– GOD as Father is the overall rubric under which GOD as CEO works.
NOT the other way around!
OR should it be a dialectic of equals?

– “Dealing in religious goods & services…”
What is the currency for these transactions?

– Don’t do physical exercise at night.

– Movies:
“Berlin Alexanderplatz” (Part 1 alone – flop)
A miniseries, based on a novel, set in inter-bellum Germany. The title refers to a place/locality.
It disturbs me that I find some/many of the movies, that are rated very highly by the critics, as boring or puzzling! Would I have the stamina (& conviction), even if I had the time, to watch the entire miniseries?
How could someone influenced by Kierkegaard become a Catholic?!
“He accepts. There is nothing more to say about his life.”
“The questions of fate and personal choice, of man’s place in an impersonal universe of unseen forces, natural as well as technological and political, are a philosophical leitmotif running through the entire story of Franz Biberkopf’s downfall and final redemption.”
“…the struggle for (spiritual/moral) survival of a man who wants to be decent – the search for love & dignity – in a squalid, dog-eat-dog world.”
“The power plays, the jealousies, the cruelty of love, the complex inner lives of marginal figures”
“…the violent, sadomasochistic, but always intimate relationship between Biberkopf and Reinhold.”
“…his pudding face a map of confusion, barely contained violence, and sweet innocence.
The story is brutal, but the telling is full of tenderness. We learn to love this sad loser.”
“If Biberkopf is the Job-like character, constantly tested by increasingly savage misfortunes, Reinhold, is a Satanic figure, a brute, but a fascinating, even seductive brute.”
” Mieze – kind of innocent sluttishness, if such a thing can be imagined. Dressed in white, she looks the picture of innocence, just waiting to be sacrificed in this wicked world.”
“In these emotional cocktails, it is hard to get the balance just right between brutality and charm, sweetness and callous self-regard, innocence and sauciness.”
“…an atmosphere of claustrophobia, of people feeling caged in the metropolis.”
“A kind of passion play”!
Political decadence & sexual violence…
All the lines of distinction are blurred – death/life, sanity/insanity, victim/culprit, responsibility/pity, individual/system, past/future, cause/consequence, fantasy/memory, etc. My emphasis on individual purpose-discipline must be tempered by (even subordinated to) the complementary factor of the cosmic chaos-drama! What could be the third (mediating) principle?
Have I ever experienced being carried along by life, or has it always been me in control?


– There are 2 kinds of relationships:
1. Distant & comfortable
2. Intimate & conflicting

– cantaloupe


– longueur

– elegiac

– “Life on the skids”

– Interpretation as creation
Translation as transformation

– Cubism: a style of art that stresses abstract structure at the expense of other pictorial elements especially by displaying several aspects of the same object simultaneously and by fragmenting the form of depicted objects.


– How many parents today are fit to raise Christian children who will grow up to be witnesses of the Resurrection??

– “In the masochistic erotics of ancient asceticism & the mutual seduction of mysticism, there is disclosed the collapse of the binary of activity & passivity that anchors the classical dualism of agape & eros.”
Sacrifice is sexy!
If binaries are false dichotomies, then is all dialectic meaningless?
No, the distinction can still be maintained, but without the previous reductive & dogmatic simplism…

– “The Anti-christianity of Kierkegaard: A  Study of Concluding Unscientific Postscript” – Herbert Garelick


– Maybe these people are more prayerful, & have a greater experience of GOD, since they are living beyond their normal capacity (unlike someone like me who lives well within their limits)…

– Groupings:
Contemplative, sacramental, compassionate
Charismatic, evangelical, holiness

– “Come let us tune our loftiest song,
To him who reigns and shall forever reign.”
Creator (supernatural wisdom), Saviour (invincible love) & Ruler (universal authority) – the third millennium has begun!

– “Let the righteous in distress, call upon the LORD.
Let all those who fear him, rejoice!”

– Decisionism

– Jurisprudential doctrine

– Fellowship – don’t divide the people into various groups, only have a children’s & an adults’ group.

