practice and its routine justifications.”

– frisson – where fear & pleasure meet!

– “The only subject position comedy allows for is that of  ‘types’  whose actions are a direct outcome of their social positions rather than of individual (‘tragic’) choices.”

– infantilize

– “The ‘cancelling out of differences’  is a nihilistic principle par excellence. The power of nihilism is a power that pours everything into indifference”

– Insecurity

– “The sovereign is he who decides on the exception.”

– The (customary) abhorrence and dread of sexual infidelity is rooted in the assumption that any breach of exclusivity will be the end of all intimacy/joy in the marriage.
But what if occasional adventuring outside could actually results in enriching the quality and extending the longevity of the marriage?!

– Playing, without any reference to the (existing) field!

– Recovering the self freely given to me, by unmaking the self made up for me…..

– Relationships:
We overestimate our importance for each other!
Instead of trying to change me, you should be working on overcoming yourself……

– Money as pure (formless) quantity!

– Michel Houllebecq

– fundament

– massify
Apolitical, anonymous, faceless people

– Bios

– ‘Even when there is nothing left to expect from life, there is still something to fear’

– Christophobia

– ‘How can you jump over your shadow when you no longer have one?’

– Institutionalized anarchy

– Ola Share

– Bare life

– phantasmatic

– Distinguish:

– topology

– Destructive desires ~ reactive forces

– From resentful loser to spiteful avenger

– Wouldn’t someone like UGK (& therefore like me too) be accused of being just another nihilist & (helpless, indifferent, fatalistic) cog in the wheel of biopower?

– “There is no monster hidden in the abyss, there is only fire.”

– Commodity fetishism –> total anti-production!

– De-sublimation

– Juvenal

– Vices & follies

– Distinguish:

– From the transgression of law to the law of transgression!

– Enforced democratic consensus

– Blind acting out

– “Sheer tolerance for the other is not enough to establish a political ground. What spite lacks is not only respect for but also the capacity to antagonize the other.”
Developing a (healthy) culture of agonism

– After all,  ‘there is . . . nothing more useful to man than man’


– Could someone like UGK help us become (more) Christian?

– NOW you know who he really is!

– The politics of security/war on terror and the Gospel of Mark:
“Why are you so timid?”
“Do not fear!”

– Disciple:
Learn > follow!

– Influential misunderstandings!

– Individual persons
Group members

– Jesus:
Miracles for the crowd
Controversy for the scribes
Teaching for the disciples

– Faith as understanding, and curiosity as believing!

– Secrecy + revelation = mystery

– Yes, I am the Messiah. But NOT what YOU understand by it!

– Who is Jesus?
Seek the Kingdom!
Preach the Gospel!

– The only way to become fully ready is by jumping in first!

– Intro. to Gospel of Mark by Paula Gooder

– Eyewitness ~ participant

– Named minor characters!

– Jerusalem – the first mother church

– Official versions of the tradition

– Living memory

– Overlap:
Real ~ theological
Historical ~ biblical

– Faith/belief + history/fact = testimony/witness!

– Distinguish:

– The Gospel Tradition by Richard Bauckham

– Hebraic Greek, like Thanglish…!

– Self-possessed

– The opposite of life is not death, but (all forms of) sleep.

– Catechetical school

– Theology – gift, experience, personal, commitment, expression, communion, transfiguration, divine, vision

– Life ~ character ~ passion ~ desire ~ connection

– Theology

– Wonder as the other side of perplexity

– Brutal beauty

– “To educate is to learn to be free”

– Can freedom and commitment coexist?
Maybe they are actually interdependent and indispensable for each other!

– Distinguish:

– A royal birthright – for everyone!!!

– “A theologian is one who prays truly”

– Am I becoming more or less human??

– Monologue + argument = dialog!

