– It can’t be, but it is!
– unprepossessing
Feature speaker
Evangelicalism & entrepreneurship
Youth For Christ
Siren song
boilerplate (adj.)
Holi – spring festival of colors
Joshua & Caleb’s minority report
Ad lib
– Should I repent of my disdain for Billy Graham?
Check out the CT (Christianity Today) memorials!
What would the Christian Century say about him now??
– Billy Graham
Reinhold Niebuhr
Could Philip Yancey & Robert Capon be colleagues??
Ravi Zacharias definitely seems to have molded himself according to BG’s shape…
– TV series:
Masters of Sex (Season 4)
Definitely going out in a blaze of glory!
Virginia is the one who seems to have changed (matured) the least! Her lying still continues……
Lib (Libby-liberated!) is undoubtedly the hero of this season – the last shall be first!
The ending is definitely not fairy-talish (“…& they lived happily ever after”).
Should we (Salome & I) start reading a novel together (instead of watching another full TV series) now?
For all their pioneering spirit, they are still caught up in the capitalist (intellectual property) rut! Just giving credit to the source is enough whenever we use the output of others in our own work.
I think Nancy was right about Virginia in many ways……!
The only way to get rid of guilt (self-hatred) is to overcome shame (social rejection)!
“They’ve found their groove” – at last!
Which are the true & the fictional elements in the series?
– Can one be a woman of both vision & humility?
– Mat. 21:33-43, 45-46
Retribution (punishment of the culprit) – Pharisaic
Vindication (recompense for the victim) – Christian
No resurrection, no salvation!
Inheritance – insecurity & competition
Gift – radical, sovereign Grace
You can reject, & even kill the Messiah, but that will only help prove that he is the Chosen One!
The problem with the Gospel is that it sounds too good to be true.
Jesus not only exposes the leaders as criminals, but also insults their theology/intelligence. The latter seems to have stung more……
Never forget Capon’s subversive interpretation of the parables!
What could someone like me do with the great old academy, or rather, what would they do to me??
Why is it so easy to get caught up in the daily routine, and miss out on the very rhythm(s) of Life itself?! What safeguards can prevent this awful tragedy in my/our life?
What does it mean to “produce the fruits of the kingdom”? To (desire & learn to) discern GOD’s traces & clues in everyday life, and conduct ourselves in that holy light! To not become blind to the point of it all, in the doing of each & every thing……
– Having sex with a loving & attractive partner, in the context of a committed relationship, is a wonderful thing indeed!
– Why am I feeling so energetic & positive in the past 2 days?!
– Most entertainment is not educative, and most education is not entertaining.
– I must start meditating for 15 minutes both in the morning & night.
– Redefining “survival”
– Need & strategy ~ cause & trigger
– Always keep one foot out the door, so that you don’t become part of the domestic furniture!?
– Precept group
– Movies:
“Get Out”
Hmmm… a thriller/horror flick getting nominated for an Oscar is no small thing!
Is the dominant/obvious theme of racism just a cover for something deeper??
Could this film contribute to worsening the already bad racial relations in the USA?
Is it an exercise in Critical Psychology (a critique of how mainstream behavioral science is complicit in unjust systems & forces of exploitation)?
Could a Black hypnotherapist do the same thing to a White client?
Compare with “The Shape of Water” – the abyss/underwater world of the unconscious – our deepest fantasies (Heaven/God) and worst nightmares (Hell/Devil) coexist, & even mingle there!
I think roadkill/hunting trophy is a very significant trope
Is Jordan Peele black?
Social thriller & human demons
Go looking for the Easter eggs in the 2nd viewing!
– Lacunae in my learning:
Relate to other people more.
Travel (cross-cultural).
Learn a new practical skill (performing art)
– Dialectics
Could it be easier for someone like me to understand Non-philosophy than it would be for a professional/academic philosopher?!
François Laruelle & Robert Capon might have been good buddies!?
