A toxic brew of money, national interest and ego

Any curious observer of international affairs who completes Glenn Greenwald’s No Place To Hide will be compelled to agree with him, when he says, “the U.S.

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“I, the LORD, do these things. I, the LORD, form the plan to bring them about. I am known as the LORD. I say to you, ‘Call on me in prayer and I will answer you. I will show you great and mysterious things which you still do not know about.’ (Jeremiah 33:2-3 NET)







“I would rather be able to appreciate things I can not have than to have things I am not able to appreciate.” – Elbert Hubbard

“ By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; Second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest. ” – Confucius


“Self-help is the best help.”
– Aesop the Great


Code Talkers





– Apologetics & polemics:
1. Defending your own faith/position/view & attacking the other’s
2. Defending your own & the other
3. Attacking your own & defending the other
4. Attacking your own & the other.
All in the name of, & for the sake of, TRUTH… at any cost!!!
– Movies:
“Walk Among the Tombstones”
12 Steps of AAA
Put the 2 together to get the meaning/purpose of life – To live is to be in community & fight evil (which cannot be done without the help of GOD), until you too go under! To live is to resist death (in all its forms), even though you are surrounded by it…
– Movies:
“Finding Fanny”
Relationships end, but love doesn’t!
People die, but the spirit doesn’t!
Go knocking for romance/life/joy (even if there is no door), before it’s too late……

– If “elegance is an attitude”, then why Longines??
– Personal chores
– Personal = private + public
The former cannot be a part of the latter, but the latter is always included in the former.

– Is (sexual) immorality a ‘victimless crime’?
– Yesterday:
Navaraatri – Beginning 9 nights of Durga/Shakti/Devi’s fight against evil/demons (Hindu)
Rosh Hashannah – Jewish New Year – Creation of Adam & Eve
Day of the Deaf
– No orientation without periodic reorientation,
And no reorientation without periodic disorientation!
– “The most amazing verse to me in scripture increasingly is. Colossians 2:9
*[[Col 2:9]] KJV* For in him dwelleth all the fulness of the Godhead bodily.
How did Jesus manage it? To have Gods pleroma inside His human body? It seems to have been waiting to crack His body n flood the whole world as it happened at the Cross finally….!!!”
“This bodys members can take the initial fundamentals of salvation may be but as soon as the real prospects of The cosmic Christ begin to register deeply and galvanizes mission then groaning under the revelation for another perfect humanity commensurate with the New Creation seems only option left. Is any experiential theology of Romans 8 undertaken with this materialistic implications?” – x
“WOW! That verse is one of my (perplexing!) favorites too…
Panikker has said something about the comparison of ‘pleroma’ (Christian) & ‘shunyata’ (Buddhism) – seems like they are both the same! Kenosis?? And the full release is at Pentecost (which follows the breaking of the Vessel)……”
“I guess the Evangelicals have fucked up the Church with an over-emphasis on personal (religious) conversion & heaven. We have the task of undoing that damage now. Unlearning is harder than learning! I think the question you raise is vital. The challenge is to stand firm in hope, without falling into idealistic triumphalism or myopic resignation. I guess the New Creation is neither a future utopia that is suddenly imposed on earth nor a gradual man-made heaven, but what it is I don’t know……!” – y

– “Great is the LORD & greatly to be praised.”
His great salvation ~ His mighty acts ~ His righteousness ~ the eternal Kingdom!
– Spiritual family, Christian fellowship & alternative community
Who wants to join??
– Goodness/graciousness ~ gratitude, generosity & benevolence
– “In the family way”
Reproducing WITHOUT dividing!
– Family of origin (biological) » family of marriage (sexual) » family of faith (spiritual)
– “The world is my parish”
The home is your primary mission field.
– What does the GOD of love hate?
– If GOD is the GOD of truth, light & life, then what does it mean for us to be His people?
– Church – children (upward), saints (inward), servants (outward)
– Sensibility, sensitivity & sensuality
– “He who is filled with the fear of Yahweh will rest, he will suffer no harm.”
– Is living practically & being realistic the same? Is living reasonably & being faithful the same?
– Faithfulness
Full of faith
– Prov.19:24 – do you understand what this means? How many people are like this? Are you?
– If you want to go astray, you only have to stop listening to instruction.
– Scoffer ~ simple ~ fool
– Common sense
Divine wisdom
– Is there at least one other person who can agree with your beliefs? Does that matter?
– Dialogue (equality, reciprocity, flexibility)
Hierarchy (dominion, control, fixity)
E.g. Believing & thinking
– Whenever you cannot make any sense of what is happening, wait patiently for Providence to be unfolded & revealed…
– More knowledge » less words!
– What does your silence convey?
– Being neither touchy nor indifferent
– Is there something called ‘positive pressure’?
– Show me your friends & I will show who you are.
– Family, friendship, collegiality – fellowship includes all this!
– Piety » integrity, sensibility & civility
– Education as nurture
– “Righteous shall live by faith. It didn’t say righteous shall live by Truth.” – x
“Mmm… True!”
“What is faith but the passionate pursuit of truth??” – y
– Subroto Bagchi
– Wikis
– From zeal to zest! 😉