– Dream:
I am trying to swallow a tablet that’s stuck in my throat. I am in a beach-house, a monstrous wave is coming in from the sea, and I start running for cover……
– Non-exemplary instances
Metaphysical ethics ~ political ontology
Inclusive disjunction
– denormatise
The is as ought
– Christ University?
The behemoth becomes the dinosaur, and then goes extinct……! Is this evolution??
– Theoretical Humanities
Rigorous art
– Wedding Anniversary reflections:
6 years of marriage.
Last year –
– Moving out on our own >> more commitment & confidence.
– Becoming closer to each other & more independent of others, especially parents (financial & psychological).
– Feeling of stability in spite of serious challenges facing us, or because of overcoming them.
Next year –
– To assist Salome in spiritual growth & physical fitness.
– To work on improving the quality of our communication in sensitive/controversial areas. Use Sublimewe, etc.
– Plan to have a child, once her working conditions are more ideal for parenting. Most probably, after a year or so…
(Celebration yesterday was good.
Maybe we can have the marital vows renewal & physical intimacy today)
– Certainty ~ arrogance
Satisfaction ~ complacency
– My work is fundamentally alertness/awareness/attentiveness!
Agress – approach ~ attack ~ undertake
Misanthropic egotist
Comedian ~ critic
Psycho lover
– “If my people, who belong to me, humble themselves, pray, seek to please me, and repudiate their sinful practices, then I will respond from heaven, forgive their sin, and heal their land.”
2 Chronicles 7:14 NET
“Seek my face” ~ seek to please me
Spiritual repentance >> moral reformation >> social welfare
I think Indian Christians are grossly mistaken in their “application” of this “promise”…!
– “I always keep some whiskey handy, in case I see a snake, which I also keep handy.” – W. C. Fields
Non-philosophy + spiritual disciplines + pornography! 😉😛
– News:
“With friends like Trump, who needs enemies!” – EU Chief
Virat Kohli to Surrey (County Cricket)!
‘This is an eye-opener’: Changes in global water supply hint at future conflicts and crises
Vector control only way to control Dengue: Experts
World Hypertension Day
Good & bad calories
Did you ever think of an Ambani company going bankrupt?
RTE quota students
Cops quarrel over disparity in bribes – Chennai
IPL betting scam
Evaluation standards, questions better – TN class XII exams
Low voter turnout in Bengaluru – error?
– My ministry – Flesh made words via spirit!
– My 3 anchors in choppy/unchartered waters:
1. Daily routine
2. Friends
3. Sense of personal vocation/individual identity
– eCAS
Common Account Statement containing financial transactions across all mutual funds!
– Movies:
Violence is the mature adult’s sex!?
Intense communion through passionate conflict……
“Sexy Beast”
The last (postmortem) scene is crucial!
Why this title??
– TV series:
“Sneaky Pete” (Season 1 Episode 1 & 2)
Will to power
Ethical sensibility
– Reading as experience and vice versa!
Do I overuse the exclamation mark? What does this show about me??
– TV guide – What’s On app
– Angel investor
– Shaka sign
Art filters
Sleep naked
– Christian Management Devotional articles:
1. Be true to yourself.
2. Be relevant to the audience.
3. Create something better!
– Future/potential
Realizing who you are
Improving what you’ve become
– Movies:
“Borg Vs. McEnroe”
WOW! An archetypal sports film.
An explosive combination of style and substance
“Assassin’s Creed”
The critics ripped this one apart, but I love it!
– LiveScore app!
– Animated book summary
– Zero-sum game
Utorrent Web!
Curious app
Mind mapping
Tim Ferris
Curios & puzzles
Ken Ken
Catching lightning in a bottle
– “An army of self-experimenters for testing assumptions!”
“The minimum effective dose to be super-effective”
The 80/20 Principle
“What is measured is managed”
– “There is something ever so slightly dishonest about this character, something false about the boundaries drawn around his sadism and his rage. Deadpool 2 dabbles in ugliness and transgression, but takes no real creative risks.”
(From the NYT review )
Sounds like Rowan Moses’s review of Immanuel Joseph! 😝