Lived quality
Anne-Francois Schmid
From knowledge to knowing
Transdisciplinary vision
The meaning of things, as defined by the contents of our experience of them
First person POV
Represent ~ intend
Horizonal awareness
Background conditions ~ enabling ground
Pure description
Passive performance
Implicit awareness
The objective contents of subjective acts
The intentional directedness of consciousness
Unconscious mentation
Noesis & noema
Ideal meanings & concrete objects
Platonistic logics
Mutant/clone/recasting of Marx + Husserl + Fichte = Laruelle’s Non-philosophy
Pure freedom (subject) & utter necessity (object)
Philosophy as the Theory of Science
Intellectual intuition
Posit ~ presuppose
Systematic ambiguity
Via conscious self-observation, becoming aware of the transcendental (necessary but unconscious) conditions of ordinary experience
The synthetic unity of theoretical & practical reason
Empirical individuals
Feeling >> intuition >> concept
How are knowledge & freedom related?
A priori deduction
Laruellian graphemes
Sources ~ influences
Figures & events
The democratic spirit of a unified theory of philosophy & science
Engaging the dominant discourses of the time
Thinking thing
Ego & cogito
A formal understanding of the special causal logic
Situating principles, introductory concepts & first names
– limn
– How can a professional sportsperson enjoy playing the game?
– The enlightened person is the one who no longer needs or desires perfection!
– “What it is” – Jonathan Davis
– “I got a story to tell” – Biggie Smalls
– Morality/duty/responsibility as the interface of our desire/infinity and creatureliness/finitude
– One needs to become a jack of all (some) trades AND a master of one (few)!
– Madness is the only possible (way back to) sanity!
– parvenue
Foul sex
Dark knowledge
– Joseph & Salome ~ Birkin & Ursula
– If Jesus is Moses gone mad,
Then I am Jesus gone mad!
How would a conversation between Osho & UGK be like? Yes, they might first be like cat & dog, but I think there is a deeper unity there……
– Resistance, reform & revolution
– Diary:
Rescued a street dog trapped inside a house.
Asphalt Airborne PC game:
In spite of perfect driving, I was coming in at 4th or 5th place! So, I just followed the No. 1, and found out why. Then, I used the secret knowledge to beat him at his own game!
I am proud of myself for these 2 acts!
– Movies:
“The Darkest Hour”
I liked the second one better. But even that wasn’t great… Or maybe it was.
Should I watch “The Imitation Game” too along with these 2 WWII films?
How & why did the Allies win? What did they have that the Nazis did not? Weren’t the German forces much larger, stronger, & even smarter? Does the moral high ground confer any kind of advantage in actual war?!
– Sublimewe & Freudian personality theory:
Me ~ Id (animal)
We ~ Superego (racial)
Us ~ Ego (relational)
– Shape of Water:
Notice that she is alone in the first scene, which is actually the ending. The last scene is the penultimate one.
Once she has been given gills, the “Divine Animal” disappears (into her)!
We are like fish out of water…… And instead of trying to evolve into terrestrial creatures, & losing our very essence, we need to return to our natural habitat in order to truly survive!
– There are as many ways to salvation as there are persons! That is why “truth is a pathless land”. Because each person needs to make or find their own way, of course using all the resources already available, but there is no ready-made answer.
Neither Jesus’s oneness with the Father nor Buddha’s achievement of Nirvana can/should be taught or “passed on” to others!
– Distinguish:
– Distinguish:
– Tension:
Instead of,
From morality to capacity!
– Unique ~ anomalous
– Bird-dog
– Unconscious motivations – is there any other kind?? 😈
– If it’s you who wants to talk with me, then why do you expect me to call you??
– The highest/deepest (mystical/cosmic) levels of reality are totally nonsensical! So, if sanity is living in alignment with what is “real”, then……!
– The relationship of an adult to his/her parents is NOT unimportant!
And parents who have adult children, you need to take note of this too.
