– Maybe the Apocalypse is (primarily) an unveiling of our own eyes!

– Maintain equilibrium by increasing both the extremes instead of augmenting the middle!

– “World of worship”

– Distinguish:

What you ought


What you must

– Possessive/female/ conservative



– Needy – the dependent AND the ambitious

– Faith as sight


Faith as blindness




– The complementary


The contradictory

Enjoy being played (pushed & shoved)!  😉

– Fantasy/imagination/ dream/hope


Experience/reality/ memory/context

– Passion





– “Spirit of GOD, descend upon my heart, wean it from earth.

…I ask no sudden rending of the veil of clay…”

– Encounter ~ confront

– “If a man does not stumble in what he says, he is perfect.”

– Jas.3:6 – “course of life” ~ “wheel of birth”!

How can my tongue corrupt my own body?

– Freedom is solitude,

Solitude is freedom.

Company is security,

Security is company.

– Boast (self), rebel (GOD) & slander (others)

– The whisperers

– Non-malicious, but still destructive!

– Mutual pastoring

– We have legs – neither roots nor wings!

– Feeling good about oneself when savoring the fall of another!

– “Meekness of wisdom”

– Bitter jealousy ~ selfish ambition

– Integrity » impartiality

– “My brothers & sisters, this is how things are, but they ought not to be so.

Who is wise and understanding among you (concerning this)?”

– Self-deception is always involuntary/unconscious!

– He who dares to walk in external darkness will experience the inner light!

– “If you love somebody,

Free, free, set them free!”

– Creating & using religious, moral & social categories/norms to compensate for the lack of personal spiritual/ existential/psychological adequacy……

The frail/pathetic individual seeks shelter under the wings of marriage, family, church, office, government, etc.

– State terrorism

– Retreat from ministry ok. But what about:

Retreat from marriage?

Retreat from religion?

Retreat from work?

Retreat from law?

– Am I just sawing at the branch on which I myself am sitting??

– Recognize ~ acknowledge ~ appreciate

– Horrific comedy

Bizarre, surreal, macabre

– Too clever for your own good!

– Picaresque

– Is all you want just to break her, force her to surrender & confess your superiority?

– Randy

– Who is Vatsyayana?

– Boudoir

– Ingenue

Naïve, curious & enthusiastic!

– Frigid (sexually) & caustic (socially) women

– “One Hundred Years of Solitude”

– ‘Chinki’


– Mapping the sexual landscape of contemporary India



– Individuals & communities outlive & outvalue institutions & traditions!

– Anecdotal evidence

– Signage – identification, warning & direction

– Junta

– Activism is NOT the only way to transformation!

Improved efficiency does not always require radical reform…

– Fatah & Hamas

– 1. Pas. Selvaraj funeral sermon.

Sadha’s birthday sermon.

My birthday wishes – not for ‘many more happy returns…’

Remembering the bomb blast in Chennai.

2. What is life?

Birth + death + resurrection!

The old passes away to make way for the new. The death of the old becomes the ground for new to take root!

The food-chain; life-cycle; skin-cells; earth’s limited resources and the constant turnover of all things…

The sowing of the seed and the springing of the plant. Unless a grain of wheat……

The blood of martyrs is the seed of the church.

3. “Death is the engine of life” – the Good News of Jesus Christ – the power of the Cross!

Birth, baptism, funeral

Womb ~ tomb

The physical as symbolizing the spiritual!

4. The process of continual renewal – overcoming the fear of death (loss, failure, weakness, etc.). Hope of another beginning! Gladly let go of what we are holding on to, so that we might inherit what is beyond imagination!

Spiritual growth – the step from one level to another goes through death & resurrection. Not adding, but substituting!

When we believe & practice this truth, we are truly & fully alive (abundant/everlasting life!)

5. When we sacrifice our life for a cause to make the future bright, we will never lose our soul!


– Whoever says that money is not important has never suffered poverty!

– Movies:

“Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf?”

Why this title??

Hysterical pregnancy

Feminism & the common woman

The animus in woman


The anima in man

The masculine woman & the feminine man…


– Movies:

“The Hunter”

Killing to save!

– But aren’t godliness & contentment opposites?!

– What I must


What I want

The resolution:

Just being (without wanting, having or doing)!

– “Hi Masi… I think the plan/idea to make lot of money in order to help others or uplift the poor is NOT a good (or spiritual) one…”

– Movies:

“In the mood for love”

No way to escape regret!



