– Revamp!



Project-management app


– Non-moral goodness & non-moral badness

– Club sports


National sports

– Polarizing figure

– Body of work

– Hard Talk:

Philip Glass with Steven Sakur

Paul Krugman with Sara Montague



– There are no successes & failures when it comes to people. There are only those who (know to) deal with failure in a winning way, and those who don’t!

– Maybe challenging the primacy of family is exactly what we need to save our world today!

– Canons

– Worship = submission + acceptance + celebration!

– Joe, do you (still) have the guts to be contemplative in the midst of this mad culture?!

Can you feel those eyes piercing you?

– Is the line between negotiable & non-negotiable, objective or subjective?

– “You got my point?”

– Who said I’m not petty?

Who said I’m not lazy?

Who said I’m not anxious?

Were these sins/vices Hitler’s or Stalin’s main fault?

Pettiness includes conceit.

Laziness includes incontinence.

Anxiety includes cowardice.

Is violence a root or branch or fruit level evil?

– The labour (intensity) of joy & the stedfastness (tenacity) of love

– My ministry is just my hobby. The inward life is my work!

– Social lubricant

– Do you hate anything consistently & passionately?

– Do the monks in the monastery contribute anything to the world??

– What was Jesus doing for the first thirty years of his life?

Is that meant to be a role-model for us too?

O how we demean him when we seek to imitate him!

– My task is to get acquainted with Life, & introduce people to it!

– My aim is to constantly immerse myself in leisure, without any inkling of idleness!

And to be truly available to the world around me…


Yes, to commune deeply with my body, with the earth & with friends……

To live fully!

And then to die gladly.

– Why don’t I have online conference (for spiritual formation), even if only one person (Kiruba) is involved regularly?

Mature ~ nuanced

Seek Vision!

Innovative interpretations, based on creative philology & historiography, leading to theological breakthroughs!

The static text & the dynamic tradition – elasticise (‘expanding spontaneously to fill the available space)!

‘Rewriting the Text’ – all translations are interpretations, and vice versa!

Historicist theologies

Kosher ~ proper

Don’t kill & eat those animals whose milk/hair, etc. you can use.

What is the meaning of this commandment??




“Voice without form”…
Just like smell without taste, or sensation without touch!

The “Akedah”

Targum, Talmud & Mishnah

Homiletical commentaries

Face-to-face conversation ~ spiritual French kissing!
Eye-contact, smiling, hand-shake, etc.

Observe ~ guard ~ keep



Logos & Sophia


Knowledge, language & books



– Mr. Nirmal Kumar Stephenson

– Sociality & meaning – objectivity, subjectivity & relationality!

– Hermeneutics & phenomenology

– Awareness, attention & observation

– Bankrupt interactions

– Is my lack of stamina related to my reduced kidney function??

– “Theory of Communicative Action”

“Holy Mother, pierce me through,
In my heart, each wound renew
Of my Saviour crucified.”

Religion &

Would the vocation of 2 persons with the same SHAPE profile, & living in the same context, be identical?

Rediscovering GOD => reinventing the self => recreating the world!

Salvation – liberation, rejuvenation, healing & enrichment

Experience, conception & communication

Theological anthropology & the psychology of religion


A robust, viable & constructive theology!


Are Anthropology & Cultural Studies the same?

Merold Westphal

Langdon Gilkey

Neighbour – you are both identical to me and other than me!



– If you want to be treated like an adult, then stop acting like a child!

– Erotic thrillers


– Mrs. Esther Frederick (1935 -2014):

May she rest in Peace.

In the name of the Father, & of the Son, & of the Holy Spirit.


Will the sowing of this righteous seed into the soil produce a harvest of peace among her family left behind?

– Christian Theology’s dialogue partners:

NT & Patristic – Religion (Judaism/OT, Greco-Roman, etc.)

Medieval – Greek philosophy

Reformation – Classical languages/literature

Enlightenment modernity – Science

Postmodernism – cultural studies!

– Maybe the Parousia & my death are identical events!

– Legacy ~ resurrection ~ immortality

– Memento mori » radical living » eternality!

– Movies:

“Mulholland Drive

Memories & dreams intertwine!

Identity, narrative & desire.

How do you know the difference between illusion (subjective perception) & reality (objective facts)??

A cinema about cinema!

‘Persona’ by Ingmar Bergman.

Pornography – ambition, sexuality & the performing arts



– Easter – the New has entered into the Old, NOW! And one day soon, the Old will completely pass away and be replaced by the New……

Therefore, rejoice, praise & celebrate!

– Prostitution & the Eucharist!

– …the Living IS among the dead – Alleluiah!


– Mrs. Esther Frederick

She expired.

She died.

She passed away.

She is no more.

She is with the Lord.

She has gone to Heaven……



– The cruelty of apathy!

– What is necessary (for survival) is automatically important (for life), right?

– Distinguish:




– Is theology a second-rate option for those who lack the immediate experience of GOD’s glory (presence & power)??

– Imagine a fellowship where people of diverse occupations live together in harmony, simplicity & generosity. And all goods & services could be freely shared based on need.

E.g. The farmer could produce & distribute food to others according to their need. The doctor could provide health-care, etc. So they mutually satisfy each other.

No money would be required in any step of this process, because of the radical inter-dependence of the members! Each person’s needs is met by the others in the commonwealth society……

– Contemporary/ postmodern theologians

– “Toward a Theology of Eros – transforming sexuality at the limits of discipline”

– “The Crucified God”

– “Our Idea of God: An Introduction to Philosophical Theology”

– “Rethinking Fundamental Theology”

– Liberal/progressive/ revisionary theology

– Constructive theology

– Event-word-response

– History, politics & revelation

– Nature





– Conversation, discussion & debate

– The negation of the obviously negative is the only positive that is clear!

– Religion, philosophy & science

– Israel/Apostle’s religious experience + their understanding/articulation » biblical theology.

My interpretation of Scripture in the light of my experience (& vice versa) » my theology!

– So HOW can I now rebuke those who ‘abuse’ divine revelation for their own selfish gain??

– Christogram