– Wendy Kopp

Teach For All
– gaggle
– “Spectre” was one of the worst movies I have seen!

How could such mediocrity come out of such an abundance of talent, technology & money?!
– “The wrath of the Lamb” – Judgment Day is nothing but the realization of the full significance of the Cross, by all people!

The manifestation of the implications of evil – the awesome suffering of the crucifiers……
– technocracy
– Critical Management Studies (CMS)
– Religious faith, common sense and critical theory
– What is GOD’s leadership style?

Is it possible to be a leader without being patronizing or condescending?

Is forgiveness & reconciliation possible without confession & repentance? But who determines which party in the relationship is the offender and which is the victim??

Is it possible that GOD is the offender and Israel is the victim?! Is the Cross a tacit admission of this scandal…??

– Dream:

Appa & me have gone to an office to meet someone. There a guy tries to stab appa with a knife, but he gets stabbed instead by appa’s quick reaction. Then I try to strangle him, & finally push him off the building! 

As we head out, we sign in the visitor’s register – my hands are trembling, so I am barely able to write… 

(this dream looked like “Breaking Bad” & had a very negative feel)
– There is no ego (psychological), there is only superego (social) & id (biological). 

The self (spiritual) is illusory for most people, except for the existentialist who creates it out of nothing, through sheer will, because he sees what is yet to be!
– Sexual morality + economic productivity + relational functionality = social success. 

Hmmm…… What then is the way to spiritual salvation?? 

Whatever it is, it must be counter to the above formula!
– “What do you do?” 

“Nothing in particular!” (in your economy, my vocation – the contemplative – doesn’t exist. Just as the early Christians were considered atheists by their culture…) 

I am trying to become a better person, through the understanding & practice of spirituality. And out of this process, to be a blessing to my world.
– Self-understanding –> what I do. 

Kingdom of GOD –> why I do. 

Social welfare –> how I do.
– Don’t blog any of your conversations with others.
– Working paper
– Important resources (Framework, etc.) – Google Drive 

Working docs (journaling, ministry, etc.) – Evernote

Personal info, chores, etc. – WPS Office (mobile phone)
– Can an unambitious person (like me) be a leader?










– Destruction + construction = development –> destruction + construction =……
– Prophecy as poetic/imaginative (future-oriented) rendering of the Law!
– “While they were still talking about this, Jesus himself stood among them and said to them, “Peace be with you.” – Luke 24: 36

Anyone listening (to the Other)…?
– compunction
– Idolatry/fetishism


– Yes, GOD is sovereign, but he is also equally passionate!   
– From



– Distinguish:




The former is NOT an apt description of the spiritual life, but the latter is.
– Movies:

“Dallas Buyers Club” (hit)

Hmmm…… But how do you find significance without (the blessing of) tragedy?? Can there be spiritual awakening without catastrophe?

Can one truly become an individual without confronting death head-on?

Memento mori –> Carpe diem!

Fight for the right to survival – for everyone who is dying, just like me!

Compare with “Jimmy’s Hall”
– Information (raw ingredients) + teacher/guide (master chef) = course (buffet, ready for digestion by students)!

– “To put this another way… what if Christ does not fill the empty cup we bring to him (as depicted by popular Christianity), but rather smashes it to pieces – bringing freedom, not FROM our darkness and dissatisfaction, but IN the very act of embracing them?”

– Peter Rollins 

What if the way to get the one thing we really need is by getting rid of all the things we want?! 

Would that be good news or bad news?
– If (you’re) not (going to do) this, then what (else will you do)??