– Just as the 3 persons of the Trinity cannot be understood as chronologically sequential, so too, we cannot understand creation/causation/sustenance of the universe (or the “Big Bang”) as an ancient originary event, but as an eternal process!

– Happy hooker – sometimes your strength can be your weakness!

– WTC – I want a draw – I don’t want Kane Williamson to lose – cricket should be the ultimate winner! 😎

– If I could just convert all this pleasure into anger, I would be(cum) a volcano!

– my mouth is full of smoke from the fire within

– the secret of inspiration is expire-ation


– When I try to impress others, am I being true to myself?? Or is it just me being publicly transparent?!

– 50-50 – stoned/sober – live reality!

– Will I ever be depressed again?
Hey! Let’s not lose our nuts now……

– Sit for an hour, with a blank page and a pen on the desk – everyday!

– Uniqueness > greatness
What is the symbol for “more unique than”?


– “Greed is good”, when it comes to quality!
(And money is pure quantity)

– Into the wild-er-ness – cock-gymnast

– Appa keeps raving about container homes – maybe @ Canada??

– Emigrate + denigrate ≈ demigrate!
Become more Indian BY moving to Canada 🍁🔥

– Distinguish:

– Is it actually beneficial (for optimizing individual freedom) that we need to take into account the previous & next generation also, when it comes to major decisions?

– Thomas Hardy double-action


– next up – the non node coc(k) heroes

– Below Her Mouth – they could’ve just had a threesome, and the matter would’ve been resolved!

– They are having a full-filling experience!


– If I scale such heights here in India, then how far could I go in a place like Canada!?
(At exactly which moment did you have this thought?!)

– GOD is a liability, because that’s what he wants!

– Teasing, delaying & exerting passivity

– Distinguish:

– “I cannot live with my-self anymore”

– Deeper meaning ~ transformative power

– Ancient ~ ever-new ~ essential wisdom

– What’s left when there’s no more suffering??

– Feeling your deepest self ~ knowing your true nature

– Sacredness ~ the infinite vastness behind the world

– Meister Nietzsche & Friedrich Eckhart

– Consolation prize

– Unconscious mind ~ involuntary patterns

– Constantly leaking vital energy

– Total reversal of the truth ~ my beliefs & desires!

– An advaitic reading of “The Silence”

– Mindless intelligence

– bodied

– Watch the deer making love with the lion, and be still……….!

– You can never lose your power to fail!

– Sit and watch the traffic – let the rat-race go on!

– The dangerous Cure


– Cum-flakes snow-balling into a rolling stone

– Canada – emigration or immigration?

– Desiree

– What is the one thing you can never fail at?
Being the greatest failure!

– Thinking, about doing-happening, and happening-doings

– Chä-Lüm

– Parenting – but what if there’s shit everywhere in the house…!?

– Can too much training be bad for performance?


– Am I under-estimating or over-estimating my impact?
I think it’s both!

– High-per-ventilation

– Dead notes

– Nothingless

– Need & strategies ~ motivation & behaviors


– Nakedandunashamed (website) has gone incognito! 🤪

– Have I overcome my hot-buttons yet?!


– Maple (929) ~ Canada (?)

– “White on White” (2019) – Mr. Porter ~ GOD or Satan??


– Relaxxxed

– I have crossed the Nadal, and even the Djoko level, in the deep-diving experiment!
What next??

– I will cum by sacrificing myself for her

– Syndicated feed

– Why can’t I make my Facebook story archive public?


– Experience > happenings

– Gonzo:
Hunter Thompson ~ I’m Not There (Bob Dylan) ~ Jack Sparrow


– Trying to be sane in this world is simply insane!

– Nocturné

– If I’m fantasizing about fantasizing about reality, then am I not already in a fantastic life?!

– sozzled

– “Do you know where your towel is?”

– “After this, therefore because of this” – post-hoc fallacy

– career (v.)


– Dont write this down! Let it be a silent unconscious presence, like yeast, fermenting you from deep within……

– Add CLOWN to the list of misfits/outliers – insane, criminal, vegetable & demonic

– Do you miss being depressed, Joe?! 🤪

– Leaderless movements


– “Getting better at being wrong”


– 1. From now onwards, this is going to affect your real/sex life!
2. What is the meaning of this??
3. Wittgenstein as pornosopher

– Boredom is nothing but the mildest form of pleasure. Therefore, it must not be abhorred, but indulged!