– recuse
– levee
– “Nature’s Fortune” (book on Blinkist)
“Economics is too important to be left to the economists”
“Wedding the scientific method and radical imagination”!
– Non-human philosophy
Regional knowledges
– Is Ravi Zacharias able & willing, to promote the application of critical thinking, upon his own faith too? Or is it only for punching holes into the case made by the opponents of Christianity?
– Movies:
“A Quiet Place”
The finish is where we are now!
– Do you have the guts to cross swords with other(s) yet??
– hamper
– mofussil
Originary faith
Eidetic variation
Invariant structure
Identity ~ essence
Natural(ized) hallucinations ~ ideologies ~ epistemes
An inherent complex of attitudes
Intricately constructed logic
Unified theory of philosophy & science
Disempowering the authoritarian impulse
Incompleteness theorems
Philosophy as metascience
– Phenomenology
– From humanism to anti-humanism to non-humanism!
– exigency
– What is Gollum’s (LOTR) “us/we” all about??

– Christianity as non-Judaism


– The politics of desire
Romancing death


– Eklavya


– 6 years of marriage.
Last year:
– Moving out on our own >> more commitment & confidence.
– Becoming closer to each other & more independent of others, especially parents (financial & psychological).
– Feeling of stability in spite of serious challenges facing us, or because of overcoming them.
Next year:
– To assist Salome in spiritual growth & physical fitness.
– To work on improving the quality of our communication in sensitive/controversial areas. Use Sublimewe, etc.
– Plan to have a child, once her working conditions are more ideal for parenting. Most probably, after a year or so…
(Celebration yesterday was good.

Maybe we can have the marital vows renewal & physical intimacy today)
– rejig
– Virtual immanence
Abstract sex
– 420
– Dream:
Mummy is diagnosed with HIV! I try to reassure my parents about their future quality of life.
Chellam is ?flirting with one of her male colleagues, and I am disturbed about it. I would rather not know such things……


– The chief charges against me:
1. Not earning any money nor having any inherited asset.
2. Immoral, indecent, selfish, brutal and mean
3. Too critical/negative in outlook
4. Not adjusting, because of which the other person(s) has to compromise too much.
5. Not hospitable/sociable (enough).
– politicizing
Big talk
Anti-viral ministries (unpopular revolutions)
Downscaling utopia
Non-entrepreneurial inventions
Solo movements
Micro transformations
– 3 Sublimewe starters:
1. What is in your heart/mind that you would like to express?
2. What would you like to ask me in this open context, that you might not, otherwise?
3. What would you ask yourself, in order to understand yourself better?
4. What would you like to tell me now, that you might hesitate to say outside of this space?
– Kalina Silverman
Immanuel Joseph
– Fake news order
Cauvery Tribunal
The SC on the SC/ST Act
10 point cheat sheet to the big story
Any neutral umpires left??
Bharat Bandh & Dalit agitation
From blame-game to the way forward
Does the Supreme Court have the power to alter legislation?
ANI News
Review petition
Virtual ID
Innocent terrorists
CBSE papers leak
Nerve-agent attack probe
– Power-knowledge
Vested interests
Legitimate authorities
– Distinguish:
Critiquing both……!?
– Politics
Public service
Christian ministry
What have we got ourselves into?! And how did we get here??
– This TV anchor has jumped from being a discussion moderator/facilitator to becoming a passionate debater himself!
– Destitute helpline
Auto Raja
Mansoor Chetlu
Citizen Matters, Bengaluru
Bottoms up
– Movies:
“Call Me By Your Name”
“And I will call you by mine”!
If they could be lovers, can’t they also become life-partners?
Why does anything good have to last forever?
Is there any element of abuse here? How old is Elia? Isn’t he just a kid??
Apricot ~ precocious
Is Oliver getting married to a woman?
Compare with Russell’s confusion between being a bisexual & homosexual, in “Six Feet Under”
– Is Jesus also a symbol/pointer of the messianic Kingdom, which is always “future”?
Is GOD going to establish his Kingdom now?
Are you ready for it yet?
Is the Eschaton dependent on our achievements?
Is it independent of our state?
– Genre-bending
Designer drugs
– Will relieving my depression (chemically) blunt my intellect & passion?
– hmu
– GOD wants to exist, that’s why he creates the universe, and especially our world!
Is GOD a product of human religion?
Is religion a product of divine inspiration?
Future Studies
– Dream:
A shemale is ass-fucking a bleeding & decaying corpse!
?Salome & Christ University?
This sanitized culture is disgusting and its very hygiene is nauseating……
– Am I scared that people might call me preachy, perverted, nihilistic & crazy?
Yes. But I speak my mind & act out my heart anyway……!
– Anti-depressant – to take or not to take…
Is it essential to be miserable, in order to be a philosopher or artist?
Respect Biology!
– Adele & Leo Moracchioli ~ Christianity & Immanuel Joseph
Metal covers!
– Data mining
Institutional separation
Learning crisis
Decentralized action
District report cards
Schooling outcomes
Heat index
Confucian religiousness and ancestral cult
– Religion & politics
Economics & technology
– Movies:
“You Were Never Really Here”
“Morvern Callar”
– The theology of the unforgiven
– Enlightenment follows, the day AFTER the (LSD) trip!
– Contradictions & excesses
Drag racing
Naturalized hegemonies
Arborescent thinking
Totalizing logic
Deterritorialize and reterritorialize
Pre-symbolic desire
Anti-theory and anti-method
Moral inquiry
Character education
Contemporary phenomenology
Multicultural society
Critical pedagogy
Disciplined subjects
Virtual community
Online spirituality
Reflective arts
Chaordic leadership
Advanced beginner
Intentionally ambiguous
Evolving concept
– I met a “homeless” man, who is at home in the sidewalk!


