– “Miserando atque eligendo”

– Should I (be willing to) go to the SFG members’ houses for the counseling meetings, or ask them to come & meet me instead?

Do BOTH (alternately)!

– The Gospel according to Baz Luhrmann!

– Download Jesus movies:

Son of GOD

Son of Man

– Journaling – the opposite of film-making – movie » script!


– Movies:


What about Prozac??

The psychotic as prophet!

Religion/faith as ‘magic cave’ – why is apocalypse (unveiling of ultimate reality/Parousia/ushering in of the New Age) always associated with cosmic/global catastrophe?

– I am like my mother:

1. Care-free/laid-back

2. Unperturbed/tough

3. Insensitive/apathetic

I am not like my mother:

1. Intellectual

2. Introverted

3. Organized/focused

– Maybe ‘sublimation’ is just a euphemism for ‘repression’……

– Movies:


GOD’s will IS human choice!

Mercy IN judgment.




Divine silence & religion/theology

Divine sovereignty & human value

Guidance & mystery

Theology as (resulting from) the interpretation of religious experience…




– Renaming ‘lust’ – whatever happened to ‘passion’?!

– “Aankhon Dekhi”

Flying or falling?

Philosophy – the contemplation of freedom in the light of death, & vice versa.

Finitude & creativity

Imagination & inquiry

NOT afraid to make a fool of myself!

Bringing that something extra-special – a vital nuisance – to those I live with!

Being consistent, no matter what the cost……

– “The Third Testament for the Third Millennium.”

– naff

– “lobbyist briefings dressed up as scientific research”

– Detritus

– Conviction without certainty

– Re-enchantment without supernaturalism

– Empathy & rage

– Desire without cruelty can never be called ‘lust’!

– Inter-religious theology

Wow!  🙂

– Interlopers

– Subtext

– Parvenu

– Authoritative commentary

Expository explanation

– Dharma – cosmic, moral & social order

– Hymns, proverbs & parables to doctrine, philosophy & ethics

– Metaphysical ~ spiritual ~ divine

– ALL revelation is both natural & supernatural!

– Karma (ritual), jnana (knowledge) & dharma (morality)

– Cosmos, matter & consciousness

Self, man & GOD

– Dvaita, Visishtadvaita & Advaita

– Indenture

– Exposé

– Fructuous

– Riposte

– Space law

– Warrior-saint

– Logophilia

Post-liberal, post-evangelical, post-theist, post-Christian, post-secular – can I be all at once?!

Realism/crisis & idealism/irony

Free, open-ended enquiry, autonomous value judgments & openness to divergent views

Contemporary credibility

Meaning + purpose = value
Ultimate orientation

Nihilism is ALSO a way of making sense of things!

The interaction of religion, culture & personality in (dynamically influencing & determining) one’s faith is fascinating!

Philosophy is basically our attempt to face & cope with the contradictions (intellectual), tensions (existential) & conflicts (relational) common to the human condition. And theology is doing this with reference to a transcendental/eternal/ultimate framework…

Self-centredness & the impersonal universe

Intentionality, improvisation & inter-dependence

Green governance
Environmental rights



Moving from the permissible to the possible!

Grace – order & freedom, openness & diversity!

The theological virtue of fuzziness

Liberal – modest, generous & progressive; inclusive, dialectic & existential (empirical, rational & contextual)

Apostles of political correctness

Liberal orthodoxy

Certainty >> arrogance
Fear >> aggression

The Creator is also the destroyer,
The Redeemer is also the ruler,
And the Sustainer is also the reviver.

GOD creates,
Man innovates, repairs & develops…

Celtic Christianity & revivalist hymns

Liberal, secular & humanistic Christianity



Limpid ~ luculent

Recondite ~ abstruse

Revision, reconstruction & emancipation

“Reaping the whirlwind”

Postmodern Neo-orthodoxy


Liberal, progressive & constructive
Orthodox, conservative & systematic

Reflective, imaginative & relevant faith
Existence, faith & values


“In the love of truth, and in the spirit of Jesus, we unite for worship of God and the service of man.”

Internal authority – reason, conscience & intuition


Realism, historicism & pragmatism

Industrialisation, capitalism & globalisation

The discourse of experience & tradition

Liberal ~ reformist; Liberation ~ revolutionary
Not radical enough?

Fundamentalism, evangelicalism & confessionalism

Post-theistic religious/mystical naturalists

Relativity & relationality
Wholeness & flourishing



– Eucharist – a GOD who gives himself for us to eat, instead of demanding ‘human sacrifice’ on the altar of divine worship. Loving GOD = Consuming Christ (receiving Grace)!

The Lion who becomes the Lamb, so that we creatures might become sons & daughters of GOD……

– The New Commandment supercedes the Great Commandment(s)!

WOW  🙂

– Does GOD want us to please him or does he want to serve us?

Does GOD want us to become more like him or does he love us as we are?

Does GOD take pleasure in us doing what he says or in us enjoying & sharing all that he freely gives us?

– The burning bush


Playing with fire

– GOD as commander-in-chief


GOD as conversation partner

– Whimsical cinema

– Movies:

Nymphomaniac (I & II)



– What is the opposite of payback?

NOT forgiveness!

– “Undoing the destruction of pleasure” – thank you J.P!  😉

– The Second Awakening!