– “Hell or Highwater” soundtrack

– Sex ~ work ~ suffering

– monstration

– When you watch a player, you don’t realize how so much depends on who he/she is playing against…!

– (Im)Modest nudity

– The uncompromising joker

– Taoist sexualité

– de-nude

– How to report on that, about which no account can be given?

– Virtue ~ virile

– The reason of/in the drive


– Pearl-diving……?

– Official teaser

– I am a spiritual amphibian (already?)!

– Maybe I am a sexual shemale!? 🙃

– Emoji prediction 🤪

– Moving beyond HOW
to WHY

Unlimited Internet ~ Eternal erection


– morale-ity

– Letting go of the art of mastery

– I will be famous in my 50s!

– Sensate Films short story

– Blinkist + Pursuit of Wonder

– Chaku


– The fear of giving up
Should I be afraid of life, or should life be afraid of me?!
You abhor/despise me now, but I am much more evil than you know……! 😎
Life is nothing but the language (partial articulation) of death (perfect reality)

Harmony Vision


– Visual pollution

– Let the records go fuck themselves!

– If less is more, then more……
……automatically becomes……

– Why you wanna go higher, Joe?!
It’s only cos you wanna get to the edge, and then jump……….
If life tastes so good, then how would be!?

– Pleasure – from quantitative increase to qualitative transformation
Everything changes, yes it does…

– “And together we will grow,
Into the mystic/mistake…
Come on, girl!”

– Start the day by spending 1 hour in meditation tomorrow!

– Get back deep into Christian Theology, and publish, by the 50s.

– You must learn, the necessity of pain for pleasure, and therefore, the pleasure in the pain itself!
~ You must learn the pleasure with/in the pain itself!

– 12 saucers in Arrival ~ 12 fridges in Major Grom
Dark Knight + Fast & Furious + Joker = Plague Doctor!
Money (1 million USD) Vs. Meditation (1 hour everyday) – My superpower is MY FRIENDS

– Heptapods grunting ~ this Dog barking

– Fondling the limits,
Until they implode!

– Quick-switch
Who are you – I AM your happy ending!

– Nocebo effect
Death fat
The rectum as grave
The super-dread of the outcasts
Radical expenditure
Transgressive possibilities
Victim status

– Inviting Devil-rape


– The day after day-after-tomorrow – eternal return!

– bromance

– Constitutional reform

– What is the difference (or similarity) between Philology & Linguistics?

– Symbolic energies

– stilnovist

– Knowledge ~ possession ~ enjoyment

– Cryptic caveat

– dedicatee

– Borromean knot

– Terra incognita


– Lover of sleep – spend ~ half your life unconscious!
Isn’t that the most sensible thing to do, in light of cosmic reality?

– acedia
idelnesse ~ idyllic
Roman de la rosa
A sweeter (kind of) toil
Apprentice riots
Conduct books
Slow-travel writing
Socially unconstrained aesthete


– Spontaneous structures

– Feel your feet on the soil at least once everyday

– Do you want to swim in the ocean, or are you happy with being the big fish of the swimming pool?

– Experience snow ~ Canada ~ Celtic Frost

– Iron Fist – why do you always identify yourself with the hero/protagonist, Joe?? 🤔
Grandiose claims yes, but true nevertheless 🤷🏾♂️

– I am an adopted father!

– Use 15 minutes of every trip to meditate!

– What if BOTH the heaven of the Buddhists (Kun-Lun) AND the heaven of the Christians (Paradise) is real?

– Bright – you’re burning too hot to be shining for long!

– Writing is the ultimate test
(just like in IELTS!)

– The (human) body is the most intelligent and wonderful thing on the planet

– 1:51

– Structurally open to the future
Necessary & impossible
“Act of faith”
Generalized apophatics
Predicative discourse
Provenance ~provocation

– Am I pampering or torturing myself now?

– “I have a secret”
“God is gift”


– The dark underbelly of Canada!

