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– “I’m feeling lucky” (on Google Search)
– Watched “The Passenger” (Westworld) again!
WOW 😎👏
Retask yourself to question the nature of your reality.
The Man in Black – how are identity, freedom and death related?? He still remains a puzzle!
De-address (CAM – Content-Addressable Memory)
– “Safe sex”
Ha ha ha ha ha!
– In what situations is euthanasia/suicide ethical?
1. Chronic, intense, intractable (physical) pain.
2. Severe permanent disability.
3. To save the life of another.
– Meditation, journaling & study
Exercise, socializing & schedule review
– TV series:
“The Staircase”
“Don’t lose your freedoms in the effort to protect them!”
Character witness Vs. Circumstantial evidence
So, what was the final verdict, and what can we learn about the criminal justice system from this?
– Nymphetamine
– “The Affair” S03E09
WOW! Explosive……
So, in the end, it’s all about guilt and deception, or lies & secrets.
– Meteor shower
Knappy – 5W1H
– Mirror front camera – disable it.
– Capitalism as economic Pharisaism!
– Visit Bannerghatta reserve and Arekere Mini Forest
(OG) – own goal
(P) – penalty
GD – goal difference
– Igor Akinfeev
Danijel Subasic
Kasper Schmeichel
– The 3 best teams from the group stage are NOT the giants!
– Is Belgium Vs. Japan one of the greatest WC (World Cup, not western closet) matches?!
– Differentiate:
– longhand
Baseline test
Cornerstone memory & Core drive
Who the fuck are Jonathan Nolan & Lisa Joy?!
Who is Karl Strand?
Virtual Eden
“That which is real is irreplaceable.”
“Ford buried so much of bad code inside you, so how……”
Reddit theories
And then, the camera pans, as it always does……!
Post-credits scene – Genesis 1!
Where (or more importantly, what) is Arnold’s house?
A host in a high-up position
Scrambled timelines
“This dark odyssey follows the dawn of artificial consciousness and the evolution of sin.”
The final smirk
Watch later
Emergency Awesome
BTS – behind the scenes
Stop-motion films
Roof sex
Melancholic bliss
Radiohead lyrics
Holistic songwriting
Season overview
Squad goals
Haley Reinhart 😋
– I am a nerd/geek…?
– “Just because you’re conscious doesn’t necessarily mean that you have free will!”
Can you critique and change your own basic motivations??
Hmmm…… maybe a (very rare) few can!!!
– The human soul-code (mental genome) project!
– How would Westworld (the TV series) be like for a host watching it??
– “You already secretly feel you’re the only one alive.” – Alan Watts
– Westworld:
GOD & humans
Humans & robots/animals
Employers & employees
– Have you given any video a thumbs down on YouTube?
– I need to find me some black beauties! 😉
– Check out Westworld on HBO
About the series
Season 1 – overview, first & last episodes
Season 2 – overview, first & last episodes
– In this workaholic culture, the Sabbath has become a (needless) burden!
– Mist ~ sprinkle
Gormandize ~ eat
– The main reason why I don’t like him is because (I believe that) he dislikes me.
– The main & subordinate clauses of a conditional sentence
– Bible (verses of the day):
Jesus Christ is GOD’s guarantee, that He will perfect His love in and among us, by the Spirit of power!
– Can you laugh about (your) depression?
– obverse
Hellish places
The peeping tom – all vision is also projection!
– Hippie nudist commune
– Hippies
– Primo (virtual phone number) + WhatsApp dual app (or Parallel Space)
Anonymity ~ autonomy!
– If women can wear torn jeans, then why can’t I wear a torn t-shirt??
– What does porn have to do with sex?
– Short Films:
“Creature Companion”
“The Hymns of Muscovy”
International Short Film Festival Oberhausen
– Movies:
“I Don’t Feel at Home in this World Anymore”
Compare with “Ingrid Goes West”, “God Bless America” & “3 Billboards Outside Ebbing”
Is that guy still alive at the end?! Maybe their unlikely/weird friendship was what the movie was really all about!? Maybe he is dead, and the painful memory of that loss is what is responsible for the “anymore” in the title…
Risk/thrive/die Vs. Safe/exist/survive
Sometimes, one should bite more than one can chew (better when shared with another psycho)……!
Ordinary people, clashing with the dark forces that underlie our civilized society, is exciting, but also perilous.
Neo-noir B movie
Goofy fury
Bloody creativity
Nightmarish turn, descent into chaos
Shambolic thriller & violent comedy
Collective apathy
– TV series”
“Dexter” (S01 E01)
– Connecting, balancing & integrating:
1. Inside (body, thoughts & emotions) & outside
2. Self, & other(s)
3. Me, we & us
Intra-, inter- & extra-personal
And the in-betweens!