Do not make the mistake of identifying people who read your blog, with those who (officially) follow it.

Spirituality, sham & parapsychology

‘The metaphysical gas’!

Philosophers, artists & politicians

Are sportsmen & actors, artists too?

Expert charlatans

Confound ~ mystify

Impression ~ character

Customs, values, laws, institutions, authority-figures, traditions, norms, scriptures

Popular reference points


Diogenes & Delphi

Is anarchism pragmatic?

Legendary encrustation on the historical kernel

Diogenes vs. Dionysius





– Food is to be eaten (tasted, chewed, swallowed & digested) in balanced/moderate quantities at regular intervals, not just to be accumulated on a plate and stared at!

– Looking at our past experiences (especially negative ones) as a rich resource to deal with the present & future!

Equipped & strengthened by difficulties & challenges…

– The Lord is our healer.

But how?!

Inner resources & external support


– Movies: J. Edgar

“What determines our legacy is often the things that are not seen.”

All in the name of ‘national security’ ~ ‘Kingdom of GOD’ ~ ‘Social justice’…

Unamerican ~ unchristian ~ immoral ~ inhuman

A small man who achieved great things in the world & a great man who achieved nothing much in the world – which one would you rather be?

How far would you go to keep your skeletons in the closet & preserve the public persona?

– NRI philanthropists

– Subtly coerced & unwittingly coopted!

– Homophobia ~ xenophobia

– Theology of eros

Feminist movement

Sexual revolution

– How can I miss someone whom I don’t even know?!

– Burnish



– Filial trust

– Overcoming the conflict between desire, conscience & will, through the power of faith, hope & love!

– Hope is the source of all courage!

How can disappointment be kept from becoming despair?

– Psychological hygiene

– Movies:

Total Eclipse


– The next stage (of my Journey) begins!

– My heart is heavy with an idea… A plan!

– You can’t have both freedom and security, Joe!

– Marriage, individualism & spirituality

– Personal retreat

Family obligations

Ministry responsibilities

– The grass is always greener on the other side and yellower on this side…

– Loneliness, poverty & addiction


Family, wealth & responsibility

Company & inner frustration.

Material well-being & spiritual poverty.

Social acceptance & individual bondage.

– What have we achieved so far with all our responsible, consistent & committed behaviour??

– A new social order born out of coordinated spontaneity, instead of a fixed structure/system!

– Is it possible to be great/revolutionary without being insane/monstrous?

– What is the difference between sacrificial and suicidal?

– The call of Solitude

– Salvation IS the headlong pursuit of the ideal/dream!

– Freeing biology & psychology from culture & morality!

– Marriage, family, nation & religion are NOT eternal!

– Abnormalcy

– Purpose



– Hexagram

– Do you believe in magic, ghosts & astrology?

– Semi-marriage

– Church-worship – only on special/feast/holy days.

– The theodicy of Job – GOD punishes his defenders & vindicates his attacker!

– I think the optimal balance between system & spontaneity could be around 50-50 (including vacation)!
3 kinds of days:
1. Extreme system
2. Extreme spontaneity
3. Moderation

– Coupling insight & initiative

– Can one be both cynical & idealistic?

– Was Jesus a Cynic/Socratic?

– “Fail better”!

– What is black film?

– Faith without deeds is dead
Mercy triumphs over judgment

– The royal law of love ~ the perfect law of liberty



Social philosophy

Truth as meaning, purpose & value



Agency, inheritance & patience

Ministries – liturgy, education & social justice










Intellectual inquiry, moral freedom & spiritual life

Zen man

Reputation & notoriety
How can the same man have such extremely divergent social statuses?!



Histrionics – exaggeration is hypocrisy!



Is cynicism just plain negativism?

I am a cynic!
WOW 🙂 is that a blessing or a curse?
A blessed task & cursed gift, or a blessed gift & cursed task……!

Apostle AS (divine) epistle!



Newspaper ads

Culture & ideology
Theory & policy

Compilation & discourse

Guilt only produces despair. Only conscientization leads to repentance…!

Biographical philosophy & narrative ethics

Should I have any structure/discipline during vacation?

Import (adj.)


Socratic tradition


Classical sources

‘Defacing the currency’


Non-extant historical works



Divination & prayer
Discernment & guidance
Dreams & oracles