– The non-event (stagnation/paralysis) of the possible
“Saving (the name of) GOD”
A/theological undecidability
Slippage as productive punishment
Learned unknowing
Apophatic anthropology
Twisting free from the regimes of presence
Fashionable despair

– Can you taste her mouth, as her pussy is being eaten?!

– Soft coercion


– The Silence – archetypal song!
Silence ~science ~signs

– Suicidal hate – the power of each individual, to destroy the whole world!


– You are already/always who you want to be, who you were meant to be, and who you need to be.
All you have to do now is, believe this and live accordingly…! 🤷🏾♂️

– “I love you”
“Over me”

– Does eagerly waiting for something, actually hasten its coming?

– Reality is NOT what you believe or want it to be. It’s BETTER than that!

– Staring at my own glowing body!

– I couldn’t read what that tattoo said. Is that okay, or should I try to hunt it down?

– Bombastic stunner

– Jewish roots


– The transformation of Ang San Su Kyi!

– Spiritual journalist


– Live Photos

– Savor the present moment, because it’s filled with gleeful expectation of the Future!

– What if laziness was my greatest superpower?!

– Bitdefender Vs. Pegasus


– Apple One Vs. Google One

– Charu Sharma (Cricket)

– So, there seems to be no escaping climate change, by emigrating to the “developed West”…
But, another way of looking at it is, if it’s bad there, then it’s gonna be  worse here!

– Watch party
Auto-play off!

– Extract video from audio
Adventures in breathing
Judicious combination

– ⚠️📢 Tip for contemplative/spontaneous meetings:
Dear friends…
Please don’t hesitate to speak, and feel free to express whatever may arise at the moment! It DOESN’T have to be a genius insight 😌


– palaver

– Brydge 7.9
“One batch, two batch. Penny & dime!”

– Today is the last day of my past
Repeating forward

– Try it on. Only then will you see!

– Familiarizing myself with my resources & gadgets, and integrating them into myself……

– Adult Marvel

– Daredevil is better than Iron Fist – you mean the serials, or the characters?


– GOD/Devil tells me that I can come into his/her embrace whenever I want/need. I just have to be as independent as possible, for as long as possible! With this kind of unconditional support, I can just stretch/push myself freely, right?

– Will I never be lonely again?? 😕

– Mass vigilanteism

– The liberal/intellectual have their own moral qualms and pruderies!

– Intimate strangers

– Am I underestimating (the quality/quantity of) my impact?!

– The value of all those hours & years lies withinin these sacred/scarced moments!

– Is there anything called “good guilt”?

– What am I doing to myself, by living this way? Only time will tell!
(ominous music)

– Why are you writing down all this shit, you idiot? I must record them, because I want at least a small fraction of that spirit to pervade the socio-psychal realm

– Side-plateauings

– Ordinary life is an even greater ordeal than war!

– pentacle


– Beautiful Agony

– The only way to break the dichotomy between the stoned/spiritual & sober/secular life is by making them equal! ONLY THEN will they blend into one whole.
1/2 + 1/2 = 1
Until now, the total was coming to < 1, that’s why you were miserable.
Get it?

– Planned spontaneity is okay, as long as it goes along with spontaneous plans! 🤪

– Can I really integrate BOTH the Joker AND the Dark Knight into myself??
Yes, you can.
But you can’t add a third one.
Is that enough for ya?

– Pure feeling
Pure action

– Spiritual 💣

– Fuck the reality principle.
You mean, fuck survival?
Yeah! Fuck that too……

– Watch Daredevil & Punisher alternately!

– Career suicide
Yay! 🌹

– You playing with some real heavy shit here, Joe!
Designer drugs

– Karate – objective spirituality


– What is the average lifespan of an addict?

– What is it like to have a professional fucker for a spiritual leader?

– deal-breaker

– Facebook Oculus

– Cross-platform gaming & OSM

– What’s the difference between heroine & heroin?


– What if the reward lasts longer than the labor?

– But this one is much slower~e. R., longer and stronger……… M

– What if you sandwich a thin slice of evil inside 2 thick slices of goodness?

– Vanilla ice cream, inhaler, Amazon, iStripper, coffee Cafe, stoned serial, hyperventilation,

– hierophant
– arcana – ancient ~ mystery!


– De-villifying evil ~ the d(a)emonic

– 2D <<  >> 3D… And beyond

– Life is nothing but letting death take its toll on you. And vice-versa!


