– What am I doing?

I am just trying to understand/interpret & practice/demonstrate a robust spirituality.
– Check out the course “Theology Quest” (Howe & Myslinski) on iTunesU!!!
– subsidence
– lumpen
– Movies:

“Faults” (hit)

The cult of the bourgeoisie, & the lumpen proletariat…

What are your fault-lines?

The client as analyst!

Can there be freedom & fairness, without violence & destruction? 

“Escape from Freedom” – Erich Fromm 

Political psychoanalysis as theological revelation!

– Boredom:

What are the ways in which my life lacks intensity (& why)?


What are the ways in which I attempt to self-medicate (& why)?

Let my fearless descent into the depths of emptiness & frustration make me a more disciplined & creative person. It is only through this rough (toughening & enlightening) journey that I can become mature, & then capable of guiding & nurturing others into (their) glory…

– Learn ~ input –> change ~ process –> growth ~ outcome!
– “Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows” – check out this YouTube channel!
– Boredom is the mother of creativity,

Frustration is the mother of endurance,

Chaos is the mother of discipline.
– unmake
– Outcomes of learning – change in beliefs/values, opinions/attitudes & decisions/actions
– inane

– Curiosity + courage = creativity!
– Art criticism & social sciences – the links between art & science.
– The child – the paragon of both recklessness & cowardice!
– “There is no present, there is only past & future.” (the flow of time)

“There is no past & future, there is only the present.” (the eternal now)

Can both these statements be true?

Of course, they must!
– Appreciation > enjoyment
– Distinguish:

Reflexive (impulsive)


Reflective (thoughtful)


Contemplative (prayerful)
– Is heroism nothing but counter-cultural cupidity?!
– humbug

– vulpine



– chattel
– The beauty of mathematics!

– When you investigate something, are you prepared to accept a finding that would be inimical to your self-interest or challenging to your cherished beliefs?
– Why can’t you love GOD without loving people too?

Because of the divine humanity (Bulgakov)!

The Second Adam (divine) is the first, & the First Adam (human) is the second.
– Spirit/principle/life/GOD –> flesh/action/love/man
– All Christian rituals are effective only because of the Christ-event, whose truth & power they are meant to symbolize & channelize.
– Obedience –> blessing –> prosperity

Wisdom –> growth –> success!
– Do not despise small beginnings, because if they are part of the Kingdom, then they will definitely become great!
– Parables: Cryptic explanation of great mysteries – What did you expect? The revelation of the Secret will be no less puzzling!
– Daily worship –> a life of joy!

The vow of praise & prayer
– I must strictly limit my total sleep per day to a maximum of 8 – 8.5 hours (including night & afternoon)
– What if you have to live with someone you don’t like:

1. Learn to accept the other as they are & work on your own negative emotions. Beware of hatred!

2. Love them, irrespective of whether you like them.

3. Pray for the family.

4. Help them to change & improve themselves.

5. Take breaks.
– Read –> study –> learn

Start practising digestion!
– When you feel depressed, resisting carnal temptation becomes almost impossible!
– Can/should I do any volunteer relief work during this flood crisis in Chennai? Will I just be a liability?

– Movies:

“Inherent Vice” (okay-hit) 

A gorgeous movie, with an unforgettable scene! OMG… it feels like you could almost touch her. 

How do you relate the hero’s PI business as a social service, the FBI’s anti-subversive agenda (against the entrepreneur turned communist), the turbulent, weird friendship between ‘Bigfoot’ & Doc, & the central romance, & integrate them with the title? 

Hey, you missed the (ubiquitous) Marijuana (& the larger Hippie culture) ! 

What happens to Shasta during her disappearance??


Author: jimmanueljoseph

This is a collection of my journal entries, & anything that catches my attention... So, no full articles, just "glimpses" - sparks to light your FIRE! DISCLAIMER: Not everything I post is mine (including opinions & experiences) _____________________________________________________________________________ Immanuel Joseph (Male; Born - 11.08.1979, Madurai) What am I doing?? Actually, nothing much! But I am a self-employed, part-time, freelance spiritual worker. What that means exactly, I myself don't know...... I don't have a job. But I have a hobbies...... Lay, maverick, eccentric Christian thinker & spiritual friend (MBTI - Insightful Facilitator) - passionately seeking to better experience, understand & enjoy life! Reclusive & contemplative autodidact. Controversial conversationalist Living with Salome Divya _____________________________________________________________________________ My LinkedIn Profile: http://in.linkedin.com/pub/immanuel-joseph/37/82/824/ My Ministry: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B_I6S6xhYBtcZThlQXd0TFZBU0k/edit?usp=docslist_api My Testimony: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B_I6S6xhYBtcX25mUHVrcm5jeTQ/edit?usp=docslist_api Twitter Email/Google Plus jimmanueljoseph@gmail.com Facebook https://www.facebook.com/jimmanueljoseph YouTube https://www.youtube.com/user/jimmanueljoseph Cell Phone/WhatsApp +919840227977 My Framework for Spiritual Formation Groups Resources for Spiritual Formation Group

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