– Post-exile: Zerubbabel » Esther » Ezra » Nehemiah

Rebuilding: Temple (national religion/culture) » Walls (city) » Houses (individual)

– Glamour/fashion/ad/ gaming industry, etc. – ok as hobbies, but professional??


– What you actually want


What you should want

– Time for me to jail-break (myself from) the iPad!

– The evil denial of our physicality, affectivity & therefore also our sexuality. Time to put an end to this bullshit once & for all!

– Alternate:

Get things done


Stop & smell the roses

– Would you call your own father, a fool or a clown, straight to his face?!

– Repentance, unrepentance & rerepentance

– “What have you gained from all this isolation, Joe??”

– Pride – they don’t deserve my company!

– “Please pray that my daughter will get a good job & husband – preferably in Bangalore or Singapore, not Chennai…”

What is the great difference between their worldliness & my own selfishness??

– Time for Theology to pluck its head out of the ground, & take biology, psychology & culture seriously!

– The dead are the most consistent, secure & content of all people!

– From TV to music,

From internet to reading,

From mind to body,

From self-absorption to socializing……

– Saints:







Which one are you?

– Humanism > philanthropy

Can (love of) man survive without (faith in) GOD?



“Boiled Beans on Toast”

Never really took off…

– Movies:

“Payanam” (Tamil)

Mmm… Maybe being in the military is not all that bad (unchristian)!

– Distinguish:





“Colour Blind”

Fuck this linguistic bullshit!


– Movies:

“Red Riding Hood”

– Movies:

“Ip Man”

“The Grandmaster”

– Comparing theology/revelation to the progressive evolution of the parenting dynamic:

1. Childhood – “Do as I say because I say so.”

2. Youth – “I will help you understand why you should follow my advice.”

3. Adult – “Go, with all that I have taught you, & take it forward in your own unique way! I am always with you in spirit……”

4. Parent – pass on your legacy to the next generation so that they in turn will take your accomplishments to the next future step of development.


– Remediate

– What should be special about my life is not what I did or said, but how I lived and who I was – qualitatively different!


– 3 kinds of days:

1. Working/course

2. Relaxation/ entertainment

3. Exploration/creativity

– The best (& only) way to save mankind and transform the world is by being still! If we want new life, all we have to do is just (stop trying to not) die……

– I am gradually but surely becoming a Buddhist! So can I still be a Christian?

– Thomas Merton’s post-monkhood love-affair!

– Instead of solitude & contemplation being small islands scattered here & there in my lifescape, filled with the ceaseless waves of planning & activity, they should be the calm ocean upon which all other islands of work are submerged & suspended…

Whatever happened to my dream/goal of the still, deep & full life??

– Creativity, compassion & courage

– My ultra-ordinary life!

– Boredom is not that bad. Why are people so scared of it?!

– Naked, nailed & alone

The Crucifix of Christ and human freedom/dignity

– Are the Quakers ‘liberals’?

– How do I live humanely (meaningfully & pusposefully) in a world where little children die in accidents, & are raped/killed?? Can my life make any difference (for better or for worse) at all?

In spite of the great persons, events & movements in history, look at what the world has come to today……!

Is this unrealistically pessimistic?


Jn. 10:30 – is this also an “I AM” saying?

Men are cruel/greedy & women are manipulative/jealous.
Which is worse?


Bias (fabric)

Caravansary Khan





Only the one who is no longer afraid of death is free to live fully!

Today – 32C, but feels like 38C!

Totem Xat

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