– Eros/libido – let the life-instinct prosper in us, & make us a positive energy in this dying world!

– The Pandora’s box has been opened! Controlled & channelled lust – even nuclear energy can be used to generate electricity! We need to learn (intellectual education) & adapt (physical self-control) so as to harness this fire to warm & brighten our lives…

Hmmm… The burning bush??
HOW can we say yes to this & still identify with the rejected Christ?!

Let the radical re-conversion & scandalous revolution continue & spread!!

– A thorough (inside-out) retraining is in order! Let’s GO……

Life can be so much MORE, when are just willing to LET GO for a while!!

This is our next revival! Let’s see how we can integrate it into our future and make it brighter……

– Teach me how to party –

Do it well, do it right!  😉

– Live according to your (true/deep/divine/spiritual/human) nature, & don’t let your faith-conscience or emotion-desire take over completely.


– But isn’t indulgence the precursor of addiction? Mmm… Not if you are mature!

– 70% – moderate & balance the flesh (sleep, food, sex, etc.) & spirit (prayer, study, service, etc.)

15% – feed the spirit & starve the flesh.

15% – feed the flesh & starve the spirit.

Equip the mind and strengthen the will to follow this pattern – based on Sabbath rhythm (5/7 + 1/7 + 1/7)

(Indulgence & abstinence should be equal)

– Joy > happiness > pleasure

– Holiness (character) » health (lifestyle) » positive effect (social contribution)



– Dr. Brooke Magnanti

– I think he was tempted/attracted by my New Theology, & fearing that he would succumb, he fled the scene in haste!  😉 Mmm… Looks like it…

– Divine Women on BBC

– elide          elision


– Buddhist hedonists (Tantra) & Hindu materialists (Charvaka)!

– Erotic philosophy, sexual psychology & sensual spirituality

– “The human spirit is prey to the most astounding impulses. Man goes constantly in fear of himself. His (erotic) urges terrify him. The saint turns from the voluptuary in alarm; she does not know that his unacknowledgeable passions and her own are really one…” – George Bataille

– Rhetoric & reality

Intuition & argument

– The New (understanding of the eternal) Law:

1. Be reverent – toward GOD/spirit (Life/truth/world).

2. Be self-aware (not acting out of identity-vocational unconsciousness).

3. Be thoughtful (not acting out of sheer impulse).

4. Be loving – respect & care for the other.

5. Be responsible – concern for justice (includes planet & social-cultural welfare).

– ‘Random acts of kindness’

‘Pay it forward’

– ‘Corporate slavery’


– Break the blinders & shackles, to recapture the energy & wonder!

– Private, personal & public

– Do not let the ego (will) act by itself, or to be taken over, either by the id (desire) or by the superego (faith). But let the ego express the outcome of a dynamic interaction of the id & superego, moderated by reason!

– Purpose is nothing but focused passion (self-expression) & clarified burden (world-response)!

– Sea-change

Seismic shift

Vertical panorama!

– Distinguish:




– Redefining chastity

– Distinguish:




– Collectivism

– “I shouldn’t give up” » “I must go on” » “I keep pushing myself” » “I am so tired” » “I want to give up” » shut-down/freak out » “I can’t give up!” » “I must go back & keep on” » restart!

– Korazin & Bethsaida


Tyre & Sidon.




– Seasonal – during summer, close the windows & curtains in the day and open them at night. During winter, open the curtains & windows in the day, & close them at night.

– Could death be a man’s greatest achievement?!

– “WHAT is written in the Law?” he (Jesus) replied. “HOW do YOU read it?”

– If you lived in faith & love, then you can die peacefully, as you joyfully look forward to a glorious future!

– “And who is my neighbour?”

– “The religious leaders (chief priests & experts in the law) stood up to test Jesus.”

– “Go & do likewise” – pay it forward!

Glory » Grace

Grace » gratitude

Gratitude » generosity!

– Neighbour-ing!

– “Quickly” according to GOD means “surely” according to us.

– Holocaust – Did Hitler have a conscience? Did he feel any guilt or remorse at all?

– GOD in myself,

GOD in the other,

GOD in all nature &

GOD, beyond life & death!

– Scripture & Psychology ~ Theology & Interpretation

– “The one who CAN accept this SHOULD accept it.”

– Place his hands on them & pray for them.

Bless them & teach them.

Embrace them & heal them.

– HOW did the little children RECEIVE Jesus?

– Who knows/loves/has the REAL Jesus??

– Peter


The rich young ruler

Who is more favored/rewarded by the Lord?

– Betrayed, accused, condemned & handed over!

– Bishops, theologians & lawyers stood up against Him!

– So what is YOUR version of the Gospel?

– Angels, demons & strange quirks!

– His voluntary slavery has become the ransom & atoning sacrifice, that has set me free from all bondage!

– The one who loves power/position is NOT fit to be a leader. And the one who loves to serve others is fit for holding authority.

– ……impoverishing & punishing ourselves so wantonly!!

We are all closet sado-masochists……

All beliefs that produce guilt, shame, hatred (of self & the other) & fear – FUCK them all!

“I like the word limits/control instead of lines/laws”

“WE set down the rules based on our (evolving) beliefs/values! GOD is the one who sets us free (from bondage to fear) to do it, enables us with courage & guides us with wisdom in this serious adventure & exciting challenge……”

“Spiritual childhood to adulthood!”