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– “O the beauty of the human body!”
“Shame, shame, puppy shame!”

– As I go along in my personal journey, I seem to be changing into another species totally different from all the others around me……
Hmmm… So how can this (crisis) be handled??
Should I move to another society/culture more conducive to my temperament & outlook? Is that a cop-out? Didn’t Socrates refuse (silence &) exile?

– Herd mentality
The vocation of the gadfly
Just because someone has beliefs that are shared by the majority of people, does that mean that person is a ‘sheep’?
Just because someone has eccentric views, does that mean that person is a great or excellent person?

– “There is nothing natural about becoming or staying Christian!”

– Distinguish:
“I am Christian”
“I am a Christian”

– Responsible risk-taker

– This world appreciates & rewards qualities which have nothing to do with (someone like) me……
Commitment, loyalty, dependable, consistent, dedicated, helpful, GOD-fearing, etc.

– Prayer-partners, collaborators & sponsors

– My blog title photo – the real Word (books) in the background, & reflected life (door) in the foreground……

– How is it that we experience solitude in a crowded park?!

– Disclaimer: I am not a role-model, I am a thought-leader & life-guide. I provoke & educate, so don’t admire or imitate, just listen & (selectively) assimilate……

– When life doesn’t pose (external) problems, then we manufacture our own (internal) challenges!

– Am I a mean & cruel person?
Am I a monster?
Am I a narcissist?
Am I a psychopath?
Am I a sociopath?
Am I utterly selfish & corrupted?

– Specialist functions – grumble, murmur, complain, lament, nag, upset, tantrum, quarrel, anxious, insecure, envy, possessive, dependent, demanding, etc., etc., etc.

– The offence of misery!

– Unfeigned

– Which is more terrifying – suffering or death?
Is death the ultimate suffering or is it the end of all suffering?
Is there life after death? If so, what is it like?
Is there life before death? If so, what is it like?
Is there death during life? If so, what is it like?

– The LORD our maker is the great king above all Gods!
What does it take to test & prove this GOD?
My very heart & soul!

– “Be telling of his salvation from day to day…”

– My job is to make people more independent, self-motivated & disciplined…
So that they no longer need me (as they used to), for their growth!

– Worshipping the LORD
Fear of the Gods

– Empowering by ascribing honour!

– Gospel-judgment
Behold, He comes
To set all things right!

– “Worship the LORD, all you powers!”

– “Be grateful for the remembrance of his holiness.”

– “John did no miracle: but all things that John spake of this man were true…”

– “Endue thy ministers with righteousness.
And make thy chosen people joyful.”


– Distinguish:
M.P (Parliament)
M.L.A (Legislative assembly)
Bicameral legislature

– Surreptitious

– Painted history

– Misogynistic levity

– A damp squib

– Lampoon

– “I know GOD better than I know myself.” –  Arthur Vogel

– I still don’t think that the time is right for me to do ‘outreach’ or extend the breadth of my ministry……
Yes, that time might never come!

– I will from GOD & to GOD,
I will for myself,
And I will with others.

– “GOD, Prayer & Healing – Living with God in a world like ours” by Arthur Vogel
Could this be one of the best/greatest books I have ever read?!

– “How difficult is it to be Rahul (Gandhi)?”

– “I know GOD better than I know myself.” –  Arthur Vogel
Therefore I know neither of them well enough!

– I still don’t think that the time is right for me to do ‘outreach’ or extend the breadth of my ministry……
Yes, that time might never come!

– I will from GOD & to GOD,
I will for myself,
And I will with others.

– “GOD, Prayer & Healing – Living with God in a world like ours” by Arthur Vogel
Eminently quotable – could this be one of the best/greatest books I have ever read?!


– Lord, deliver me from the stranglehold of this ‘ministry mentality’!
This transition from doing/activity/impact to being/lifestyle/influence really feels like death…..

– Where do you derive your sense of identity (& significance) from?
If it is anything or anyone around you, then you’re done for!