– To live is to:
Desire & suffer,
Enjoy & struggle,
Believe & change.
– Music – light metal & heavy carnatic
– FT – full time
Third place play-off
Tactical foul
Midfield play-maker
– “It’s just a game, your ass!
It’s not just a game.
It’s Brazil, playing for a better world.”
– Death drive
– UVI – ultraviolet (radiation) index
AQI – air quality index
– Meditative:
– Active viewing
The city of Rajneeshpuram
Lawn carpet
– Google Ads Settings
Frozen music
Performance artist
mise en scène
Adventurous invitation
Controversial figures
Radical therapist
Volatile sexual/life energy
Troubled visionary
Expert power-play
Framing modes
Wilhelm Reich & Orgone Energy
“Scientific theory is a contrived foothold in the chaos of living phenomena.”
The mystery of the organism
Wasteland utopias
Political youth revolution
Documentary fiction
Woozy summer soundscape
– Dreams:
A hologram of a sexy black stripper becomes REAL when I attempt to touch her!
A group of guys break into the house and beat up Masilamani chitthappa, while leaving Salome & me unharmed in the terrace.
My father-in-law has removed his mustache, and says that he sometimes weeps uncontrollably, when we are waiting to consult a doctor for a minor illness of his.
– Movies:
“4 Hearts” (Portuguese)
– Geek subculture
Liberal shibboleths
Edgy packaging
Brilliant exposé
Middle-class self-flagellation
Bio-energetics & the autonomous nervous system
Sidereal time
Heretic’s notebook
Censored sciences
Retro style
Eros > sex > genitalia
The sexed cosmos – creative tension
Natural love ~ life energy ~ blue atmosphere
“Listen, Little Man!”
GOAT – greatest of all time
– Am I a sexual predator, misogynist and pedophile?
Is every male one?
– I am more interested in Wilhelm Reich than I am in orgone energy!
How would Reich respond to this?
Are the reactions of the people of Antelope to the Rajneeshis, and that of his fellow scientists to Reich’s work, of the same spirit?
– H. Hsieh
Europa – Jupiter’s moon
Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL)
Global cues
Inspirational quote
Spreading the goodness
Sanju & Kamli
Recriminalisation of homosexual activity
– Is it a loving thing to command love?
Moral authority
Brute force
– 69 ~ yin-yang
– “Practice makes perfect. But nobody’s perfect, so why practice?” – Kurt Cobain
A humorous & profound quote!
Provokes questioning the very purpose of all practice…
– Embrace pain!
(This DOESN’T mean you’re a masochist or sadist)
Suffering is the greatest resource for your spiritual development – just like biological death/extinction promotes life/evolution!
Saved by evil!
– “Organs without bodies”
Pre-narrative density
Ontological confusion
“The little man is free to be anybody’s slave”
Freedom laws
The Little great man
– “Slutty behavior”
Culturally unacceptable
Morally reprehensible
– Moving from forgiving (act) to acceptance (attitude).
What do you do when (you believe that) someone has wronged you, but they refuse to apologize?
Should non-acceptance be accepted too?
– Is nature “more reasonable” than culture?
Is culture “less human” than nature?
Is civilization “more violent” than brutality?
– Negative emotions, E.g. Anger
Neither blowing up on the other or cutting oneself off is optimal.
Trying to communicate (better) is the (only) way forward.
Before you can talk about what I did, I need to get in touch with what is going on inside me, and then express it in such a way that you can also understand it.
And before I can talk about what you did, you need to get in touch with what is going on inside you, and then express it in such a way that I can also understand it.
We can adequately address what happened between us, only when we have plumbed & clarified (to a certain extent) what happened within each.
But why is it so difficult to talk, than it is to shout or shut up?!
……the ego is maintained by pride & fear!
Trophy process – entering into another’s psyche is absolutely terrifying & repulsive!
So is descending into your own mindspace when you’re upset……
– Teenage nightmare
Benson & Moorhead


– Slow burn
– I want you to (want to) fuck me!
– For a change, watch something without asking the critics first.
– Movies:
I thought it was a waste of my time, but then, felt better about it after reading The Hindu review
Compare with “”Kaalaa”
I still suspect that the dangers of such strong leadership models might be greater than their benefits!
Redeeming Islam in a post-9/11 world is absolutely essential for the future of the entire world……
Have there been any real Robinhoods, ever??
