– In a crisis, go to an activist.
For life in general, meet a contemplative.

– I’m not an artist (first-order creator), I am a commentator/critic (second-order creator).

– Distinguish:
Christ > Jesus?
Christ + Christianity + Church = Christian

– Shasta ~ teacher

– It takes only one small fault to spoil something pure, but it takes much much more to perfect what has been damaged.
Thankfully, the former is only a human disposition, but the latter is a divine prerogative! So one divine act can offset ages of human mess – this is our only hope.


– “… good news of great joy” – that does sound scary!  🙂

– “Jesus the name that CHARMS our fears,
That BIDS our sorrows cease.”
Which word appeals more to you?
Let the human heart also bow to the Name, which all of nature obeys.

– How important is corporate worship as a spiritual discipline (even a sacrament)?
Is it possible for the individual believer to resist & overcome the powers that be, without it?
Prayer & praise as theological warcry & ethical armament, as opposed to (only) psychological consolation…

– “Divine service”
Adoration as edification.
Hmmm…… does this really work? How?

– Judeo-Christian Scriptures
The Holy Bible

– Creator & redeemer – sovereign, not (just) ruler!
– See/hear –> shout/leap
Lord, have mercy!

– What does it mean (for us) to acknowledge the One whom all the earth worships?

– “His peace that shatters human pride,
And right from wrong divide…”

– Thunderstorm ~ heavy metal
Noise or music?

– It is shocking indeed, to realize the element of human responsibility (1) even in some so-called natural disasters (2)!
And although, even more mysterious & disturbing, let us not forget the aspect of divine judgment (3).
1 + 2 = 3!
Judgment is not GOD punishing sinful persons, but revealing/confronting/condemning the evil inherent in most of the contemporary human enterprises. Divine wrath almost always seems to be far too severe, because our estimation of our own depravity (selfishness & short-sightedness) is far too mild!

– Is the church still deaf & blind to its own nonchalant & unthinking involvement in the rampant greed & brutal exploitation – in this case, the real estate & construction industry (aided & abetted by political apathy/corruption) – that have been stripped naked & exposed as appalling evil, by this relentless torrent??!
How much longer will we continue to be cowards & fools, who participate in the very systems & forces that rape this planet & the poor masses (let us not ignore the spectre of global warming)?
What hypocrisy, when we toil to promote inequality & consumerism through our all-consuming careers, & then seek to offset these very same demonic powers through our puny prayers & ministries……
LORD have mercy,
Christ have mercy,
Lord, have mercy.

– Family ~ team ~ army
Cohesion, cause & enemies

– Distinguish:

– Showers of blessing, turned into cursings!  😦

– I want to be – I am – in compassionate solidarity with the suffering masses of this great city.
Christian intercession, Buddhist Tonglen & secular activism (crisis response)

– Will this catastrophe destroy the festive season?

– Take the Sunday liturgy/worship service to each & every home, and institution!

– Thank GOD for this local church, which is as faulty & yet alive, as I myself am!

– Blessed to bless,
Healed to heal,
Saved to save.

– Carol rounds in loci of disaster as ‘relief work’…!

– “O little town of Bethlehem” – my favorite carol!?
Poignant & glorious……
The unconscious psyche, the socially marginalized & the heavenly realm
Bethlehem ~ Chennai
O what a fearful hope!

– Deromanticizing the Manger (against the Evangelical), instead of demythologizing the Cross (against the Liberal).

– The Eucharist effects the conversion of the crucifiers (death-dealing agents) into the crucified (life-giving sacrifices), thereby achieving salvation – the resurrection of all!

– Meat-eating – change from 1 day a week to 2 meals a week.

– Movies:
“Dracula Untold” (hit)
Mythology ~ theology
Theology ~ mythology
Death & resurrection
The trappings of power
Love Vs. Death
Hero + extreme pressure –> monster!


– Movies:
“The Overnighters” (hit)
Definitely one of the best documentaries I have seen!
Imagine how the movie would have ended if I was in the pastor’s place… Ha ha ha!
Grace for all sinners (sheep), except the leader (Shepherd)!
Jesus (the Lamb of GOD) need not have been a perfect (absolutely faultless) man to be the atoning (reconciling) sacrifice, but he had to be both divine & human…
The story ends with the crucifixion, always. Because the resurrection is outside of the (limited) narrative!


– The LORD:
Striking & healing ~ saving by judging!
Isa. 19:22 + Job 5:18

– “All of your lines, turn to circles, in time…”
That’s why we need tangents!

– Animation, sentience & sapience!


– Character is not only revealed by who you are in the dark (private integrity), but it is also how you deal with the powers-that-be (social responsibility)!

– amber

– “Reverse development”!
Reverse migration – city to town
Reverse employment – IT to agriculture
Reverse community – online to physical
Reverse governance – from bureaucratic to democratic

– I think it is high-time for me to ask afresh the perennial questions of what work I am doing, whom I live with & where I am dwelling!
The recent disaster in my city has made this clear to me – new, different & better answers, than those I had previously given, are now required.

– Time to move from radical theologizing to utopian experimentation!