Just because someone is desperate to have a child (or get married) DOESN’T mean they will be a good parent (or spouse)……
– Structural evil ~ original sin
We are born into it AND we are culpable for it. We are BOTH victim & culprit.
– If Jesus is the Second Adam. Then Adam has to be the First Christ!
– Most parents don’t adapt well to the development of their children into adulthood. Why is that?
Parents give, & children receive.
– Is “enlightened” just a fancy synonym for “frigid”? 😅
– Down the rabbit hole
Wild Wild Country: Rajneeshpuram
Interviews, documentaries & biographies
– Spiritual fat
Psychological muscle
Intellectual nerve
Social skeleton
– Self-forgetfulness ~ numbness ~ bliss
– No privacy, no freedom!
– Intimacy – permitting each other to fully express our innemmost thoughts & feelings, without any fear of retaliation……
– Fires of darkness
Behold the Spirit
Parables of Grace, Kingdom & Judgment
Losing all hope is freedom
The Light – Disturbed (notice the word “beautiful” in the lryics!)
Mortification ~ immortalization – GOD is nothing but the nostalgia/harbinger of eternity that lies deep within the human being who is but dust & ashes……
How would you respond, if I told you now, that all your greatest dreams and deepest desires, and of every other human being who was ever alive, will be fulfilled beyond their wildest expectations!!!
The spiritual/ethical response – Heaven is only for the spiritual/ethical folks!
The sceptical/cynical response – Heaven is a pie-in-the-sky fairy tale for kids & weaklings!
Robert Farrar Capon + Alan Watts + U.G. Krishnamurti – (how) does Non-philosophy fit in??
Compare and connect – “The Last Temptation of Christ” & “Siddhartha”
– Melodic hardcore
Hierarchy of quality
– I’m so miserable, because I’m so mediocre. I’m gonna be 40… when will I ever get a grip of myself and make something worthwhile out of this puny existence??
Life is meaningless, beautiful and heart-breaking!
The desire for, & pursuit of, peace/perfection/harmony/liberation/transformation, etc. is trivial, misguided & futile (in light of the greater reality).
The drug-addict, the ambitious achiever and the spiritual seeker are all in the same (mistaken) path.
Yes, but it’s okay,
It’s alright,
Everything’s gonna be fine……! 😊
Repent, & believe the Good News – the Kingdom of GOD is here, now.
Hallelujah! 🙌
No enlightenment, only life.
No salvation, only death.
No hope, only passion!
Living, in the exact mid-point between hunger & satisfaction……
Biological spirituality!
They say you either have to achieve all your dreams (ambition) or stop dreaming altogether (Nirvana).
I say, keep dreaming and stay unfulfilled (Crucifixion)!
So what?! After all, we came out of nothing, burn momentarily & return to nothing……
Prodigal Vs. Elder son – who is in a better position to receive the Gift? And why is that?
Could trying to attain something actually keep you from enjoying it?
– No debate, no solidarity!
– Alt Right
– 12.3.18

– tangerine



Losing All Hope Was Freedom

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– stela
League of Nations
Steam turbine rotor
Feral animal
Rams & ewes
Rented farm
Secondhand smoke
This Day in History – the creation of the peace symbol (1958)
morganatic ~ left-handed
Global watchdog
Tamil oil press
RBI panel meeting minutes released
மக்கள் நீதி மையம்
Police plea
Custodial interrogation
Assault case
Hate crimes
Target killings
Justin Trudeau
Top cop
Ishrat Jahan case
Nirav Modi
Anand Mahindra
Private citizen
Satellite Internet
Moral danger
Effective counsel
The leader as the paragon of virtue
Active covenant – loyal/consistent/committed
– Is the South African national anthem dual-language?
– News:
NASA – space-suit with built-in toilet
ISRO moon mission cheaper than “Interstellar”
Life-saving bariatric surgery
– “Silver is sometimes more valuable than gold… that is, in large(r) quantities.”
– Gilbert Chesterton
What are the pros & cons of both options?
Value (utilitarian/ethical/aesthetic) or price (monetary)??