– floozy
– Movies:
“The Kidnapping of Michel Houllebecq”
Is this just a vehicle to air the author’s brand of nihilism? Does the kidnapping stand for “his inner life”?
Docu-fantasy, comic thriller
Scandalizing the humorless
Charlie Hebdo – satirical, secular, political and jubilant newspaper
Polemical prophecy
Remarkably ugly
Repellant & innocuous anti-charisma
Do you know anything about Guillame Nicloux?
Slyly horrifying, preposterous, assaultive and tender
True rumors
Low-key affect
Bleak exaggeration
The ordinary lives of literary provocateurs
Staid but seething-with-ennui setting
Set off by
Highly Objectionable Stances
Just a fragile, old guy saying some unusual stuff
Formidable and perverse social chess player
(Maurice) Pialat-esque note
Upended Stockholm Syndrome
“This could be a pre-emptive mockery of possible jihadist attempts to punish Houellebecq for his perceived Islamophobia, or maybe it’s a meditation on the writer’s life: solitary, miserable, waiting for some external “ransom” event for validation.”
Indians watching this film, imagine (someone like) Arundhati Roy in Houllebecq’s place……
– Is Westworld (S02 E10) over now??
This episode is an entire world(s) in itself! 🙇♂️
– stein
– When someone says that they can’t spare 2 hours per week for the spiritual formation group meetings:
1. They are in a temporary crisis (E.g. Psychological, health, family, work, etc.).
2. They are poor (struggling for economic survival)
3. They are already engaged in some other forms of regular spiritual discipline
4. They have a serious spiritual problem (E.g. Workaholism, depression, etc.)
– Scroll screenshot!
App drawer
Google X
– Orthopathy MUST include negative emotions.
E.g. Anger, sadness, anxiety, fear, confusion, etc.
How we deal with them will be one of the chief determinants of our spiritual vitality!
– Before & after ~ warm up & cool down
5 minutes quietness, before & after 15 minutes mindful meditation
– Blind spots >> illusions >> blunders >> disasters
– SyncDroid – backup your mobile device to PC (for iOS also!)
Keygen/crack is detected as virus. Overrule the warning and use it!
Free license keys…… 😃
– Topsify, Digster, Pitchfork
– thunk
FreeOffice & LibreOffice
Workout snacks
– All to play for
OTA – over the air
– “The former is the building and the latter is the foundation. The foundation exists for the sake of the beauty and function of the building, and the building needs a solid foundation for its own stability
Former – individual freedom
Latter – social order
Try to keep both in tension. But in the right order. I don’t think they are “equal”!
[6/28, 12:40 PM] Immanuel Joseph: Individual > self
[6/28, 12:41 PM] Immanuel Joseph: Social responsibility is nothing but the expansion of freedom for all individuals, not just me
[6/28, 12:41 PM] Francis Emmanuel: Sometimes I feel like why worry about religion ,society, spirituality and live
[6/28, 12:43 PM] Immanuel Joseph: Trying to suppress it or blindly following it – neither is the best response
[6/28, 12:44 PM] Immanuel Joseph: Social service must be done along with self-care. That is the real challenge! Just doing one or the other is a cop-out ☝🏽
[6/28, 12:45 PM] Immanuel Joseph: Every person needs some higher value to believe in and fight for. Without it, life is inhuman!
[6/28, 12:46 PM] Immanuel Joseph: That’s why we should also have one or two days a week for pure pleasure and uninhibited enjoyment
[6/28, 12:47 PM] Immanuel Joseph: Just like recharging a battery!
[6/28, 12:47 PM] Francis Emmanuel: Pleasure?
[6/28, 12:47 PM] Immanuel Joseph: The flesh should not be denied always!
[6/28, 12:47 PM] Immanuel Joseph: Yes! PLEASURE 👁
[6/28, 12:49 PM] Immanuel Joseph: Indulgence/pampering/gratification
[6/28, 12:52 PM] Immanuel Joseph: This is where I disagree with the mainstream Christian morality!
[6/28, 12:53 PM] Immanuel Joseph: Mere rest is NOT enough.
[6/28, 12:54 PM] Francis Emmanuel: Yes Annan correct. But how long can we do this. At one point it becomes too much
[6/28, 12:54 PM] Immanuel Joseph: That’s why we need self-control!
[6/28, 12:54 PM] Immanuel Joseph: We are BOTH flesh AND spirit
[6/28, 12:57 PM] Francis Emmanuel: Oh ok Annan.
[6/28, 1:03 PM] Immanuel Joseph: Just my views da. You can consider it and come up with your own
[6/28, 1:04 PM] Francis Emmanuel: I always look up to u r views Annan. I find it right most of the times.