– Nasal strips for snoring – scientific spirituality!

– I’m a designer of spiritual experiences, and an Event-catalyst!

– Until a minimum threshold of people start living, from merely surviving, these handful of fuckers will continue to rape the world, and we all will just have to watch……!

– Don’t rape your body. Let it fall in love with you.

– I am afraid of your fear!

– If I am to be a unique presence in this world, then maybe I should (MOSTLY) be more stoned than sober…

– Yeah! Rub your cock all over every inch of her body……

– 2:53 pm – the exact same time yesterday I had my previous lorgasm!!!


– You should get off on whatever it is you’re doing right now, Joe.

– Unless you master the abstinence, you will never taste the heights of pleasure.

– Now do you know?
There is a reason behind the underlying chaos – the blind force beyond the personal GOD!

– “Overcoming injury, to pursue history”


– Weight ~ 76/77 kg
My birth time ~ 2 pm

– – Breath-moves ~ use it as a ritual/technique to re-center yourself!

– – I should get to know India’s freedom struggle better…

– Freudian – do you think (repressive) Victorian morality is one of the reasons (unconscious drives) behind British expansionism?

– – I am the (or a) spiritual inverter 😜

– – House cusps

– – Alternate the gap between freaks from 24 to 48 hours. So, the average space is ~ 36 hours (at least 😜)

And, NEVER do twice a day!

– – You’ve just sprinted a marathon! Now, you’ve got to do some steady walking, otherwise you’re fucked…

– – Identify the threshold at which reducing quantity no longer increases quality.
Okay… Then what?

– 6.8.21

– – dhlindia-kyc

– – 11:52 am

– – Sabbaaash Chandra Bose

– – SHE’S like a moving picture, right?

– – Isn’t it awesome that I don’t remember even a shred of what it fel like? Just like neonatal “experiences” (if you can call it that)

– – WHT don’t you increase the Quant too

– – Your furute is bright, ONLY IF You focus on the present Jow. Got it?

– – What is the life of your purpose like?

– – 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 This is MY birthday gift for YOU

– – Prose-poetry is the genre of my journal

– – How can you euphemize sex/life/death??
Then snap out of it. Get over yourself. That’s it. Let’s go…

– – Gaga class


– Binge-watching as therapy!


– sine die

– “I want John McEnroe in my team”

– apposite

– callow


– Other-worldly realms on earth


– Restart physical fitness agenda…?

– self-advocacy
Rich input

– Pornographyல் தெறியாத பாகங்கள் வாழ்க!

– Write when at the very peakest of 🔥

– When I’m there…
I can be them,
and I can also be watching them!
Now that makes me their GOD 👹

– Clothes were made for naked people to play with each other in adult games forever……….

– I AM the subjective object and the objective subject.
What if faith & GOD were mutually interdependent forces?!
Would that really make any difference to the way we live??
We would be far more crazy, and therefore far more safe!
Whoever said that you can’t burn bright and long…

– Write 3-5 lines along 1 thing instead of 3 or 5 different things!

– Maximum stillness just before the leap.

– “Baby, I’m not afraid to die…
All my friends are dead.
Push me to the edge!”

– The retina, and screen-time

– William Blake ~ Emmanuel Swedenborg ~ Immanuelle Joseph

– “I push my fingers into my eyes,
It’s the only thing that slowly stops the ache…”
NOW I KNOW what that meand/feels!

– Can I uncreate my own Creator.?

– Mike White
Mans Morlind

– “spirit is a bone”

– I met Zizek in my dream!

– Kasumatari


– Burning bush – the right supply-mix of water for the plant, and oil for the fire…?

– UG: All the attempts of man to “save the world” have wrought for more havoc than just letting things be!


– A death-affirming life,
And a life-affirming death.
What would it be like, to stop trying to reduce suffering?


– In solitude, fall in love with yourself all over again!


– Hitler’s Pope


– Voluntary obligation & willed ignorance

– Add a heavy dose of pure alcohol at the end

– These 13 (+15!) minutes are my gift to you

– 2.4/24 hrs. = 10% = tithe!