Hmmm…… Is a semi-fit Kohli as good as a fully fit Dhawan?
Sometimes, less is not more!
When does quantity compensate for quality?
This is surely an exceptional case, rather than a general rule.
– Bible verses of the day:
Those who constantly trust this GOD, in all their plans & actions, will never be disappointed!
Is it possible to read these verses without a straightforward theistic faith??
Isn’t it advisable to believe that the upright will be finally vindicated, as you live in this uncertain world? Doesn’t it help one make sense of the chaos, get through the trying times, and keep hope (of justice/peace/joy) alive……
But what if there is actually no sovereign guarantor of a perfect/happy ending?!
Could these verses still be meaningful??
I don’t know……  😔
– What is the shelf-life of an LSD stamp? And how does one store it for optimal efficacy?
– Heat index
Comfort level
– pander
“Extraa Innings”
– Customize your Google Now feed & activate notifications
– The messianic, without a Messiah!
– Historical epistemes
Micro-texts & macro-contexts
Human sciences
Syntagmatic analysis
Enhancing theoretical lenses
Engaging in teaching as reflective practice
Math learning
Inquiry-based pedagogy
Teacher education
Practitioner research
Authentic experiences
Biographic & situated knowledge
Japanese science education
Disciplinary genres
– I am grateful for:
The freedom I have, to try new things, and be original & creative – the opportunity for passionate living (irrespective of whether I am optimally using it o)
Right now, I am feeling:
Little frustrated, bored, peaceful.
Right now, I am thinking:
What is missing in my life? Why do feel that something vital is lacking? How can I address this vague & nagging need??
In pursuit of “a life less ordinary”……
– Inequities ~ contradictions
– Social materiality
The natural artificial
Cultural Marxism
Reordering work
The hidden curriculum
Signs & society
Culture & history
System > structures
Anomalistic art
Knowledge claims & intended meaning as fictional constructs
– Isn’t the division of society into base & superstructure itself an ideology?
Maybe critical theory is just counter-ideology…
– There can be no real cultural criticism without concomitant economic resistance!
– Is leaving an organization also a form of protest?
– There are 2 kinds of people:
The conscious (few – more human – struggling)
The unconscious (many – less human – relaxed)
Without the former, you wouldn’t even know the difference!
– The Great Commandment(s) – there is a value that is greater than actual persons, and that is life/world/spirit!
– Sea stacks
Research activism
– Is it possible for a person to lose their humanity completely, because they have put on their assigned role in a system so thoroughly for so long??
E.g. Strickland in “Shape of Water”
How/why does he become demonic/monstrous?
– Science
The Arts
– The fast/more/big
The slow/less/small
– Is depression just the seamy underbelly of narcissism?
– The more you recognize the God in the other, the more you realize the God in yourself.
– I like being horny! Feels so alive…… 😌
– A Buddhist interpretation of Christianity (Shanthuru)
A Christian interpretation of Buddhism (IJ)
– ENJOY waking up & going to sleep,
ENJOY eating & drinking,
ENJOY meditation & study,
ENJOY pleasure & pain!
– Which is more tragic – the bachelor who posts a picture of his motorcycle titled “my girlfriend” or the married man who changes his WhatsApp status because his partner disapproves?
People get married because they are afraid to be alone
People stay single because they are afraid to be with someone else
Which is better – to be single and lonely or to be married and restricted? Is it possible to be a fully free individual while also being together with another, and is it possible to have belonging while also being unmarried?
Th utopia of complete freedom and perfect intimacy……
– “Damp in the gusset”
– Clayton Cubitt
Hello Stoya
Susanna Breslin blog
Video essay
Digital short story
Alt models
Dark glamor
Nerd orgy
– The truth of addiction
The wisdom of extremism
– The Shape of Water – Give me gills! I’m sick & tired of this terrestrial life……
Aquatic creatures both – the one longing to go back into the water falls in love with the one who comes  up out of the water
I need to learn/find a way to survive inside my dream/fantasy/id/unconscious, so that I can permanently leave this place where I can only exist
– Deification ~ brutalization
– Add director/cast interview (along with review, trailer, poster, etc.) for the good films
– At any given moment, there are 3 forces interacting in me:
1. My desires/emotions/body
2. My routine/plan/goals
3. The context/situation/others
How well I navigate this complex dynamic will determine my health!
