– Grounded hypothesis

– Reverse engineering

– Data » concepts » categories » theory

– Breathing ~ prayer

– When did ‘corporate’ become ‘corporation’??

– ‘Adult entertainment’




– Stay completely offline, & no meddling (trouble-shooting, maintenance, etc.) at least for one whole day every week.

On other days, keep the interaction with high-tech stuff (other than for routine chores) to less than 2 hours, to prevent ‘excarnation’!

Don’t spend more than half-an-hour straight, staring at the screen &/or typing. Breathe deep. Never multi-task – do only one thing at a time, step-by-step, slow & steady. Be patient (hi-tec can be surprisingly slow!). Do monthly maintenance on your system. Take breaks – walk around & move limbs. Close eyes. When the time is up, shutdown & postpone whatever work remains for tomorrow…

– Match mode (TT) – where is your killer-instinct, Joe?!

…C’mon sissy!

– A B

A relationship consists of all the ways in which 2 (or more) people directly affect one another (positively, negatively & otherwise). It is (almost) as real as the persons or individuals involved!

– Which is stronger (more durable) – life or death?

– Start Culture Club (Read/view, review & discuss books & films)

– Every blessing is a potential curse!

– Dialogue:

“Complete salvation –> perfect happiness!” – J

“I don’t agree … think again about the error in ur statement” – S

“Hmmm…… I don’t know uncle.

Complete salvation IS perfect happiness??” – J

“Is there something like incomplete salvation … If so what is it? Explain.

I know of … crossing over from death to life. What is this bridge where u don’t belong to either category.” – S

“Is there not a future dimension to salvation that we await??

Or is everything done & dusted already?

If so, then why all the evil & suffering still?!

Therefore, the final consummation still remains!” – J

“So do u imply that happiness is only after all is done and dusted. Isn’t our joy  complete because of His completed work on the cross? Yes … Creation still groans … but waiting not for salvation but for redemption and revelation of the Sons of God. Irrespective of what is yet to happen … my joy is complete and I experience it in proportion to the anointing I have. Agreed?” – S

“Is your joy already complete now, uncle??

Salvation is complete only potentially now, not yet in full actuality.

Even death is ALREADY conquered, but NOT YET destroyed…

The future is certain & the promise is guaranteed, & so we rejoice (in hope) NOW!” – J

“Read Jn 15: 10, 11” – S

“I agree with you that our subjective experience of salvation is partial, but even objectively, there is more to come, although everything necessary for the fulfillment is already accomplished” – J

“True … but it is in this hope that I live. To me this hope is the evidence … THE EVIDENCE of things not seen… This is my faith. And this faith tells me all is achieved though in time much is desired to be done. And my joy is COMPLETE.” – S

“Mmm… I guess each of us is just emphasizing two different sides of the same coin.

…AMEN!” – J

“I thought so as well … 🙂

May our Lord Jesus bless you. Amen.” – S

“Same to you, sir!” – J


Reverse socialization – “child is the father of man” – ‘growing up’ by parenting!
My real challenge of manhood is not whether I multiply biologically or not, but whether I take care of my (elderly) parents when they become dependent…
Erikson – what’s in a name?
Crusty old codgers.
Crisis – challenge, opportunity, evolution.
Dependence & belonging – infant.
Confiding & intimacy – adult.
Coping strategy & character formation.
Primitive dilemma – virtue vs. vice.
Predictability & safety.
Psychosexual vs. Socio-emotional.
Mistrust >> suspicion, pessimism & self-sufficiency.
Terrible or wonderful twos?!
GOD will take care of me, so I can relax >> My freedom vs. GOD’s will >> Pleasing GOD by keeping the Law >> becoming more like Christ (a better/stronger person) by imitating Jesus >> community of disciples/devotees (love one another) >> participating in the Kingdom/Mission
There is such a thing as self-defeating rebellion!
Parent ~ GOD ~ life/world/reality/nature
Optimistic, social, confident, competitive, clarity
Pessimistic, isolated, ashamed, passive, confusion
Parent >> self >> others >> GOD
Myelination & cognition!
Peer pressure does NOT come from others around you!
Tribal mentality – fit in or die!
You are your parents (esp. Mother)
You are how your parents treat you.
You are your skills.
You are your appearance.
You are your friends.
You are your character.
You are your partner.
– Rules for attitude & conduct ~ skills to survive & thrive
Curiosity >> experimentation >> discovery!
What am I? >> Who am I? >> Why am I?
Identity-formation >> ready for commitment & intimacy
Biology >> psychology >> sociology >> philosophy
Your identity is determined by…?
Your value is dependent upon…?
Adulthood – emerging (18-24), early (25-34), middle (35-49), late (50-death)
Transition, consolidation, peaking & fade-out
Independence without self-absorption
Curiosity, risk-taking & initiative
Social welfare vs. Ethical ideals
Proverbs (moralism) vs. Ecclesiastes (philosophy) vs. Song of Solomon (romance)
Psychology from the gender perspective
Gender, age, upbringing & personality


– “Women in Love” by D.H. Lawrence

– “More Than Words” – Edited by Philip Yancey

– “Introduction to Metaphilosophy” – Overgaard, Gilbert & Burwood

– “Desiring the Kingdom” by James K.A. Smith

– “Masterpieces of Christian Literature in Summary Form” – Edited by Frank Magill

– “The Living Testament” – Edited by Pennington, Jones & Booth

– “Oxford Book of Christian Verse” – Donald Davie

– Thirukkural (Tamil with English explanation) – Thiruvalluvar

– The Apocrypha, from the New Oxford Annotated Bible, & articles on biblical interpretation (same source)

– “Foundations of Contemporary Interpretation” – Edited by Moises Silva

– “Four Views on Christian Spirituality”

– “Influence of Education, God-image & role models on the moral character of young & middle-aged adults” by Salome Divya (M.Sc. HRD Psychology thesis)

26.2.14 Jottings

Stigma, taboo & moralism
Pleasure, procreation & salvation
Disciplinary canons
Mystical dogmas!
Consciousness, rationality & conscience
We, in & through the Son, relate to GOD as Father who begets us, & the Holy Spirit who proceeds from the Father into us and through us into the world…
Confess, experience & follow Christ
Right knowledge/theology, right worship/liturgy & right living/ethics
Divine revelation & human subjectivity
Heresy & apostasy
The meaning of place & occasion
Believe, pray & love ~ think, feel & act
Incarnation >> transfiguration >> crucifixion >> resurrection >> ascension >> deification!
The whole package is called Atonement/Salvation
Faith, hope & love ~ trust, work & enjoy!
Liturgical (ecclesiastical) ~ sacramental (cosmic)!
Ontological dangers
Person, life & work
Maybe I should join (collaborate with) SCM (Student Christian Movement) – Liberal ministry in Chennai!
Sometimes, contrary to our certain expectations, mistakes can be worse than sins!
Agriculture & the Eucharist