[6/28, 2:12 PM] Immanuel Joseph: 😎✋🏽
– Essential entertainment
Transdisciplinary – revolutionary indiscipline!
– TV series:
“Wild, Wild Country” (S01 E01)
“Dark” (S01 E01)
– Oculus Go


– Ummmahugluv 😘
– The essence of evil is the willful ignorance or criminal negligence (in oneself, others and the world systems)!
– Mormon Taboo
– Remote access rescue applet
– rewilding
Marine wilderness
– How to enable screen filter on iPhone or iPad – Flloyd D’Souza (YouTube)
– Dark Knights Metal – Red Death
– Movies:
Will she ever get her life back?? Will he ever die?!
Sane Vs. Insane Vs. Unsane
Who will help her, now that the mental healthcare system is corrupt?
– cagey
HDR photos
– Redmi Note 5 Pro
Moto G6
– chaebol
Design > display
– Am I impulsive or decisive??
– WOW…… I’m a philosophical practitioner/counselor!
– Fruitful differences
Large variety of personalities, approaches and practices
Online companionship
Street philosophy and Philosophy in the streets
Aristophanes & Xenophon
Erotic self-sufficiency
Friendship & profit
Socratic dialogue movement
Intra-, inter- & extra-
Making & breaking news
Parting shots
The anathematic gospel
– Where are the Southern Alps?
– “Nemo veritatem regit” [Nobody rules truth]
– motto of the American Philosophical Practitioners Association
– Read the daily Bible verse in Tamil also
– MiUI 9 & iOs 11
“Natural concepts”
Memes as cultural genes
– Sometime back I said, “If 2 persons cause each other so much pain, is it not better that they be separated?”
I think the crucial difference is whether the relationship is good/positive overall (in spite of the incidents of conflict/violence) for both.
That should decide whether they try to work things out between them or part ways……
– Windows: x86 = 32-bit
– headwinds
MPC – Monetary Policy Committee
Repo rate
RBI = Central Bank
Firmware = BIOS (Basic Input/Output System)
NFSA – National Food Security Act
Giving legal form to human rights
PUCL – People’s Union for Civil Liberties
Food diversity, indigenous rights & environmental justice
Third generation legislation
Deep State
Crime Branch-Crime Investigation Department (CB-CID)
NHRC – National Human Rights Commission
– Distinguish:
– Why would someone from Germany come to India to study Psychology in academia?!
– Housejoy app
– “Container” by Fiona Apple (“The Affair” theme)
This is Alison’s song! 😊
– Everyday routine, spiritual disciplines, household chores, social roles, folks who keep the world running, etc. are like the autonomous functions (heartbeat, breathing, etc.) of the body. You need them as a base upon which to do the “higher work” of self-transformation, world-salvation, human revival, etc. Without them, you cannot even attempt anything great. It’s like trying to write a poem or a novel without proper vocabulary & grammar……!
If you ask me, I would say that the building (prosperity) is the only thing that matters, but one needs a foundation (survival) in order to do it, so the latter becomes essential as well.
Remember, 2 things could be BOTH complementary AND conflicting!
It is always better to die for a higher purpose than to live without virtue……
– Give 50% of monthly charitable contribution to activist agencies (which do NOT have tax-exemption status)!
– SFG:
Initiating group activities & sustaining the ethos will be the equal responsibility of all members, not just the leader/founder.
– One whole day of “nothingness” every week.
– It’s easy to play safe and it’s easy to be foolhardy.
It’s tough to live bold!
– Market game
Masala spirituality
real Life
– What is a .dot file?
– Hydrangea
Aching fascination
Affective environment
Normative abstractions ~ eternal order
The history of obedience and the obedience of history
Zero Books
Modern unreligions
Virtual currency
“The slow cancellation of the future”
“The superficial frenzy of newness”
Cultural time
Casualisation of labour
Organizing leisure
Futuristic music
Articluate ~ grasp
(WHY do I type “Articluate” when I want to type “Articulate”?!)
Postmodern retro ~ nostalgia mode
Afford the luxury of madness
Simultaneously exhausted and overstimulated
The besieging of attention in digital capitalism
Disintensifying influence
Ghost Dance
– Movie:
“Love, Simon”
Black, Jewish & gay!
Ah! If only everyone could get over cowardice/hypocrisy so early in life……! Maybe if one doesn’t get over peer pressure/cultural conformity at this stage, then it might be too late to find your true self.
Try some friendship (instead of dating/hookup) apps, Joe 😉
I can very well imagine many of these Christ University students (“my wife’s kids”) ’round here in a movie like this.