– How can I live in such a way that my life becomes a radical alternative to this suicidal & insane society?
I don’t wanna change the world, I just wanna……

– Should all our children be educated in agriculture, instead of coding, in order to be ‘future-ready’?!


– I want to get involved in some youth ministry, I am tired of working with people in the second half of life…!

– Judgment – no more ‘business-as-usual’… you can’t get away with this, forever!

– Read, reflect, respond ~ eat, regurgitate, chew the cud.

– “Why we should censor our dreams?” – Slavoj Zizek
“After Theory” – Terry Eagleton

– “Pussy Riot”

– Which is more important:
Leaving the world a better place
Leaving this life a better person?
But don’t they both go together?

– Trade In Services Agreement (TISA)

– twilight

– Intelligentsia

– The sermon as prose poem!

– Visions, parables & rituals

– foundling
Objet trouve

– Private corruption –> public apathy

– The international & ecological dimension of individual choices

– Judgment – Divine withdrawal –> destruction

– “Defiling the land”

– Divine motivations:
1. Passion to be glorified
2. Love for His creation (especially people)
3. Covenant faithfulness

– The next David

– Lord, let this recent urban disaster lead to a political renewal! Amen.

– Judgment:
1. Against the people of GOD – repent & be the true Israel/Church
2. Against other peoples – turn toward Israel/Church
3. Restoration – salvation for all those who are part of the new Israel/Church!

– Is the conversion of Israel the key to peace in the Middle East?

– Is global spiritual revival the only way to save mankind’s future?

– What would be the central thrust & dominant themes in the theology of an authentic contemporary prophet?

– “Against the mountains of Israel” – Judgment starts with leaders – kings, cities & temples!

– The end (of the old) before the beginning (of the new)

– Idolators, killed by their very own idols!
False prophets – the high-priests of the Lie

– Judgment ~ lamentation
Woe unto you ~ I feel sorry for you

– Purification of GOD’S people –> GOD’S final war against Satan!
Purgatory for people,
Hell for the Devil.

– Conduct/attitude/character > actions/decisions/choices

– Eze. 36:22 – this is far greater than just the reputation or survival of one species/race/nation!

– 3 ways of cleansing:
1. With water
2. With salt
3. With fire

– Holiness as sensitivity!

– Nature as the mediator of GOD’S grace & wrath

– Repentance becomes complete only after the restoration, when the sinners realize the full weight of their evil!

– Premonarchical Israelite tribal confederacy

– The novel controversy of developing comparative models, out of the rapidly shifting mix of methods, alongside classical approaches…

– republic

– I need to constantly refocus my energy & aim…
The contemplative’s impact on the world is mostly indirect, because he is inwardly concentrated.
The activist’s spiritual growth is also mostly indirect, because she is outward oriented.

– Non-hierarchical social organization

– non-relationship

– Does Christianity have the necessary resources today, to save mankind & transform the world?

– Following Jesus ~ Being Christian ~ worship GOD
Is this possible without regular engagement with prayer, Scripture & church?

– apocalyptic

– Models, networks, constructs, patterns, systems, rules, structures…

– Uncover the historical distance between the period of the biblical author and the events he is recording!
E.g. Moses & Genesis


– ‘Non-sexual nudity’

– I am tired of just reading & talking about radical stuff, I want to do something! I need to make some major changes in the overall framework of my life, just minor adjustments here & there in the details/content is not enough to make any substantial progress…
I must live in such a way that, if most people on this planet emulate, we would have a much brighter future.
New lifestyle option:
1. Weekdays – work & personal growth
2. Weekend – relationship & relaxation
No commute (more than walkable distance ~ 2-3 km) to & from work.
Spend one day a week with your spiritual community! Husband & wife live together, only one should have a full-time job. Other family members can stay apart. Visit each other once in 1 or 2 weeks.

– Randomize the system,
And systematize the random.

– If you can buy something you need, second-hand, then don’t buy the same product brand-new!

– “People are taught to accept the world ‘as it is’, thus unthinkingly perpetuating it. Critical Theory responds by saying that the world is constructed socially through discourse, thereby freeing us from the ideology of adjustment, and empowering us to imagine a radically better world.” – Simon Western
To what extent is today’s Christianity an instrument of ideological slavery, or a liberating challenge to the dominant (dormant!) mood?


– Movies:
“Heaven Knows What” (flop)
This could have been a good short film. It’s a disastrous feature!
The title is apt.
Can something (ultimately) destructive, be called “love”?
Youth, addiction, poverty & obsession… Utter nihilism!

– Books:
“One Hundred Years of Solitude” – Gabriel Garcia Marquez (flop)
I don’t understand why this novel is so highly rated by critics!!
It’s somewhat like the movie “Heaven Knows What”. Maybe nihilism is the womb of existentialism! Maybe the former is the objective side, & the latter the subjective side of the coin of life……
Maybe it lost its power to enthrall, because I had too many long interruptions between short readings.
Compare Christian Scripture with Melquiades’ scrolls. Maybe eschatology/prophecy is to be understood as, not future consummation, but as the apocalyptic moment! What can the sands of time do against this eternal reality??
What is life but the (seemingly vain & futile) struggle to survive (even occasionally thrive), in the face of evil (injustice & suffering), meaninglessness & death?


Author: jimmanueljoseph

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