– Intra- (diversity in unity – solitude)
Inter- (unity in diversity – solidarity)
“I need you in order to be myself”

– Triune personhood

– Faith ~ wonder ~ attitude
Hope ~ freedom ~ purpose
Love ~ community ~ lifestyle

– Commentaries, homilies, collects and hymns

– Practical
– Scholasticism

– Why was there no Protestant reformation in the Eastern Orthodox church?

– “Wait on the Lord: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the Lord.”
– Psalm 27:14 KJV

– All progress is tangential!


– Sang Bleu
“Marginal practitioners of the body”

– Movies:
“Woman in the Dunes” (hit)
What is freedom? Yes & no!
What is love? Yes & no!
What is work? Yes & no!
Can one be a slave to oneself?
Can one be a voluntary slave?
Is survival really important, or is it just necessary?
To be human is to always keep the question “What does it mean to be human?” alive…!

– “We don’t care for information. We’re looking for meaning, as stupid as that sounds. We want writing that feels tattooed on the skin and images that stir the blood below…” – Adult

– “For me, the way people take possession of their identity and thus function through their body is exciting. A lot of (the magazine) is about the struggle against the lack of being which founds all human existence.” – Sang Bleu

– Influence/context

– I am your contrarian/combatant, NOT the naysayer or censor!

– “Stop pretending that the fashion-capital status quo just happens to be your aesthetic.”

– spiriting

– What do Puritanism & consumerism have to do with each other?
And why is the latter as unsexy as the former?

– “This tension exemplifies the shaky intersection of moral and economic value at the core of American self-mythology.”

– Distinguish:

– hobbyist

– “Anyway, we are intellectuals who operate from gut instinct, and are afraid of stupidity and laziness. We rethink (anything) out, by any media necessary…”

– But aren’t stupidity & laziness synonyms?

– The cardinal sins according to me:

– “Why do we mistake inversion for subversion? To paraphrase Audre Lorde, the master makes tools of us all.”

– “The female gaze doesn’t exist”!

– Word porn

– Feminist erotica

– Could the Right be ‘radical’ (too)?

– Ad lib

– “…but I would like to think that we have some troll blood in us. What I mean is, we do things without asking. I think if you just put out something seemingly bizarre and act as though it’s totally “normal” (because it’s normal to you), that can be an effective way to change opinion.”

– ‘Cheap happiness’
But isn’t all……?

– Smell, jouissance, loneliness & surprise

– deflower

– “We don’t consider your identity as a mandate. This attitude is rare…”

– Fan fiction

– Augmented reality


– Strange bedfellows

– banshee

– Disparaging answers

– “So much of life is dedicated to proving to others that we are who we say we are.”
“Men and women all slaves to their fear of being cheated. In turn they dream up new certificates to prove their innocence. No one can say where it will end.”

– Grave artistry

– Christus victor

– Are the Gospels exhausted by the exposition of Paul??

– Scripture as revelation – not as the absolute authority, but as the inexhaustible source of transformation!

– Sub-biblical

– Messiah > prophet

– The New Age and Christian eschatology

– Prophesied, but still surprising!

– Promise –> hope

– Understanding Jesus in the context of ancient Hebraic Judaism and looking at Jesus through the lens of first century Hellenism.

– Speculation/theory

– The ways of being religious:
Priest – stabilizing the world and participating in divine benefits
Prophet – moral transformation
King – transcending the present age and ushering in the new order of things
Priest < prophet < King!
Abrahamic < Mosaic < Davidic

– Fervent expectation

– Social reputation,
Self-understanding &
Divine call

– Messiah ~ divine?

– Space-time curvature

– Non-events


– Distinguish:

– Church Times

– Liquid modernity

– “Infinitist theologies are always logocentrisms”

– Automatic writing

– Neale Donald Walsch

– Gravitational waves

– “The subject, like everything else, is constructed within the construal of language.”

– “The unconscious of the subject is the discourse of the other.”

– Movies:
“X” (okay)
“Do you like me?”
“Then please make me disappear!”
Sex, violence & magic…
To be alive is to fight death (in all its forms) until your last breath.
I cheer the woman who hits back…! Really?

