– Personality types:
1. Affirm who you are. Express & develop your strengths.
2. Be balanced. Cultivate a little of the other types in yourself.
3. Learn to love, & work with, others who are very different from you.

– How can something be both relaxing & stimulating at the same time?

– How do the Enneagram & Archetypes help one in spiritual growth?


– Dream:
I live in a palatial home, but it is overrun by street-dogs. And I am chasing them out…

– I repent:
1. Of spending more time on the wrong priorities.
2. Of complicating instead of simplifying my life.
3. Of my lack of discipline (balance, margin & focus).

– Spending time with GOD:
1. With Nature (outdoors)
2. In stillness (with silence & solitude). Religious ritual also…
3. With people (loved ones)
Even household chores if done in the right spirit.
Beware of letting technology, busy work, lazy wandering & anxious preoccupation steal from the above mentioned!

– Freak-out days – Thursdays & Sundays (not Saturdays)
Learn to waste without guilt!
But also learn to waste well 😉

– My strength (objectivity) is also my weakness (indifference),
And her vulnerability (sentimentality) is also her power (compassion)!

– Does a woman with whom you have had sex a few times become automatically (sexually) unattractive/repulsive to you?
Why not?

– Movie:
“Listen Up Philip”
Is it possible to be healthy/normal without also being ordinary/average?
I wanna be special/great. But I am not ambitious, in the conventional sense. Is that suicidal or vain or foolhardy?
Compare with “Foxcatcher”
Do I really love anyone at all? Yes, I am not rude/indifferent to most people most of the time, but……
Do I even love myself?


– Realities (in intimate relationships):
1. We will step on each other’s toes.
2. There will be personal hurt, pushback reactions & relational strain.
3. These can (& should) not be avoided,  but confronted & accepted as part of the game of love. Otherwise, you’re not fit to play.
So, repent or fuck off!

– Grace (spiritual) >> Nature (biological) >> Culture (human) >> GOD (divine)!

– It is okay to work in any sector if:
1. You do not become slavish to the power structure/organizational culture, & can maintain your freedom of spirit/conscience.
2. You can make a difference, in your own way, for the qualitative improvement of the institution.
3. You can have a healthy work-life balance & earn enough to meet your needs.

– Is there a bisexual hidden deep inside all of us??


– “Sufficient for the day is its evil.”

– Am I too self-critical? Or am I too defensive?

– Attaching headphone to the television was a masterstroke! Now everyone in the home can be free & together…  🙂


– There are 2 kinds of needs:
1. Natural – pre-existing basic drives that make us search for fulfillment.
2. Acquired – new ones created through higher experiences…

– Incentives/motivation:
1. Desire for pleasure (sensual > sexual)
2. Desire for sense of achievement (psychosocial)
3. Receiving Grace (neither obtaining nor attaining!)!

– Freak-out:
Download new apps, play games, music videos & movie trailers, Hyper, etc.

– Movies:
I love Denzel Washington!
The hero is great, precisely because he is also mortal, just like each one of us.
The scene of Tobin’s death in the company of Walton, with the picture of the dead Christ on Mary’s lap.

“March of the Penguins”
Spirit ~ instinct?! Not all wisdom is acquired. In fact, the most vital qualities for survival are innate, but excelling is another matter altogether!

– When the id is being released, the superego must be cancelled!
And when the superego is in control, the id must be restrained.
I think your superego is overreacting to the free expression of the id…
Work while you work.
Play while you play.
Never mix the two!

– Girolamo Savonarola – kindred spirit?!


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