(From “The Last Night” by Federico Campagna)
I need to find a NEW circle of friends for the NEXT stage of my life – Internet to the rescue – sociality for intros! 😍
– True crime
– You want me to sometimes sacrifice what I want and do things for your sake.
But I don’t want that! I want you to do things for me only, when you also want it. If not, then just don’t do it.
Let’s just be free love one another, instead of playing marital roles/assigned duties……
– Do you know (how to find out) if you’re overworked (or underworking)?
– Wouldn’t it be cool if (I could make them think that) I don’t care about what they think about me?!
– Self-righteous indignation & spiritual suicide
– Distinguish:
– Apple says that around 80% of its devices are running the latest version of iOS, as compared to 6% of Google’s devices on the latest Android. But numerically, how do both these numbers compare?? Could the latter 6% be actually greater than the former 84?!
– Shades of black
Multi-touch screen
– IN ORDER TO enjoy, FOCUS ON relaxing!
– Harmonious dynamic
Meditative exercise
Contemplative movement
– “A week later, his disciples were again in the house, and Thomas was with them. Although the doors were shut, Jesus came and stood among them and said, ‘Peace be with you.’ Then he said to Thomas,……”
The absolute horror of knowing your deepest desire (which is also your greatest fear) has finally come true!!
– “Ordinary Season”
Northumbria Community Complines
“Still me, O Lord, and keep me from harm.”
“Embrace (me in) my exile”!
– Little busy
– Smart tough – make working hard easier……!
– If the mobile battery is never given rest (by switching off) and only charged when low, then what about the human brain (& autonomous/background functions) – how is it charged, if the vital processes can never be turned off?
Sleep is an obvious answer. But is there more to this?
– Android & iOS – use the device at least for 3 years. The last year, root/jailbreak it, and upgrade to latest version!
– 3 part daily routine:
1. Rhythm/form
2. Chores
3. Study
(Arranged chronologically)
– Judas Priest
– Movies:
Compare her with Alison in “The Affair” (end of S02)
A coming-of-age film
McPherson >> Ladybird >> Christine!
Cloud 9 is also rock bottom……
Zombies ~ death
Baby ~ human future
Aboriginal wisdom??
Only a common threat can unite all mankind!
Evolutionary philosophy
I would’ve just committed family suicide (instead of struggling so hard for the continuation of my line/race)…… Is despair always sinful/cowardly, irrespective of the situation?
Burden – “He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother” – can I say that about anyone else in my life??
– TV series:
“The Looming Tower” (S01 E01)
“Westworld” (S01 E1-8)
– Dissident concepts in a mass culture
The metaphysics & ethics of Beauty
The ugly, the weird & the scary
Encompass ~ fulfill
Aesthetic discrimination & ethical judgment
Instrumental pragmatism & functional managerialism
Open predicament
Passions ~ concerns
Symbolic quest
Involuntary, unconscious memoir
Autobiographical connections
Inner dynamic
– Standardization
– Karikaalan
– Delivering an engineered curriculum
Vast system of convergent, impersonal learning & neglected connections, for the overloaded student, to create docile members of a consumer society
– Added Oculus Rift VR headset to my Amazon wishlist
– Add FIFA, ATP, WTA, ICC & IPL schedules to my Google calendar.
Use URL, not downloaded files.
– Movies:
“Gerald’s Game”
Compare Jesse Burlingame with Dolores Abernathy (Westworld) and Gerald Burlingame with William/Man-in-black (Westworld)
FUCK shame/fear/guilt! Be liberated by bringing the secrets out into the open. But, no crisis, no coming out!
NOT all monsters are inside your own head. Beware!
– VR porn apps
– “तोरी सूरत”
Sona Mohapatra
The Sufis
– ⚠📢Microsoft Office 365 is available *FREE* for all those with an official email ID belonging to an educational institution!
*SHARE* this with all your colleagues.
– Narco-terrorism
– Know exactly when to press prt sc
– Series:
“The AO” (S01 E01-02)
“Narcos” (S01 E01)
“Mindhunter” (S01 E01) – this one seems to be worth continuing…
– Documentary:
“Guru: Bhagwan, his secretary and his bodyguard”
According to Milne, Jesus is also unenlightened (because of his messianic claim)!
“I am the great and powerful Wizard of Oz.
– You are? l don’t believe you.
– I’m afraid it’s true.
There’s no other Wizard except me.
-You humbug!
-Yeah. Yes, that’s exactly so. l’m a humbug.
– You’re a very bad man!
– Oh, no, my dear. l’m a very good man.
I’m just a very bad wizard.
How do we go from the God-man to Man-god??