The pursuit of the impossible via the useless


Immanuel (priest) sacrifices Joseph (victim) on the altar of Immanuel Joseph

fateless(ness) poetaster

I smash a tube light on the head of a mischievous little boy! Then lie about it to others…… 👺

From the Protestant ethos to the poetic mythos

Pentecost – can’t you smell the burning flesh?!

Called, to be THE worship leader

Christianity is equal/mutual/dynamic cannibalism!

Your vocation/identity is utterly unique, so just find a job that is more or less in line with your overall trajectory……

Icarus, reborn as Phaethon!

Empedocles + Hölderlin = Hyperion
Hölderlin + Joseph = ?

My mouth (aggressive expression) channels your pussy (deeper desires)

Romantic pessimism

Decolonial coach

They’re tryin’ to knock each other out as soon as possible!


What does their “advice” to me, show me, about them??

Liegemen of the daemon
Socrates & Diotima
From intuitive melancholy to tragical grief
The musical novel!
Divine nature ~ eternal necessity ~ individual destiny
The lawless rhythm of the daemon as against poetic rhyme & order

Overcoming obsessive self-preservation

I am always, in one of three phases:
Stirring up the tsunami, or
Riding the tidal wave, or
Relaxing on the shore

FROM what I am today (product of the past), TO who I am (becoming the Eternal)

Satan’s molten tears……


Decent zombies

“You’re not my destiny”

What would a child not be like, if I did not raise it?

Nietzschean fate

Fictional biography

Imagine ~ design ~ conquer ~ kill ~ create

But Panty is swallowed up in Victoria!

Delicious deadly habits

Face blindness

FUCK the news 🖕🏾

The opposite of fear is not courage, it’s passion!

Is this WORTH repeating??

Am I addict, artist or idiot?

“Sur Bataille”
……by Immanuel Joseph 😍
“Sur Joseph”… by??



“Please watch this movie for me”

Can I be a male chauvinist without becoming a misogynist? But why ask?

Just do more & more of what you like, and less & less of what you dislike. Then see if life still sucks! Are you willing to trade a long, boring & safe life for a short, interesting & risqué life?

From Peterson’s Nietzsche to Deleuze’s Nietzsche to Bataille’s Nietzsche

Other kinds of affordability

“Not all realities are true, and not all dreams are false”


Mystical investigations

The will to power/chance/ecstasy

Potlatch of absurdity

Posthumous notes

From false innocence to true guilt

Should I convey my congratulations, or condolences, for this event in your life?

Immediate context
Bigger picture
The personal depth is more congruent with the cosmic than the psychosocial

Third jeremiad



Using semen as ink

Simplify your life to such an extent, that you no longer need an organizer app!

Are you free to destroy yourself?

Angry incels

The Scooty fuel guage was faulty, even after being “repaired” (by that stupid Madurai mechanic), and always showed “full”. This resulted in me getting stranded with an empty tank! Now, can you see this is a Bataillean parable, or not? 😬


Just LET the wind blow into and through you


Vocation ~ destiny ~ identity ~ fate ~ passion ~ drive

Enough of the intellectual dalliances, let’s get down to the existential business……!

Hit the nitro-boost button 🔥

WHY does Vikram (2022) do what he does? His political/moral diagnosis is WRONG…
The truth is that he CAN’T help it 😂

FAKE life
REAL death

Coping stone

Agonic mastery

Nietzsche Vs. Nietzsche Vs. Nietzsche

From NF to FN

Learning to breathe underwater!
You mean, you have grown gills??

Ideal norms
Real values

Does my mother have anything to do with my lost passport?


The agonic & hedonic paradigms

Characterological comparisons

Spiritual designer

Literary portraiture

Horoscopical aspects

Vrinda Grover


Jungle music

“Too late…… And yet”




Evaluative discourse

Metaethicists as error theorists

When & how is my first heart-attack due?!

Brad Pitt’s dream was getting stabbed. Mine is stabbing! 😇

Sorry… can you remind me of the stakes again?

Solo + one-on-one + small group
Which one is missing in your mix?

Ducassian bestiary – My dear Lautreamont… so, is the human nothing more (or less) than a walking talking penis/pussy?

Value-independent, authoritative, practical, desire-based, instrumental reason

Does it matter that “nothing matters!”?

sub specie aeternitatis

Despair Vs. Heroism Vs. Irony

Interviewing the unconscious (person/mind?)

The serial killers & megalomaniacs among us – do they not represent in the social, what is true in the psychological? And by doing this, do they not also open our eyes to ourselves??

The implausibly conservative, and the impossibly radical

If I should apologize for offending all of you, then shouldn’t you also apologize for having persecuted me……?

