– Contemporary crises (esp. Ecological) – What should be our (the common man’s) response?

1. Live in such a way that you don’t make matters worse, without making your life too difficult within the given context.

2. Give your full support to those who are actively trying to change the deficient systems. And beware of getting (unwittingly) aligned with the negative forces.

3. Create awareness among your peers, & promote the grassroots movement.

But in this world, where the inhuman powers are ubiquitous, how practical is it to survive as individuals and communities which refuse to be co-opted by them?? Is it possible to create alternative spaces in a (completely) preoccupied world?

The age of heroic one-man armies and idealistic, utopian arrangements are over – now is the time for the Spirit to move in and through the people, operating together as one organism!

– Based on the Tamil movie “Porampokku” – referred by S. Masilamani:

The common man, caught between the 2 opposing powers of the dominant status quo & rebel activism!

The majority may just continue their ordinary lives, but with vigilant resistance – promoting the latter by simply refusing to abet the former! But that is NOT going to be as easy as it sounds. It will require great sacrifice & perseverance, but this radical challenge has awesome emancipatory potential, to break the backbone of structural evil, by deconstructing it, vertebra-by-vertebra (individuals like you & me)……

– Scripture as novel/movie:

Are you going to make the narrative fit into your dogmatic assumptions, or do it the other way around?

The former approach is more definitive, but has lesser potential. The latter has more future value, but lesser present confidence.

– GOD – how can we maintain the divine personhood without falling into the trap of (our own narrow cultural) anthropomorphism? Use Jesus to define “human”, not the other way around!

– Situationism & the SFG meeting

– Terry Eagleton – a Marxist (& Christian?) critique of Liberalism, Postmodernism & Capitalism

But isn’t there any serious difficulty between Christianity & Marxism?

– “Political love”

– The only way to know ourselves well enough is through the eyes of the other!

– If only people were generally more contemplative, we would need much lesser activists!

– Ethical Slut

Sex at Dawn

– Working, “with pure heart, clear head & steady hand” –> manifesting the power of GOD!

Keep increasing your capacity for boredom, hard work & handling conflict…


– naturalization

– indentured

– keening

– ‘Young global leader’

– Life = believe + love + work

– Distinguish:




– lute


– imbroglio

– Would the world find itself in such great crisis today, if only each & every human being was independent & bold? How would a few become so powerful, & exploit the many, if not for the mindless & spineless masses?!

– Combinations:




– Defacing the currency!

– Diogenes & Delphi


– The spectacle as spectacle


– Back to the alternate day routine!

No afternoon nap on working days.

Mild exercise on fasting (fruits only) day.

– Distinguish:

The individualism of capitalism


The libertarianism of anarchy

– Surrealism & revolution!

– Can one have leisure without luxury?

How much money does one need in order to live contemplatively?

This is NOT a way for the sloth or coward!

– So what do I do?

I am trying to live contemplatively.


I am exploring & experimenting with the contemplative life.

Ministry (formal/official) is just a hobby.

– Eternal/timeless ~ irrelevant/fantastic?

– Thinker, artist, activist.

Where do you fall in this spectrum?

Does the sentimental & domestic person have any spiritual value or significance??

– Why did you stop wishing “Good morning” to your (the) maid as she enters the (your) house?

– Formation is nothing less than the ongoing process of incipient transformation!

– Pleasure






Even the hedonist is a counter-cultural figure in this bland world!

– The levels/versions of capitalistic deception:

1. For the rich – the only worthy purpose of life is to subdue and manipulate nature (material, animate and human) to maximize financial profit.

2. For the middle class – the only way to climb up to the next stage is by submitting yourself to the system of utilitarian labor.

3. For the poor – the way to make a better future possible for your children is by accepting this predominant paradigm as the only means of survival.

The common thread is, “There is no other alternative, therefore bow (or die)!”

So now, you have only 2 choices:

1. To commit (spiritual) suicide

2. To risk being murdered (material)

But which one is victory, and which one defeat??

– How can I/we take concrete decisions regarding the major choices of this life that will aid in the (progressive) actualization of my/our highest vision?

– No  afternoon nap on fasting day (Wednesday).

Other days (systematic study – Monday & Friday, and random learning – Tuesday & Saturday) – half hour nap.

Freak-out days (Thursday & Sunday) – 1 – 1 & 1/2 hour nap

– Should I be blogging such private stuff?? Am I being too candid/explicit? Am I an exhibitionist?

– Private seminar!

– Just because nothing lasts forever doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try to do something good, right?
Temporality is NOT nothingness!
And just because you feel that everything is useless doesn’t mean that everything actually is.
Maybe the only way to find out what you must do is to just stop doing anything, & slowly start doing whatever you feel like, only then can you figure out something clear & true for yourself……
I should stop all ministry for a while.

– Daily Manna:
Acts 3:22-26 – you are the people of the Prophet, and the children of the Covenant!
WOW… me?? Yeah, you!
Hmmm…… so what now?
Col. 3:12-17 – gratitude (GOD) + humility (self) + love (others) = holiness (beautiful life)!
Romans 4:18-21 – hope is nothing short of fully banking on the promise of the resurrection! I desperately need the Supernatural (eternal) to sustain (& ultimately perfect) even my natural (temporal) life……
Hebrews 10:32-35 – whenever you’re tempted to give up (resignation, despair, apathy, idleness), remember your (glorious) reward/destiny!
Matthew 13:53-58 – great wisdom (worldly understanding) + integral life (moral excellence) = divine power!
Ephesians 5:15-20 – the wisdom of joy and the folly of gloom!
Psalm 89:6-11 – Joe, whatever you learn through the diverse sources, never let go of the GOD of the Bible, because He is utterly unique and awesome (& you need him more than you might like to believe)!

– Israel & church – always rebels and underdogs… tragic heroes!


– What do I want?
I want to do nothing, and I want to do everything!
I want to be nothing, and I want to be everything.
I want to have nothing, and I want to have everything.
I want to be nowhere, and I want to be everywhere.

– The vast majority of people in this world can be divided into 2 types:
1. Those who are busy with useless things – “much ado about nothing”; ” Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player. That struts and frets his hour upon the stage. And then is heard no more: it is a tale. Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing.” Most people fall under this category.
2. Those who vegetate – resigned to their fate of oblivion. A minority.
I am nearing the second one…
What we need is a third type – those who have overcome their own need for social survival/significance/success, and the suffocating smog of spiritual sloth, to live out of their central core in such a way that transforms the world around them.

– You can never measure the impact one leaves on the world (for good or bad), so don’t worry about it, and just concentrate on being true to yourself, and doing all that you can to make a difference!

– I don’t teach others, I just share what I am learning…

– Free association

– Movies:
“Partisan” (hit)
Can one be both radical and sane?
“A Most Violent Year” (hit)
Can one be both ambitious and moral?
– “When we turn from anger, we turn from insight…
It is from rage that thought is born, not from the pose of reason.”
– Audre Lorde, John Holloway
Reason can be rightly & fully used only when the heart is right i.e. passionately engaged in the pursuit of truth & justice.

– Political love

– ballsiness
– moll
– epigraph
– Classical Antiquity (Greco-Roman period) – 800 B.C (Homer) to 500 A.D (Fall of Rome)
– Action learning
Powerful questions
Active listening
– Grassroots & distributed leadership
– New Social Movements (NSM)
– Movies:
“Pisaasu” (Tamil) – hit
The divine as the mystical feminine essence, as opposed to the masculine big other!
The spiritual/radical as the transcending of familial ties to embrace the other.
The human/ethical survives, in spite of the ideological dominions, in the nooks and corners of everyday lives!

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