– assemblages

– Movies:
“Zero Dark Thirty”
Why this name?
……but then, what now??
Disturbing ambivalence!

“The Wolf of Wall Street”
A perfect illustration of imperfect nihilism!
Hedonism – gorgeous & nauseating…

Compare these 2 movie reviews.

– Creation as anti-actualization

– So, what do you do?
Me? Hmmm… Nothing in particular, & everything in general.

– fink

– pariahs

– Virtual intensities

– machinic
Artificial life

– fractal

– Deterritorializations

– sociality

– Lines of flight

– Bad conscience
Good faith

– blasé

– Spectralize

– UGK – hey bro, money is not real, and self-consciousness is inescapable.

– Socio-symbolic order

– Liquid modernity

– De-sublimation

– Use value
Fetish value

– Distinguish:

– Capitalist piety

– “Human existence oscillates between life & form. The whole history of culture is the working out of this contradiction.”
“This conflict is a dualism without synthesis.”

– “The Real does not exist, but ex-ists”

– Self-overcoming

– “We are bounded in every direction, and we are bounded in no direction.”

– Trans-valuation
“Immanent transcendences”

– codex

– mapping

– Reflexive traditions

– Apocalypse/mystical

– “Religion without religion”

– Surrealist literature

– Avant garde

– The indicative and imperative
The interrogative and subjunctive

– GOD as the great-er!

– Memory-images

– “How difficult it is to be simple!”

– Religious naturalism


– Fear of fatigue
“You cannot stand my company, because you are afraid of the discomforts.”

– Dog – the cynic god!

– The only way to live is by trying to actualize oneself fully, & thereby transforming the world!

– Theriomorphism
If I were an animal, what would I be?

– “…unconcerned about luxuries and unafraid of dark places.”

– The natural, the moral & the legal

– vituperation

– appellation

– UGK as a modern Diogenes!
So, why do you wear clothes then?

– Socrates

– Philosophizing with a hammer!

– Nature calls… just as wisdom cries out!

– “Defacing this currency”
Fuck that shit!
I piss upon your glory.

– Doctrine & doxology

– Back to the Garden??
Or should we say, forward through the jungle?

– Invalidate through brazen indifference!

– Why not eat only whenever one feels hungry?

– Conventional ~ artificial
Customary ~ unnatural

– Salvific satire

– Argonaut

– Cynic ~ Herculean

– Vicious virtues & virtuous vices

– Great bastards

– Biopolitics – that race in your pulse, when facing awkward social situations…!?

– Too beautiful to be credible…?

– “Future of Christian Theology” by David Ford
“The Post-secular” by Graham Ward

– Sexual culture

– Scholarchs

– intransigent

– Proto-Bohemian

– Wildean

– Emptiness ~ preoccupation

– unguent

– All that is useless is harmful!

– The wisdom of simplicity, & the simplicity of wisdom

– But I am the exception!

– “It was the animals that exemplify best how to imitate that divine life.”

– Can one be both primitive and civilized?

– The divine scout

– Distinguish:

– Disembodied flesh

– How can you despise people and still be a missionary?

– Exhibitionistic performances

– Waging war against (this false) peace

– Caliber

– Vulgar diatribe

– Senseless ambitions
Worthless desires

– “Forever thirsty for diversions…”

– The deadly serious buffoon!

– Adaptation/accommodation

– Movies:
“Sicario” (hit)
She should have “committed suicide” in the end!?
How did we get here (where the line between right and wrong has just vanished)??
Patriot ~ mercenary!
State terrorism
The aerial landscape shots are crucial…


– Viewpoint and standpoint

– Mystery

– Anti-theology

– I am no longer a Christian. But I am not a non-Christian either!

– “Free in Christ”

– Sacrifice as life-offering!
Free, loving death…

– Salvation as liberation
Salvation as healing
Salvation as reconciliation

– Transfiguration ~ resurrection

– Silence speaks much more than words. But words are much louder than silence!

– In what way is vigilanteism different from, or better than, criminality?

– Wrath ~ frustration/grief

– The presence and work of the dead (past) among the living, and of the living (present) among the dead.

– The Annunciation – Mary could have said No!


– Paralyzed, by the need to NOT offend……!

– Which is better – to be rewarded or to be forgiven?

– No crisis, no creativity.
No destruction, no renewal.

– Christianity & governmentality

– Speech + silence = discourse

– The politics of religious discourse

– Coercion, religion & the subject
Techniques of truth

– essentialize

– Self-ostracism

– Case histories

– Subjectification

– Conscience as conditioned self-knowledge

– Delimiting the vocabulary available for the definition of identity

– Control ~ order ~ discipline ~ examine ~ direct ~ impose ~ prescribe ~ rule

– Strategic alliances of force relations

– “The ‘truth’ of self in Christianity was based on the personal scrutiny and control of the flesh/sex.”