– Harmony, body & joy
– Dreams do come true
– 20,000 Days on Earth


– subtend
– odalisque
– orthogonal
– Naked problems



– Ikigai, Kaizen, Hygge

– It’s all real, Joe!
It’s all real!

– The world is one big cock which GOD is sucking, not just one big forest he’s burning! 🔥


– Movies:
“நெஞ்சம் மறப்பதில்லை”

“Love Exposure” (2008, Japanese)
Compare with Conor Cunningham’s “Nihilism” chapter from “Oxford Handbook of Theology & Modern European Thought”
The 2 options between GOD & nothing. The movie presents a third option – LOVE!

“Army of the Dead”
WOW! Approaches the level of “Mad Max: Fury Road” in the perfect creative blending of gory action and genius insight.

– randomizer

– Space & time are just illusions. Have you realized this yet?


– defenestrate


– Collective loneliness
Social robots

– Remembering why we forget


– Alter-description questionnaires


– 2:19

– Nils Frahm – T. M. Krishna = .


– At any given moment, learn to clearly distinguish between:
1. Emotions/feelings & thoughts (psychological)
2. Bodily sensations (physical)
3. Desires/beliefs/values (spiritual)

– Precision eraser

– Getting the ecstasy into everyday life, by getting some agony into the trip!
Nils Frahm is tripping, with Immanuel Joseph…… 😁

– Psychedelia, without direct chemical supplementation!

– Porn

– The answer is YES!
Do you know what the question is?
“Is this really happening??”

– I’m going to have teenage sex with my wife!

– Creating a space for cowardice in a brutal world!


– Novelty via recombination

– You should become more bold, Joe, not less. You are too careful, as opposed to popular opinion!


– Do not throw swines before pearls!

– The only way to be yourself is to become nobody!

– DjokerNole


– But why can’t the WHY question NOT be answered?!

– hipster

– Look at them watching……!


– inveigle
The gospel of manual labour
Go on the stump
Reforming dynasties


– crotchless

– Deviant Art core membership & etiquette – Satanism is allowed, but pornography is not!

– Suffering is life!
The dead don’t suffer.

– My stamina for suffering turns me on!

– YOU choose what is at the forefront of your consciousness at any moment!

– Simulate the visual physically!

– GROW – qualitatively AND quantitatively!

– I am going to ride my Superbike on the Canadian freeway!

– I am going to fuck a porn-star body. NOT, I am wishing or imagining, but I am going to make it actually happen!

– I am going to become the spiritual mentor for his mission hospital in North India.

– I am going to prove to her, that I am the Alpha male in her husband’s life!

– I am going to have a beautiful Canadian daughter, whom I worship!

– This day, you will never forget, because……….

– I’M gonna reproduce!

– Campy meta-commentary

– Heaven of Horror

– Anya Chalotra

– The real
The actual

– INTENSE MILDNESS is the secret.

– Naturalistic emigration

– I was a Godfather BEFORE I became a father.

– 28wiakmz…

– Sugarcrash – “I got the rest of my life to fuck around”
Version 2.0, comin’ up, folks!

– अपना टाइम आया है

– The human monster

– “I’d kill rather than be killed”
Embrace your destiny
“Or you can leave Blaviken and finally live. You choose, Princess.”

“You are her blood, Princess. The apple never falls far from the tree.”

– Have you ever used anger as a superpower?
You will!

– “How long will it hold?”
“As long as I hold.”

– Monster-kisser

– “Go! The world depends on it.”
My great commission

– Make Black friends

– Play guitar with Danny – 1 each!

– Heroics + heartbreak ~ death + destiny

– Conduit moment

– Magic is harnessing chaos!

– I am going to end poverty!
Narcissistic philanthropist & misogynist

– The hard guitar case is allowed inside the main cabin!

– Start reading like hell.
Spend 1 hour in silence & solitude everyday.
Fuck/freak/break often.

– I can taste with my eyes

– I’ve CAUGHT lightning in a bottle
LUCKY success

– No secrets is what it takes

– Chaos is the SAME forever!

– I have learnt to live with them (WHITES) so that I may live

– My WORST fear is TRUE!

– Speaking Elder – WHOOSH

– Please make her beautiful in this episode itself 🙏🏽

– Respect doesn’t make history
Throw away your need/crutch.

– Maria Sakkari

– Nothing is the ONLY thing that cannot be controlled.

