– I must try to focus on specializing in the interface between theology and spirituality (studying entire books, courses, etc.). And just have an overall acquaintance with other related areas of knowledge (read articles/chapters, listen to a talk, etc.)…

Each year, I can also gain in-depth understanding of the topic that I choose for the annual seminar.

– The method in the chaos

How can I make my life so?

– “Worth repeating”

What is?

Only one thing!

– Christian humility (before GOD) –> Fearless action (in the world)

True worship arms one with the insight and ability to critique and resist the powers, especially religion!


Subversive reverence


Slave morality

– Movies – alternate between the local and global, classical & contemporary, great and cool

– Go out into your city at least once a week – take a bus ride, train ride, bike ride, visit the mall, beach, park, etc.

– Students revolt!

– My (prophetic) role, in hand-signs:
Stop (pause & reflect)
Point (open your eyes & see)

Clap (c’mon, let’s go!)

– Should bureaucracy (pseudo-democracy) be added as one of the major evils of our time, along with capitalism, fundamentalism & global warming?

– Prophetic lament!

– All these great contemporary men and women (saints), were they married and had children (& if so, what was the quality of their family life), and what was their economic status (what was their means of income/livelihood)??

– Lamentations 3:22-32 (one of my favorite passages in all of Scripture!) – “Let him bury his face in the dust— there may yet be hope.”
Do I have a choice?
Yes, courage/freedom/integrity is to act as if you always do!


– Economics:
Those who live within their means are healthy. Those who live beyond their means are sick.

– ergo

– gonzo


– Distinguish:

– Other synonyms (to radical/critical):
Should we try to make money in such a way that is sustainable/holistic
Should we attempt to create a new mode of living that is entirely free of money?

– Why so serious, boy?! Don’t you know yet……?

– Fasting & contemplation day – How can you chew the cud if you keep ingesting new stuff?

– Technology (altering my world to suit my desires)
Spirituality (becoming large & strong enough to thrive irrespective of my circumstances)
Can these two polarities (be made to) converge?
Spiritual technology & technological spirituality!

– Reading (even good stuff) can become a kind of distraction or escape (from reality/nature/existence)…

– Kid Rock
What is a song without the lyics
What is a poem without the music?

– Christmas:
O the joy of crying……!
Angels – more with joy than fear
Demons – more with fear than joy

– Compare the Pisaasu (Tamil film) song, & some of my favorite (& greatest) Christmas carols…!
Sounds eerily similar??

– Mafia – how powerful is the underworld of organized crime? Is it comparable to government & big business (both globally & locally)?

– Sudden jubilation!  🙂

– mien

– Watching the performers (singers and musicians in action) makes a significant (positive?) difference in the enjoyment of music!
But why??

– “Get up & eat, for the journey is too much for you.”

– Distinguish:

– “Tis the season to be holy…”
I mean “jolly”!

– “The abomination that causes desolation”
“The desolation that causes abomination”
Invade the temple & abolish the daily offering
Why & how are divine worship and animal sacrifice related??

– “The Visited Planet”
An angel’s point of view
Maybe we matter to GOD enough, for him to make sure that this human world lasts forever!

– Was (ancient) Greece ever an expansionary power (empire)?

– What happens to a leader when all his followers desert her?
What do I do when all those who are part of my ministry reject my leadership?
Leadership – Moving from authority to influence.


– Notice the lines that are found only in the Nicene Creed & not in the Apostles’ Creed.

– Christmas – premarital pregnancy is a central theme!
“Before they (Mary & Joseph) came together, she was found with child, by the Holy Ghost…”
An illegitimate child (cultural) as the Son of GOD (spiritual)!

– “Star of wonder (of the East),
Westward leading,
Still proceeding,
Guide us to the perfect light”!

– The Saviour is the lord,
And the Lord is the saviour!
The Judge is the advocate,
And the Advocate is the judge!

– How did this subversive/radical/revolutionary/transformative Gospel become so domesticated, tame & boring?

– canticle

– The pastoral nature of (all true) theology!
– peremptory
– provenance
– The Gospel:
Jesus is risen. He died to save us from our sins. Therefore, He is our Lord and Saviour.
– What could be a robust and appropriate “Regula Fidei” for the contemporary church?
– Movies:
“Lunchbox” (Hindi) – hit!
WOW! One of the best movies I have ever seen??
Makes my heart ache & ache…
“Sometimes the wrong train will get you to the right station!”
Crack and gaps in the system (be it a mechanistic job or a loveless marriage or a sprawling metro) through which humanity shines and breathes through……
Nimrat Kaur is gorgeous!
– “Ongoing Concept”

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