– suds
Disaster & revelation
False mysticism
– This shitty culture calls me “shit”!
Ha ha ha ha ha……
– When it comes to the temptation to make you alter your behavior because I find it offensive, my line is clearly drawn.
I will not cross it, unlike most others around me……
– “Ogling is sick!”
So says a sick world……
– You think you are something, because of all those layers you have put on, and I seem like nothing, because of my nakedness.
But my whole point is to help us all realize our essential emptiness, and disillusion ourselves from the mass hysteria of self-preservation!
– Church as body of Christ
Doctrine of Incarnation & resurrection
– What does creativity have to do with sanity?
– Are you willing to suffer unhappiness & frustration for the rest of your life because of this spiritual vision??
Are you strong enough for such an arduous calling?
– Amazing Grace – I once was lost, because I believed I was found.
But now……!
– If expertise/passion = 100 credits.
Then one could either earn it via 100 credits in 1 field or 50 credits in 2 fields or 34 in 3, or……
Get my drift?
So, what are your fields, Joe, and do you have enough credits totally?
Inward/reflection _____
Study/learn _____
Conversation/discussion _____
– Distinguish:
Inherent worth
Productive value
– Pre-modern postmoderns
Temple tax
Sexual apprentice
Technical skills
Secular/cultural/popular religions
Accusations of misanthropy
The statue that fell from heaven
Competition in humility
Futile self-abasement
Demonic powers, worldly authorities & planetary forces
Heavenly evil
Cosmic Christ
Female leadership
The unknown God
Philosophy as exclusive/elitist
Healing the soul
– Distinguish:
If I experience clear supernatural signs of the truth of the Gospel, will I be reconverted??
– Imagination
– Super-generalist
– If women have a right to dress in a sexually provocative manner, then men have the right to ogle all they want.
The tingling in the groin…… 😉
– Movies:
“Malcolm X”
Nation of Islam (envy) + CIA (political establishment) => assassination of the rebel/critic/prophet.
Crisis of faith >> liberalization of the fundamentalist
Denzel Washington – what a great actor!
Compare with “Get Out” – psycho-analyzing religion and psychoanalysis as religion
Is martyrdom the true destiny of the hero??
The power of truth & the truth of power
Racism and the failure of Christianity
Compare with Ambedkar & Buddhism in India
Haunted by the past & avenged by the ghost – your sins will catch up with you!
The forest-spirit as witness & judge!
Stupid film – why such a high rating on Metacritic?!
Scalping, raping & burning
A mediocre imitation of “Apocalypto” & “Revenant”
– Palm Sunday – I feel like I have participated in the self-emptying (especially social, professional & economic stripping) of Christ!
Transforming suffering, without sadomasochism.
Celebration of life in all its fullness includes the affirmation of pain & death (distinguish from sin/injustice) also……!?
Making the cross out of the palm ~ making a crown out of thorns
The man-forsaken GOD and the GOD-forsaken man, in eternal bond!
The cross of Christ as the ultimate mockery of evil
– Cold War 2.0
3 Relationship types (adapted from Martin Buber):
1. I-it – I am the subject who uses the other as object (as a means to my own ends).
2. Thou-it – self-sacrifice – I become the thing to be abused by the other person.
3. I-Thou – ideal inter-personal relationship – mutual & reciprocal respect, trust & care – equal love, both for oneself & for the other!
– sombunall
Realty tunnel
Spooky essences
Restricting language usage to phenomenological/operational/existential descriptions
Spacetime events
Born naked, hungry & curious
Ethno/ego-centrism – I am/we are the only rational, natural & moral/godly person/people in the world
Robert Anton Wilson
Aristotelian traps
Policing ~ unifying ~ ordering
The scientific community
Timothy Leary
“Forgetting is the enemy”
Political prisoners
Christopher Wylie
– Normies
– The indecent rebel
The ingenious trickster
Quantum psychology
– spiel
– Who is Steve Bannon?
Is Christopher Wylie gay?
– agitprop
– Passover >> Last Supper >> Eucharist
Blood >> wine >> blood >> wine >>>
Real symbols & symbolic realities
Participate, celebrate, worship
Liturgical ~ sacramental ~ missional
Maundy Thursday:
Could it be that the meaning of the cosmos is actually divine love?!
– Movies:
“Phantom Thread”
“Killing Jesus”