“Deadpool” (okay)
Hmmm… Maybe the censoring made the movie a little better!?
“One thing that never survives this place is a sense of humor.”
“We’ll have to see about that!”
The true hero is the one who questions & challenges the prevalent understanding of heroism.
The Christ figure here is “Ajax” Francis!
Which is worse:
To suffer & die of cancer/keep the girl
To have a very ugly face/lose the girl?
Narcissistic romance:
“I will not put you through this, because I love you too much.”
“But what if I love you enough to want to go through this?”
“The beginning of a happy ending” – eschatological hope & anarchistic/antinomian behavior……?


– If Christianity is Judaism 2.0, then what would Christianity 2.0 look like?!

– You can bookmark pdf files, just using Adobe Reader, (but ONLY) in Android!

– “And God is always, for some reason, going around closing doors and opening windows. God is super into that.”

– Wonder ~ reverence ~ disorientation ~ dread!

– “Cancer requires that I stumble around in the debris of dreams I thought I was entitled to, and plans I didn’t realize I had made.”

– Can a (non)Christian follow Jesus?

– One thing:
Seek (will) that which you ask (desire).

– What does it mean to love GOD with one’s mind?
To trust that Christ is the truth (that we seek), even if we do not know Him (as we would like to)…

– Are you ‘with Jesus’ just because you have no other option, or because you believe that He is (the Son of) GOD?

– fallow

– Meditate on the Law ~ sow righteousness ~ abide in Christ

– The way of truth that leads to life
The way of life that leads to truth

– “Pray with open hand, not with clenched fist…
The night is large and full of wonders.”

– Helping each other see & go – deeper, higher & wider!

– Leadership & individualism
Herd mentality & healthy community

– Beauty ~ virtue ~ glory ~ majesty!

– The eternal Kingdom belongs to the holy Name.

– GOD:
Trust in…
Believe upon…
Know through…
(See everything, in the light of…)

– In all these changes, wait, & watch…… (for the One)!

– How do we avoid caricaturing the other?
E.g. Religions


– metacognition

– figurehead

– untrammelled

– Personal/party politics

– Collective irresponsibility

– What is a discussion without debate?

– Fair trial & judicial murder

– Constitutional framework

– Dissent

– Parochial myths

– Repressive clampdown

– Develop the capacity for argument & disobedience

– Every person has a religion entirely their own!

– Don’t equate ‘person’ with ‘human’!


– Distinguish:
Know &

Are doubt and fear actually 2 sides of the same coin?
If so, what is that coin?

Are right and duty actually 2 sides of the same coin?
If so, what is that coin?

– Certainty (objective) ~ conviction (subjective)

– telling (adj.)

– Religious experience and aftertaste
Eschatological hope and foretaste

– Believing belief.
Believing doubt.
Doubting belief.
Doubting doubt.
Where are you in this spectrum right now??

– Nostalgia – perceiving the past!

– God ~ life/truth
Jesus ~ way/word
Church ~ body/faith

– Wonder ~ praise/perplexity
Freedom ~ joy/terror
Community ~ solidarity/conflict

– Distinguish:

– ‘Sang froid’

– “Compliant out of a childish arrogance of indifference…”

“…put up with her, calmly & easily accepting her little authority, with faint scorn.”
“…her many half interiors, whom she tolerated with perfect good humor.”
– Socially clumsy
– “…they were implicated with each other in abhorrent mysteries.”
– “She despised & detested the whole show (of adult people & social principle).
She liked only children.
She loved best of all the animals!”
“She had a profound grudge against the human being. That which the word ‘human’ stood for was despicable & repugnant to her.”
– quoit
– Phallic knowledge
– Movie:
“Spotlight” (Superhit)
Compare with “Jimmy’s Hall”
Hmmm… do I have a grudge against the church (especially the religious leadership)?? Should I feel guilty/ashamed? I know exactly what it is like to be a Christian and an investigator!
Theological journalism/spiritual reporting

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