– Come Holy Ghost, & help us discern your presence (or absence) within & among us…

– Is all suffering a fellowship with Christ, or does this apply only to religious persecution?

– If you are (actively & intentionally) suffering for the sake of righteousness, then the Spirit of glory rests upon you!

– One who is surprised by tragedy or disappointment is a strange person indeed!

– How could some people deny that the Holocaust even happened?!

– Purify – water, salt & fire
Physical, psychological & spiritual
Ritual, discipline & suffering

– Live = believe + love + work

– Can there be spiritual revival without fiery trials?

– “Rejoice & be glad” – Mat. 5:12; 1Pet. 4:13b; Rev. 19:7

– The GOD who comes to meet us IN THE MIDST OF the fire!

– Glory ~ power ~ joy ~ victory
Hope as potential/assured/impending glory!

– What is wisdom, if not for the absolute loyalty to the LORD, & the ability to execute (his) plans?
– Anointing is for the sake of (public) Mission, not just for (private) ecstasy!

– The passionate & focused worker
The busybody & meddling slouch

– Distinguish:
& Calling

– Pro. 11:31 – naive?!

– Doing the right, in the name of the One.

– Trial by media

– “Rishi”, “Santh”, “Guru”

– Compare “Ex Machina” & “Her”

– Movies:
“Body of Evidence” (flop)
The apparent victim as the actual culprit!
What is the woman’s weapon (instrument of survival) in this brutal world?

“Syriana” (hit)
WOW! Stylish film-making with an in-your-face message?
Is individual agency even possible in this unequal, unfair & fated world?
Finding ways of activism that are not extremist, is the need of the hour!


– Today I heard GOD’s roar, or was it his laughter – exhilarating & terrifying?!

– “Slow Church”
“Deep Church”

– “Paschal” – what does Passover have to do with Easter?

– “The magisterium of the Church”

– The Kingdom of GOD – the Christian individual in the context of his/her privacy, family/home, church & society

– Amped – ooomph!


– Distinguish:
Penance, penitence & repentance

– Traditions, trends & movements

– Institutionalised paranoia

– Devdutt Pattanaik

– Am I a misogynist/male chauvinist?!  ;-l

– I need a weekly (not daily) news digest.

– Tabish Khair

– Nissim Mannathukkaren

– Every alternate reading (includes video/audio) must be directly related to theology/spirituality. This is irrespective of the systematic study or random learning days.
Don’t get too much into the secular stuff, like news, philosophy, psychology, culture/arts, etc.

– Mid-week freak-out day (Thursday) must be different from the Sabbath (Sunday).
Just leave the study, ministry & chores part free. Otherwise maintain the same (organized, contemplative) rhythm.

– Devout & controversial Christian
WOW!  🙂

– Common sense realism

– Act psychology
Content psychology

– Depth psychology for the Church!

– Mothering – some things cannot be done part-time!

– Multi-site churches!


– “Dear…
I think you both need a proper personal retreat… otherwise, in the long-term, you might even end up hating each other!

– These “senior citizens” are neither!
They are just stupid, silly, selfish, lazy, hypocritical, cowardly & anxious kids…
They use news as infotainment, gossipping for socializing & spirituality as noble hobby!

– WOW! This guy is so feminine, in that he loves to be superficial, wanton & inconsequential in most of his (casual/usual) conversations…
Am I being sexist in saying this?

– Distinguish:
Authentic leisure
Hectic entertainment
Just because you are not engaged in something from your to-do list doesn’t mean you are wasting time!
Don’t fall into this cultural trap – learn to enjoy (doing) nothing.