The Cross of Christ stands for:

1. Courageous witness to truth (especially when confronting power)

2. The ultimate truth is the unconditional & unreserved love of GOD, who is the ruler of the world.

3. The human identity & vocation is found in this revelation of GOD in Jesus.

Worship of this GOD leads to:

1. Gratitude for such unlimited Grace >> radical generosity.

2. Humility, & penitence for one’s own sins.

3. The readiness to suffer for one’s faith in the Cross.

The Christian claim is that the meaning of the entire universe is found in the Cross!

– Easter:
Jesus is risen, so everyone may (must) rejoice, irrespective of the contingents!
All I need to do is just keep celebrating the liturgy, until I am finished.
Robert Farrar Capon is the best preacher of (Christ’s) Resurrection, because he is the best preacher of (our) death.
The mystery of faith:
“Christ has died,
Christ is risen,
Christ will come again.
Yes, Christ has died,
Christ is risen,
Christ will come again.”
“When we eat this bread,
And drink this cup,
We proclaim your death, O Lord,
Until you come again.”
“Dying you destroyed our death, rising you restored our life. Lord Jesus, come in glory.”
“Lord, by your cross and resurrection, you have set us free. You are the Savior of the World.”
They had been asking each other, “Who will roll away the stone for us from the entrance to the tomb?” (Mark 16:3 NET) – the problem of religion, and the Gospel of Resurrection
– Movies:
“Theory of Everything”
I believe God created the universe in the future/eschaton