– What if there comes a time when there are only 0 people in my ministry circle?!
Hmmm…… That is not possible, because there will always be at least one (me)!  😉
And I will (if I can help it & by Grace) always have at least one other ongoing genuine friendship –  good enough for me!

– Google doodle

– He/she who is never willing to be the villain can never become the hero/heroine!

– Sex tourism
Wiki Sex Guide

– “Theorizing Bruce Lee”!

– Philosophical Nunchakus

– Interpellation

– Identity Studies

– Anti-disciplinary

– Foregrounding

– Discursive fields

– Caravel

– The other face/body

– Fetishistic

– Pugilism

– Interimplicated

– The constitutive encounter with the other”

– Liminality

– Fixation


– “My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?
In thee our fathers trusted, & were not disappointed…

But thou, O Lord, be not far off!

You who fear the Lord, praise him (in the great congregation).
For he has not despised or abhorred our affliction,
And he has not hid his face from us!

All the ends of the earth shall remember & turn to the Lord,
For dominion belongs to the Lord.”

WOW! Because he has participated in our suffering-death (& conquered), we are saved……

– GOD is the only one who knows us utterly from within!

– He speaks, & shows himself, to us through our own (inspired) words!

– He puts his awesome praise into my mouth!

– How do the suffering of GOD, the confession of our sin & the remembrance of death go together?

– The Kingdom of GOD ~ the fight to set men free

– The GOD-forsakenness of Christ crucified – when you seek to have compassion on another, you must turn your face away from your own (vicarious) suffering!

– Blame it all on the Devil.
Why does Jesus also play this game along with us?!

– We need a new hamartology & demonology!

– WHY does GOD allow the weeds to be planted among the weeds, & WHY does he allow them to grow together even after knowing about the enemy’s work?

– How will I know if I am a child of the Devil?

– It is NOT our job to identify & separate the good people and the bad.

– Distinguish:
The critical thinker (curiosity)
The rebel without a cause (pride)

– The weeds within the Church & the wheat in the world…

– What does it mean to lie to GOD? Is it even possible? Do I do this?

– Mat. 13:26 – when… then…

– Darnel

– Mat. 13:29 – No! Not now, because I greatly value the wheat. It is better for 10 guilty people to escape than for 1 innocent person to be punished.
Discernment (distinguishing truth & falsehood) is an arduously patient task! The one who can wait will ultimately succeed.
So continue to grow in BOTH the Evangelical AND the Liberal traditions…

– The sinfulness of mankind & the silence of GOD

– So should we also allow the weeds to grow, corrupt & weaken our communities & institutions??

– Truth as open secret & esoteric knowledge

– GOD is a material socialist & a spiritual capitalist!

– 2 contrasting problems in Ministry:
Quantity without quality
Quality without quantity
What can be done about this? Should the 2 different groups join hands in order to complement each other?

– Objectification – define, control & use.
Subjectivize! Subjectivize! Subjectivize!

– Self-medication

– Observed Earth Hour today, from 9:25 – 10:25pm

– Nonevent

– “ Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great. ” – Mark Twain



– 101

– Proteas

– southpaw


– I ought to do what I want
I want to do what I ought
I must do what I can
I can do what I must

– Why is Peter Rollins single??

– True wisdom is as far from knowledge as it is from ignorance!

– First of all, I must learn to embrace my own brokenness!
Only then can I even attempt to love (another)…

– Who would I be, & how would I live, if there were no external demands or constraints placed on me? What would happen if I sought to express myself with absolute freedom??
Living purely out of internal needs & desires.
But what about faith & values?
Only one who has experienced the freedom to express oneself fully can identify what he/she is willing to work toward & suffer for!

– No marriage,
No ministry,
No work,
No social duties,
What remains?!

– If religious devotion is the assimilation of the id by the superego, then what would the assimilation of the superego by the id be?!

– The wife wants the husband to provide her with a sense of security & stability? But what if marriage itself is a house built on sand?!