– Research/reflection as the bridge that connects theory & practice
– Qualified altruism
Stress dandruff
Skeptical headache
Nihilistic fever
It’s good to feel like shit (sometimes)!
– Learn, stretch, evolve & fight
Earn, adjust, impress & work
– America’s Got Talent
Junior Bake Off Challenge
Doctor Who
Stimulation fast
– Dimensions of the self:
1. Social roles
2. Individual ego
3. Essential nothingness
Live in the equal & dynamic interaction of all 3 – tension/conflict >> growth/evolution!
– Voluntary stretching is always more difficult, but also absolutely necessary for genuine progress……
– Addicted to the intoxicating freedom of solitude – I must design my future in such a way that I spend most of the day by myself, with minimal distrations/demands.
Do I have the courage & resourcefulness to make this happen?
I need more spine, bigger heart & better brains……
– 3 time-levels to the art of living:
1. Being fully present in the moment
2. Reviewing & improving daily/weekly routine.
3. Long-term goals & plans
– Vocational guidance:
1. Self-understanding – strengths, limitations & desires.
2. Big picture – Ideals, values, principles & highest common good
3. Practicalities – resources, needs, situational opportunities, etc.


– armature
Reverse engineering
– LENT – Return, secret, intensify
My life of solitude & inner work is “pleasing to GOD”! 😃
– neutrinos
Weak force
Quantum fields
Standard model
Dark matter & energy
Lame Deer
Rolf Dobelli and World Minds
– My Pocket
– croon
Robert Burns
Aboriginal wisdom
– When was the last time you flirted with, seduced, and bedded, your partner/spouse?
– True colors
Controlled promiscuity
Pre-, mid- & post-match analysis
Apocalyptic intensity
– How do you (go about trying to) change an entire culture??
– Masters & Johnson think they have fucked Freud with their “scientific research”, but their own personal lives are exposed as fucked up, by Freud’s theories! 😉
– The anatomy of inspiration, hidden in the “Watchmen”, illuminated by the “total eclipse of the heart”!
– Watching all these beautiful & enthusiastic (Christ University) students in the neighborhood, makes me nostalgic about my own youth……
Bittersweet memories of joy & loss
– Salvation is to fully love yourself!
To be totally comfortable with who you are.
To live in the moment, deeply in touch with your core, and the world around, from that central orientation.
To be contemplative/spontaneous is bliss!
Focus on enjoying relaxation. Then you can truly work and rest……
– Masters of Sex:
I’m sick & tired of the lies (hypocrisy, cowardice, deception, manipulation, etc.)!
I think Season 4 will be a breath of fresh air……
– Did you watch the music video of “Total eclipse of the heart”?
It’s really profound and powerful… very unexpected!!
Deserves a full essay of analysis/criticism
– Operating principles:
Maintain a minimal structure (skeleton) to support passion, spontaneity & creativity.
Be in the body.
Slow & steady pace.
Focus on the interface/interaction between the inner & outer worlds.
– Routines:
– Movies:
“देवदास” (Devdas – Hindi, 2002)
Truly deserves to be a classic!
Watched it at home with Chellam. The video quality was not good enough.
Best film for 14.2.18 – Valentine’s Day + Ash Wednesday!?
Madhuri Dixit/Chandramukhi is the brightest star of this show!
Love Vs. Honor
Passion Vs. Survival
An anatomy of grief via the lens of developmental psychology
“No objection, my Lord!”
“Black Panther”
Refreshing to see a mainstream Hollywood movie with an all-black cast!
Compare Wakanda with biblical Israel.