The regulation of the emotional-behavioral economy

If I lived with the degree of self-neglect typical of a “depressed” “person”, but don’t feel miserable. Then, do I still need “therapy”?

Out of ignorance/folly, weakness & wickedness, only the first is amenable to concrete intervention! So let’s focus on that for now, okay? All those strategies which claim to address the other two, will just end up making you even more of a (self-deceived) idiot…… 😅

Birth >> entertain yourself & others (in the midst of all the suffering) >> death – the show does go on!

Honorific psychologies

Nihilist apostasy

Meaning ~ power ~ pleasure – I think I am very close to integrating these seemingly disparate needs/motives/values! Pleasure is power is meaning 😈

Will consuming such fiercely original content make me also creative?

My value/faith/passion: TRUTH – to seek philosophical knowledge at any cost, and to live faithfully according to this spiritual wisdom. Also, to help others do the same…

Belief loss

Motivated failure

Inconsistent/incompatible desires

Thick concepts


Money (capitalism)
Desire (hedonism)


Modern Cyrenaicism

Repression >> sublimation >> overcoming

Affective labor
Post-capitalist socius
Collective self-mastery
Geopolitical artistry
Contingent socio-technical strategies
Abductive experimentations
Alien futures
Outer experience

Demonic channeling
Mental empyrean
From the terrene to the supramundane, and back…
Puissantly athrill
Mourning play
The salto mortale of world history

What does Empedocles have to do with Holderlin? And what does that have to do with me?? The exuberant suicide!

Safety, comfort and growth
Pleasure, power & suffering

The violence of real meaning

Meaning, morality & money

Self-sacrifice Vs. Self-destruction

Extremes: good ~ evil!


At the midpoint between erect & flaccid is bliss (perfect relaxation & excitement, held together by awareness)!

Performative articulation of the self ~ philosophical autobiography

Magnetically repellent relationship

Physiological genius as spiritual method


The honest lie Vs. The lie of the ideal

The clandestine decadent


Bristling with layered meanings

Self-creation over self-knowledge

Dionysos ~ Zarathustra ~ Nietzsche

Quintessence – I AM revolution/revelation!

Manifesto for exploding the Old – free-spirit future philosophy


Pure affirmation & higher humans

Dithyrambic education

Apocalyptic paraenesis

German Hellenism

The aorgic


Dionysian discipleship

Irrepressible and hard-won cheerfulness

Elegiac hymns

Lou Salomé


Radical laziness

I’m becoming a professional watcher! 😜


From THE thing to something to many things to No-thing

Darkside (music genre)


pendant + pennon = pennant

Physical courage

What does your sky look like?

Scientific lucubrations

Artificial desiderata

affected (adj.)


I told the policeman that I am a medical doctor in “private practice” with no clinic 🤪

Special universes

Pessoa is my soulmate, and Nietzsche is my God

Aristocratic spirituality ~ the aesthetic of indifference

Philosophers of violence
Violent philosophers

I never knew kids could be so quiet for so long……!

Divine foolhardiness – what we need is fearless living with gay abandon!


Fear >> anger >> sadness >> ?

Memories, dreams & myths

But what if you run out of life, before death arrives…!?

Trying to get rid of the desire to get rid of suffering 🤪

Once in a while, it’s necessary to FALL over the edge (rather than jump)…!

reave; reft


STOP using the alarm!

How much of what you want is determined by what you were told you ought to want?

Theopathic states


Malcontents ~ innovators

FUCK! I can’t even kill a stupid cockroach……

Belief loss is a good thing to do with the fact that you are a good opportunity to review your new year resolutions, and your heart was an open book, and a great day to be a little less supportive of your life than you do……

(typed by my SwiftKey android keyboard!) 😁

Inverse laughter – living with ghosts as my companions (exchange concrete housemates with my dead soulmates)

Caliban’s reason
Vital decadence
Vapid serialization
Living thought
Hegemonic self-insulating practices
Catastrophic development

Ontological earthquake (“Maniac” – Mini-series, 2018)

I would rather be a monster than a parasite……

My Facebook reel feed is filled with face-pornstars!

Free bodies, in soul-prisons

SFG and inter-subjective (evidencing of) reality


A nihilist metaphysic is the best basis for ethical living i.e. liberating oneself from hegemonic moralities


Come, have a seat! I do.


Suspicion as weak belief

Desire as (unwitting) evaluative belief

Promethean transhumanism

Subtracting the human – Humean!

The normative sceptic and his/her natural impulses

Intellectual biography & spiritual suicide

pillory (n.)