– Regimes of knowledge
Strategies for organizing truth
E.g. Theology

– “Folding the text back upon itself…”
…to fill up the gaps in the work!

– The unsaid as the barometer of truth

– The ascetic maceration of the body through the permanent verbalization of thoughts!

– Excarnating the self & reconstructing the subject

– Belief & obedience
Inquiry & desire

– Contemplation as renunciation
Renunciation as obedience

– Marriage as a power-relation (repression & intrusion)

– Challenging religious epistemology

– Movies:
“Psycho” (hit)
Distinguish: Horror & Thriller
The (psychoanalytic) root of violence lies in (repressed) sexuality.
Is religion/family a remedy or a sickness?
When you use your existing frame of reference to interpret an event that is outside of it…!
What happens to you if/when you kill the one who means everything to you?


– What I mean:
I am not (what you mean by) a Christian.
I don’t believe in (what you mean by) GOD.
I don’t have (what you mean by) faith.

– Life-affirming
Life is frustration is life!

– “Sorrow is the glue. Art, religion, and that political zeal to improve the lives of the human lot, spring from the frustration and impossibility of making any sense out of life…”

– “But I know you guys won’t listen to what I am saying. You will only be satisfied when you hear what you want to hear…”

– Every romance/marriage is (always, already) a ménage à trois!

– “A taste of death”

– “Stop the world,” I say to myself.  “I  want  to get  off.”

– “Yes,  I’m ready,” I say to myself,  “Today I  shall  stand up and get  shot  down.”

– “Live & let live” –>”Be killed & let die”
To respire, is to be inspired to expire!
Survival instinct
Desire for permanence

– Use the system for your own survival, instead of losing your uniqueness in order to fit into it.

– slug

– Pleasure movement

– Gallows humor

– Have you ever been enthralled by someone you met?
You mean, has anyone enslaved me (yet)?

– O to blossom & decay, simultaneously & continually, but not forever…

– risqué

– Entering more and more deeply into the life of GOD
Getting caught up into (the nature of) GOD, rather than having a hold on the truth of GOD…

– Revelatory experience

– Liturgical behavior

– Binitarianism

– “A house of prayer for all nations”

– Cosmic cataclysm
“The kingdom of GOD has come” ~ “The end is nigh”


– Spiritual promiscuity

– Radical hedonism

– Radical ~ subversive ~ critical ~ creative ~ revolutionary

– “On Christian Theology” – Rowan Williams

– RIP – “Rest In Pieces”! (Ikon)

– What would Abraham have lost if he had refused to sacrifice Isaac?
What would Abraham have lost if GOD had not stopped his hand?

– Casual Vs. Serious sex

– The new terrorism

– Iconoclastic desire for pandestruction

– Fanaticism as profanation!

– Moralize, politicize, philosophize, psychologize, theologize, etc.

– “As an exceptional event (coming from nowhere, with no exception & no warning) it has no origin in the frame of the picture itself, yet precisely for this reason it shatters the frame, the everyday life of the people.”

– “Concomitantly, the only way to introduce passion into the world of passive nihilism, to mobilize the hedonist, becomes a politics of fear that targets bare life, or, Biopolitics…”

– Homini sacer
Holy ~ banned!

– Habeus corpus

– Illegal framework


– “I’m sorry, Lord…”
Are there 3 other words more meaningless & useless in the English language??

– Songs of the Kingdom

– “My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me? …All the families of the nations shall worship before the Lord.”

– “With thy breath in our nostrils…”

– Public integrity

– Trisagion:
“Holy, Holy, Holy”
The void
The abyss
The monstrous

– The only way for renewal is to repent from repentance!

– “Thou dost not answer (me)…
Yet thou art holy,
Enthroned on (above & beyond!) the praises of Israel.”

– “In thee our fathers trusted, & were not disappointed.”
But as for me……

– The value of life
A life of value

– Psalm 22
When addressing GOD – doubt – “Why??”
When addressing oneself & others – faith – “But GOD…”
Maybe we need to invert this!

– After so many millennia of spirituality, why has the human heart not changed much??

– Who is the true Jew?

– Hiding as an act of defiance!

– The medium is the message.
The person is the word.

– Erotic massage – available in (underground) Chennai!


– Opt (v.)

– Masochistic misanthrope

– Distinguish:
“I am a Christian” (noun)
“I am Christian” (adjective)

– Tantra/Nuru/Thai

– Movies:
“Carol” (hit)
‘The morality clause’
What is love? It is not selflessness. But neither is it selfishness…
Love that looks like lust (extramarital, homosexual)
Lust which looks like love (marital, heterosexual)


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