Political ethics – Exclusivism Vs. Imperialism Vs. Inclusivism
A true king is independent of tradition, although he prioritizes virtue. What righteousness and wisdom in leadership mean, must evolve!
The Queen is the king’s real mentor!
Ancestral plane – come to terms with your roots, only then can you spread your own wings……
To be truly free, you must first overcome your legacy of slavery.
Authentic liberty
Reverse slavery
Is Ryan Coogler black?
“Wakanda forever!”
“You get to decide what kind of king you will be.”
Awesome review by the Atlantic!
Get the post-credits song.
“The Shape of Water”
This one left me feeling ambivalent and puzzled!
There is definitely another beast here, crouching underneath the guise of a classical (albeit atypical) romance……
“Is he/it (a) God??” and “What is God really like?” – I think the central theme is theology!
God (or the Messiah) is a mute (NOT deaf) humanoid amphibian, deity of South American jungle tribes, and captive of the North American militia.
The Gospel as fairy-tale
Salvation is achieved/found whenever ordinary (read marginalized/powerless – the menial laborers, the Black, the women, the unemployed, the elderly, the queer, etc.) persons dare to disobey/subvert the brutal might of the System, for the sake of concrete love, NOT attack or resist it in search of ideals such as justice!
The beloved as the embodiment of Hope – the shape of water. Find the poem.
“Unable to perceive the shape of you,
I find you all around me,
Your presence fills my eyes with your love,
It humbles my heart,
For you are everywhere.”
Does religion do with God what science/politics does with “the asset”?
Inter-genreic film –> Inter-species romance via body language – incarnational (as opposed to Scriptural) theology
“A fairy-tale for troubled times”
GOD, as the monster, worthy of love! In/un/non-human
Beautiful NYT review
Connect, compare, contrast & merge “Black Panther” & “Shape of Water”
– clairvoyance


– Distinguish:
– School of Inter-Disciplinary and Trans-Disciplinary Studies (SOITS)
– Mass:
Consecration + suffering + healing = Passion ~ salvation!
Jesus on the cross
Buddha under the tree
Devoted/resolved, to stay in the center of the fire-storm (of desire & nothingness), thereby weather/survive it, and become an agent of transforming power in the world……
Transcending, by accepting!
Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!
– Wisdom is the integration of science/technology, philosophy/arts and religion/spirituality…
It is the only way to life (passion, joy & prosperity)!
– Dewpoint & visibility
India U-19 cricket
– The generosity of courage
The courage of generosity
– Bengaluru International Film Festival
Chrome not displaying pdf
The Great Courses Plus free trial – WOW! Hurry……
– Meditation:
I am more for mindfulness than for Vipassana
– What’s the difference between physics & chemistry?
– Underwater grass
– “Yogakshemam vahamyaham”
– Dream (11.2.18):
I stumble into an underground pleasure palace – a labyrinthine hotel hidden inside a dilapidated construction site!
Many rooms, filled with people having sexual orgies and lost in a drug-induced trance……
I am in thrall!
– Movies:
சவரக்கத்தி (Tamil)
The powerless use guile to survive the onslaught of the mighty.
A local (Chennai) version of “No Country for Old Men”
The Event (in this case, the delivery/birth) – transforms the dynamics that prevailed in the context, and ushers in a totally new, hitherto unimagined reality!
YouTube – check out the jukebox, lyric video for both songs, and The Hindu interview with Myskin & Ram.
Humor, caricature, barber
Trickster, farce, play
– What is महाशिवरात्री?
– Tomorrow is both Ash Wednesday and Valentine’s Day!
So, how do we go about it?
– Distinguish:
– inflection
Exclusivity clause
Equation of diminishment/compromise/sacrifice/misery
– Compare:
William Masters & Virginia Johnson
George & Nina O’Neill
– News:
LeT, JeM
Ujjwala Yojana
Anti-terror software
Response to radicalization
AI algorithms
Fracking revolution
Check Google doodle regularly