– Conceptual art




– The silent majority
Independent voices
Partial truths, false facts & white lies
Trait theory & identity politics
Vet your heroes/mentors!
Core dependency needs
Sibyllic novel
– Do you ever to stop to ask, WHY is it that you love a particular kind of thinker or philosophy??
– Distinguish:
Public intellectual
Populist icon
– Jordan Peterson (Past facts/Classical Liberalism)
Slavoj Zizek (Future hopes/Critical Theory)
– Psychopath
Who me?! 😉
– I (an adult male) knows what a bored, insecure & dejected house-wife feels like, in her domestic captivity!
How does it feel to “sit at home”, “doing nothing”, while your lady goes out into the world and brings home the moolah??
– obstreperous
Field theory
Psychic inflation
Monotheism as monarchical/imperial religion
Theoretical physics & mystical experience
Counter-intuitive truths & mind-blowing theories
Quantization revolutions
Elementary (sub-atomic) particles
– Unique ~ anomalous
– Pleasure >> happiness >> joy
Joy > happiness > pleasure
Feed the id & superego equally, so that this optimal tension will shape a balanced ego.
– Gestalt self/soul/spirit:
Person > physical + cultural + material + psychological + political + ecological
Spiritual ~ mystical ~ cosmic!
– Space-time
Gravitational waves
Post-modernism. Quantum Physics and Eastern spirituality
Can of worms
Webby Awards
Organized protest
Pi Day
Lawless adventurers inciting revolution
Constitutional reform
Unincorporated community
Poverty & criminality
Cite Soleille
Haitian Creole
– The collective unconscious
Cosmic consciousness
– Individuality is not just about being different from others around/before you, it’s about being original/authentic…
– Should I have vacations?
If so, what is the rhythm for them?
– Stephen Hawking
Vinci (Android app)
Mathematical constants
– Distress as the 6th vital sign
Life as (a) cancer!
Climate & politics
Viable alternative – we need a credible & inspiring counter-narrative!
From intelligence to wit
Quantum physics & personal chaos
Shock doctrine
“No is not enough”
– Entire human existence as Vipassana!
To be, when you are not to be……
I want to see/know for myself, what “life” essentially is, when (the covering layers of) career, family, etc. are removed!
– I saw a t-shirt pic showing a row of birds sitting on a wire, and only one was upside down, with the logo “Dare to be different”.
I think that it’s usually the case that the one “unique” bird is also just like all the others on the inside.
I want to be truly unique, although I might look like everyone else on the outside.
Originality/authenticity is more subtle than most people think.
The desire to be “different” is just the flips idea of the coin of cultural conformity…
You need to be a different kind of different to be a real individual!
– My temptation is to become successful/significant/valuable/relevant/important/interesting……!
In short, to be something/someone.
Can I survive this self-emptying?? Is it radical enough?!
Why this excruciating & exhausting experiment? Why this self-imposed exile?
– Movies:
“Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri”
“Red Sparrow”
– Testing bench strength
Topological hermeneutics
Episteme Vs. Retorica
– Awareness of the unconscious, autonomous, underlying vitals:
Physiology (mindfulness)
Ecology (naturalism)
– “It is more blessed to give than to receive.”
Although our everyday life should be one of sharing (almost equal giving & receiving), our major long-term decisions ought to be focused on how we can receive better now, so that we can ultimately give more…
– Pollution alert
Fuckin’ A!
Hermeneutical topology
Doxa ~ Retorica
Jeff Malpas
Carnap & Physicalism
Pragmatism & Positivism
Performative contradiction
Practical knowledge
– “What do you do?”
– “Do you want the short or the long answer?”
“The short answer is that I am not doing anything (in particular)!”
The long answer is that I am into spiritual work – self-education in the context of a contemplative lifestyle… “
– trebuchet
– The Great Commandments:
The second rests on the first. Human value is based on the inviolable sanctity & supreme goodness of life/world/existence!
So, the first need not always be seen as a strict monotheism……
– “Dear sir,
My feedback/suggestions for EMFI:
1. The working conditions of the staff of all the mission hospitals needs to be improved. Overwork because of lack of manpower, inadequate remuneration, trying to achieve more (both in terms of quantity & quality) than what the current hospital infrastructure allows, etc., in already functioning units must first be addressed before starting new units which propagate the same old problems. Doing this will slow down expansion in the short-term, but will pay richly in the long run.
2. Create an atmosphere of genuine fellowship and personal spiritual growth in the mission hospital compound/community. Addressing the first problem is essential for doing this. The optimal conditions for holistic staff health & development will ensure more young people coming to work there and also, a lesser employee attrition rate. Taking good care of the members of the organization is as important as serving the patients/society!
3. The defects of conventional Western/Allopathic medicine must be rectified by introducing the approach of “Medicine of the Person” (Paul Tournier). This will involve radical changes to the entire system/spirit of the healthcare being provided by the so-called “Christian hospitals”! Just adding prayer & evangelism to the usual thing is definitely not enough…?
Drawing on the insights of the Humanities, Social Sciences & Arts etc. will be required. A purely biblical/evangelical faith will not be sufficient to meet all the challenges of the future……
Please refer the book I had emailed you (& some others) for a good introduction to the (Medicine of the Person) movement.
Thank you for your attention ✋🏽
– Laziness >> tiredness >> depression >> coma
– The illusion of free-will is the greatest weapon of determinism!
Moving from life to living, from meaning to reality, from purpose to truth, from hope to being, from person to existence
The eternal moment
– Half-day alternating rhythm