– We stone each other – death by stoning!


– You don’t know what you’re missing, because you’ve never had it!

– Divine temptation – formidable persuader!

– Love……
The damned!

– SLOW technology

– India >> CANADA >> Heaven >>

– Could I ever play/dance/fight like her?
Yes, I know it’s unthinkable, but stranger things have happened!

– Post-mortem vindication

– Theoretical friendships

– “There is a friend who sticks closer than a brother”
My love is like strong wine, you will get knocked out! 😇

– Romancing the globe 🌐

– Chance + destiny = DESIGN!

– Impulsive insights

– Self-doubt

– Just as I fully realized myself on that day (stoned Perry Mason), I have now consummated my marriage too!


– Thinking chair


– Psychedelic spirituality
From stoned to stoner!
Spirituality ~ lifestyle ~ personification

– mage 🧙♂️

– To be at the peak and to feel it’s not the peak
To feel as if one is at the peak when one is not
Both are fantastic options! 😎

– Maybe this is one of the most rigorous forms of spiritual exercise!

– Porn is the real truth tv!

– All my links dot com

– Cyber-community

– Love OF lust
Lust FOR love

World Trade Center
World Test Championship

– Playmaker – shake things up a bit – create an opening for something to happen!


– Film porn

– I am going to become a pornosopher, by making philosophical pornography!

– Below Her Mouth – I was just wondering if there are any films which manage to integrate lust & life……!

– From friends to lesbian lovers!
WOW! I can’t believe I just said that to you……….

– take everyone to the strip club

– the power of public n*****
( nudity)

– This is both the most difficult & easiest thing I have ever done

– Joel you have been here a million times  you are here now and you will be here a million times more efore

– O s*** (shit!) where did you learn this? Oh my GOD!

– Nagalakshmi.RTP

– The ass-hole of the universe

– Understated delivery
Mumblecore genre


– Have you qualified for the ultimate test?

– Task View shortcut (Win. 10)

– Anonymous quagga

– Perlego – could I grow spiritually, just by investing the money into this great reading service/study resource!?

– Trust Pilot

– Soft landing

– Are you over me?

– Daisy Taylor



– pussylicious


– ostriches

– Movies:
“Pieces of a Woman” (2020)
“Hustlers” (2019)


– PER-fucking-FECTION!!!


– estivate


– Who is Alexandra Elbakyan?


– Did RZ like lesbian porn?!😉

– Did Hemingway commit suicide?

– Dear X…
I am very hesitant to have ideological discussions with you, because you may be deeply offended, and that may set off another cycle of conflict between us.
I am comfortable with respecting your views (including your criticism of my beliefs). I accept that we are radically different, but also believe that we could be friends!
And it might be better to use a communication framework (like DRL) to have difficult/sensitive conversations, to minimize relational strain…?

– You want to be a cricket connoisseur, and not just an Indian fan, then also watch matches in which India is NOT playing!


– The cry of a dying man:
“ஆண்டவரே, நான் என்ன பன்னுவேன்?!”
“Lord… What do I do?!”


– “There are no bad trips!”

– Vedic metal
Ishana Night Shyamalan


– Shrooms:
6:35 pm – 2g – no effect
7:45 pm – 3g – NOPE!


– rockumentary


– bildung


– nix

– “A more reasonable estimate of human costs and values will lead us to think that “no labour is better expended than that which explores the way to the treasurehouses of the spirit, and shows mankind where to find those goods which are increased by being shared, and which none can take from us.”
(From “The Spirit of the Disciplines: Understanding How God Changes Lives” by Dallas Willard)


– I think the problem of the meaning of life remains (maybe even more strongly), if ageing & death were not inevitable!

– godwits


– newsworthiness

– backronym
Millennial raw deal


– No gain, no pain!
The myriad forms of nothingness
Learning to learn – meta-research

– Distinguish:
The God-man
The Man-god
(Sergei Bulgakov)

– Non-human philosophy


– Anti-Climacus
Objective despair


– Desperate passion
Unreasonable hope
Negative dialectics/melancholy science
Subject-object relations
Erudition in the popular
Negative pleasures
Immanent critique
Critical hedonism
Absurd rationality

– Distinguish:
The radical
The reactionary