– “Some gap, even within marriage, is essential for a healthy relationship, right?
There is nothing wrong with being feminine (e.g. Pity), although most of the past theological input has despised it! You will need to gradually heal & recover your femininity fully, by GRACE through faith.
I believe this is already happening! And I thank GOD for your progress. I guess that certain feminine qualities become liabilities to being a Christian, just as certain male qualities can become pitfalls…
I don’t think that even a negative or belittling attitude to “biological family” is right – the Gospel emphasis is important only when family is idolized or in the context of persecution, etc. I would like to think of spiritual fellowship as extended family, not a (superior)alternative or substitute to family.
So you need not become masculinized – there is possible a female version of strength/courage/toughness (especially in Christ)!
“What would Christ be like if GOD became a woman?” – this is one of the most intriguing & important theological questions one can ask!”
If Jesus was a woman, then you would have ANOTHER Christ.

– The Anima keeps the Animus human, & vice-versa.
Without the complementary (even contradictory!) element, each would become brutal in their own unbridled pursuit of self-deification…

– Distinguish:

– Is home-making any less a Christian/spiritual/noble vocation than any other?
But the challenge is how do we practice it in such a way that is distinctively holy (non-idolatrous), missional (counter-cultural) & critical-creative (conscious/intentional)…

– “ALL things are (or at least can be) Christian! The dichotomy between nature-culture & Grace-spirit can easily become gnostic. Therefore, the question is one of redeeming ALL things, without rejecting anything.
And that is why self-understanding is so vital – since everything is holy, I need to now choose what is suitable for me within this large playing field!
Jesus was a MALE JEW in ancient Palestine! So naturally he didn’t give a damn about women (or Gentiles) in general (with some exceptions).
I think we need to ask “What if Christ was a woman today  (not just a feminized version of the biblical Jesus)!”, instead of just asking what did the Gospel version of Christ think about women. The latter question needs to be the launching pad for the former quest…”

– Sexual salvation:
It is primarily about –
1. Coming to terms with your own body.
2. Dealing well with your emotions.
3. Relating in a healthy manner to the opposite sex.
Only then is it about sexual desire/activity (lust, purity, self-control, etc.)

– mishear

– Caduceus
Rod of Asclepius

– Distinguish:

– If everyone had enough material resources for their needs, & no one had to work in order to earn, would that be a good or a bad thing?
Is that a foolish question?

– ‘Creative non-fiction’

– “Sitz im leben”

– No criticism, no renewal!
Can (biblical) interpretation be both devout & academic?

– The Festival of Weeks, Harvest Festival & Pentecost

– Post-biblical Judaism

– Possess the inheritance & settle in it.

– “Go to the place which the LORD will choose as a dwelling for his name.”

– Myth, law & ritual

– “Narrative creeds”!
Deut. 26:1-11
Submitting oneself to identity-shaping confessions…
Ps. 118:2-4
The Jews, the Levites & the GOD-fearing aliens all bound by one common faith!
Civilians/laity, military/priesthood & the weak/poor of the chosen people

– NT credal parallels to OT Law
Covenant renewal through recital & re-enactment

– GOD is always on the side of the underdog, right?

– Josh. 24:2-13

– Strength ~ song!

– Ancient biblical centers (to orient individual & social life)
The Law,
The Temple,
The King.

– The steadfast love of the LORD endures forever ~ he killed all our foes
I gave them over to you ~ I destroyed them ~ you took possession

– GOD has a mobile home!

– Exo. 15:14-17
But these things had not yet happened, right?!

– Exo. 15:26
I am the One who not only shows you, but also makes you walk in, the path of life & health!


– My sarcasm, anger & bitterness is tearing this family apart!
Any group (including a professional, spiritual or recreational) which does not have a (formal or informal) mechanism for addressing inter-personal grievances (not just structural/theoretical problems) will sooner or later fall apart…
Anyone who believes that (relatively) mature people will not have (petty?) ego clashes is self-deluded!

– If there is nothing left that one would be willing to fight & suffer for, then this life is no longer worth living!
What use is a beating heart without warm blood inside?!

– I want my whole day to be contemplative (slow, rich, intense, organic & deep), not just a series of activities (so-called spiritual disciplines, etc.)!
But how can I go from here to there??


Author: jimmanueljoseph

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