– Vicodin
Oral literacy

– Annihilation – my review:
– I liked “Ex Machina” better, bro.
Sci-fi & horror is an explosive combination indeed! But this movie doesn’t have the raw energy & brutal punch of his previous film. “Dredd” was also awesome.
– Watch & compare with the films, “Prometheus” & “Arrival”.
(Also, “The Fountain” & “2001: A Space Odyssey”)
– The 2 main themes are love/romance and death/cancer. It is out of the interaction of these 2 aspects of human life that the other big questions of GOD, nature, meaning, eternity, etc. emerge. So, theology actually emerges out of deep reflection on the human condition, therefore it is a kind of philosophical/mythological/mystical anthropology! What does it mean to be human? And what makes humans different from other animals/species?
– The climax/ending seems to focus on the matter of consciousness/personhood. But it takes a very different view from the usual – the 2 survivors are actually NOT the same as the ones who went into the shimmer. But this DOESN’T seem to matter to the “lovers”! This is somewhat closer to a biological reductionism where the human is nothing but his/her DNA. Consciousness or personhood is somewhat similar to the concept of “soul”, which we must always beware of reifying……
– So, what is the shimmer or what does it stand for? And what is encountered at its core??
The shimmer seems to represent religion (or even science or any other comprehensive view) with its apocalyptic revelation (the prismatic refraction that radically transforms all aspects of our reality). And what is encountered at its centre is GOD/Adam/Man/Christ/Self/Death/Life/Change/Process. But of course, in sci-fi this is usually in the form of an alien, ancestor or evolutionary successor. Compare with the Genesis Chamber in Superman.
– The spirituality is essentially biological and similar to U. G. Krishnamurti’s (one of my favorite gurus). Mutation is the basis of both evolution (life/development) & cancer (death/decay)! The 2 attitudes toward “It” are represented by the 2 characters – face/embrace it or fight/resist it – but no matter what, you are always a part of it!
What is the significance of the adultery in the story? If something seems perfect in this world, then you can be sure that something else is hiding underneath. We need imperfection!
Non-philosophy – mutation & cloning

So, the title “Annihilation” does NOT mean absolute destruction, but radical transformation! The final title display after the last scene is beautifully illustrative of this central insight…
– excurse
– Animated lyrics
Chomsky Vs. Foucault
American History X
Malcolm X
– I didn’t know that Muhammad Ali was involved with Malcolm X and the Black liberation movement.
He was not just a great boxer……! 👏
– Trade wars
Trump, the liability!
Sightings & ejaculations
Poetic ~ erotic

– Non-preachy sermons

– We ARE the aliens on this planet!

– Plant
What is the opposite of “distinguish”?

– “lugubrious”
Sounds like exactly the opposite of what it means!

– Work day:
First half – chores.
Second half – spiritual disciplines
Rhythm day:
First half – basic routine
Second half – random learnings
Freak-out day:
No prohibitions.
No structure.

– The greatest evidence for the existence of GOD (a conscious, moral, intelligent and powerful person) is the fact of human beings, the conditions of life & the rise of language, that make us possible.
Every other explanation falls way short of the theistic one when it comes to this particular point……!

– What is Rajya Sabha election??