– What happens when you tamper too much with the floor on which you’re standing?
But is there no way of seeking truth & protecting yourself as well?

– The economics of spirituality

– What is gained by destroying all these props?
And what is lost by preserving these crutches?

– No more teaching, mentoring or counseling.
Only living, learning & loving!

– I can no longer be obliged, accountable or answerable to another person! It is time I set all those around me free (from me) as well……

– The familiar has such a vice-like grip upon me! A new or different mode of existence is almost unimaginable……
After all these grand, radical thoughts, & some small wild attempts at change, I find myself automatically returning to the same old arrangements again & again & again!
Am I doomed to this merry-go-round??

– I don’t know what I really want.
I don’t know what is most valuable to me.
That is why I must get rid of everything else, so that I can figure out myself a little better.
I can’t be playing all these diverse social roles as I go on this spiritual adventure!

– What do you do when you realize that someone close to you needs you badly, even though you are not that dependent?
How do you deal with this relationship, especially when your inner nature is raring to break free & run wild?


– I want to understand why & how India’s performance in the cricket World Cup has been so different (much better!) from their latest tour (of Australia)…
Maybe it’s just NOT playing against Australia!
I think this semi-final is proving that thesis. India looked so great in the World Cup this far, only because they were NOT playing against their nemesis…
– Why are people (male & female) threatened by beauty (especially feminine or erotic)?!

– Trying too hard can be a big obstacle to winning!

– Do you know how to adapt your game to the match situation?

– Do you know how to ‘pace your innings’ well?

– What you hate to watch is your team playing lethargically & carelessly! You don’t mind supporting them when they’re playing with intensity & intelligence, and then go on to lose…
So how do you want to live out your days??

– What is most lacking in my life now is a string of hard-working days!
I think I have over-compensated to the busy lifestyle of my culture, but maybe that is necessary when you are so grossly outnumbered……

– Smarmy

– “Capitalizing on one’s own dramatically enhanced brand equity…”

– “Invent your own career”

– Brand – an identity or image considered to be an asset

– Pushing the boundaries of a particular field, & then leveraging those new ideas into broad public influence

– Do something everyone else in your field thinks is dumb, and be right about it.

– Intentional ignorance & closed-mindedness is as dangerous as it is unethical!

– Virality

– Moniker

– Infosphere
Page ranking

– Watching (almost) the whole match today was definitely NOT worth it (even if India had won)!
Why should I be a spectator & cheerleader for someone else, when I could be playing my own game?!

– The pulpit descending to the level of the pew
The pew being raised to the level of the pulpit
The pulpit digging deeper under the level of the pew!


– In spirituality, all negligence (witting or unwitting) is criminal!

– Always ask: How does this theory/perspective affect attitude/practice?

– Study:
1. Liturgical/Biblical
2. General – Newspaper, course, book, brain-training
3. Specific – personal issue-based
4. Preparation for ministry meetings
5. Random

– Atomistic literalism
Contextual interpretation

– Commentaries:

– Faith as radical doubt of all systems & structures, that also maintains the great value & significance of life!

– A scientific study of the Bible

– Jewish

– “The Guide to the Perplexed”

– Synthesizing & harmonizing the various voices gone before us, and finally integrating them into our own orchestra!

– The erosion of (almost all!) shared assumptions

– No critique, no progress!

– Zohar

– What is the difference between mystical & allegorical interpretation?
Allegorical interpretation includes discovering the hidden moral, theological & mystical/spiritual/cosmic meanings of the text.

– Pastoral care = leadership + teaching + preaching + counseling

– A sophisticated culture finds the Scriptures alien, obscure & crude!

– Biblicism

– The ancient Liberals!

– Apostolic succession, rule of faith & anarchistic interpretation

– The lawyer
The philosopher

– The prophet
The apologist

– The priest
The poet

– Traditionalists

– GOD = creation = salvation = resurrection = evolution = light = love = truth = beauty = goodness = life!